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  1. Where are you fishing? What are your speeds? We just started trolling this year for musky and had great success (except for our Chataqua trip) We had awesome luck with one lure all year - it caught 80% of our fish. (Lungsten 22 short) - even though we had 3 rods in the water at all times, this one lure was the winner every single time. As far as rods go I don't think it matters. We fish St Croix musky trolling rods. It's all up to your budget.
  2. Yea, I PM'd him, it's so much more than I need - hard to justify spending 200 more than I was looking to spend (for a new depthpower)
  3. Came with my boat - don’t need it. $50
  4. 2 barely used bags with lines. paid $100 sell for $65 Rochester NY
  5. Thanks - yea Looking at either an 8hp or 9.9 since the weight is pretty much the same. I troll for most of the day so wanted to go with the 2 cylinder
  6. Yea I think I'm gonna be on the lookout for an 8hp, and use a bracket if needed
  7. The main is EFI - so I could tap into the current fuel tank for a 4 stroke.
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