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  1. Finally! Waited on a lien release forever. Next season is going to be great! 2008 Trophy Pro 2152. Thanks Joe - I'll put it to good use! (He had it listed on here a couple years ago - thankfully his wife talked him out of the sale!)
  2. Yup. I've decided to just grab 2 more tekotas and use my Okuma as my 4th rigger rod (if needed) or backup.
  3. The tekota A actually has a 38in retrieve compared to the saltist 35in. The saltist 40 has a 47in retrieve making it higher than the tekota - but significantly larger.
  4. Actually a member of LOU reached out to me with his boat that wasn't listed for sale. Just waiting on the lien release from his bank before I can go pick it up and move it to my driveway. I'll post details then.
  5. I think I might go this route instead of the Raymarine Element that I was looking at - thanks
  6. Pretty sure I’m going to buy one this winter - either the 9 or 12
  7. Survey went very good - just waiting on the lien release from the seller. I’ll post pics when it’s in my driveway and in my name and not his - although it’s already winterized and wrapped
  8. Yea, the tekotas seem sleek and streamlined, the saltists remind me of a tank
  9. I think the 40's are going to be alot bigger than the 30s - have you seen them in person? I haven't so I don't know. but I do like the idea of spooling down the tekotas for browns in the spring
  10. Actually apparently my boat does not have hydraulic steering - cost to upgrade + autopilot etc - not worth it. Gonna go for the Element instead - now if money was no object the $1600 axiom would obviously be the choice over the $999 Element.
  11. Thanks - gonna go for the new Axiom+ 9 this winter - so I can install autopilot next season.
  12. You feel like the axiom is worth the 3-$400 difference? I love tech, and I like the sleek screen, but not sure if I can justify the extra cost.
  13. How do you guys like the Axiom? I'm going to be buying new electronics this winter and I was set on the Axiom, but read a bunch of bad reviews and people saying that the lack of buttons was hard to operate in rougher water - so I was going to go with the Element instead. You happy with the Axiom? I see they have an Axiom+ out now (not the pro - that one is crazy expensive)
  14. Thinking one more tekota, and 2 saltists. Just run 2 of each!
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