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  1. Eating locally caught freshwater fish can put PFAS in human blood, study says (msn.com)
  2. Damn man, sorry to hear about the diagnosis. **** cancer. I had thyroid cancer in 2020 and luckily it was very treatable. Good luck with the sale, and hopefully better luck with your illness.
  3. I have to pull my boat to replace the prop - hit something in the bay. Still dealing with Covid so it might be several days still. not sure I even want to put it back in the water with the way the bay and channel are.
  4. Watching Double D's reports, he did real good out in 550 fow.
  5. I wanted to go farther offshore, we stopped at 430 or so and I tried to set the riggers but my son couldn't handle the boat going into the North chop - we started doing circles - so just trolled in from 430 fow to 100. One bite. All day.
  6. Taking my son out Wednesday morning - wondering if the inside was still dead - don’t want to run offshore if the inside turned back on. Gas prices and such thanks!
  7. Friday morning out of Braddocks was solid for the first few hours. Nothing huge - lots of shakers, teenage kings. Bite ended around 9:30am. Picked up one more around 10:30 before we called it and went swimming. 80-120FOW. Sunday tried the same thing- what a difference two days makes - super slow bite. Grinded a decent brown and a teenage king in the boat and that was it. Not a single shaker - morning bite was nonexistent for us. Marked lots of bait and fish, but no bites out of it. The bay water depth is dropping, going slow, hit something at the bottom (no damage) even trimmed way up. That's why I am always scared to plane in and out of there. Sunday made for a great swimming day though!
  8. Finally had some better luck on the newly renamed Rocinante today. I think we went 3 for 8 out of Braddocks today. Earlier the dipsies were firing off at 170 over 180-200. My brother lost a few, we couldn't figure out why until I looked down and noticed... a banana peel. That's right. Trevor B. McGuckin ****ed up AGAIN with the banana. After I tossed the offending fruit overboard, I landed a nice 20# and he got a slightly smaller female. Best action was 90' down over 220. Found a few bait balls and worked them. Lost 3 colors on my 10 color setup to a bad turn (I'll take the fall on that one) that turned into a huge rats nest. All in all it was a really nice day on the water, getting out there much earlier played a big role for us.
  9. Is it worth going out in the afternoon now? I want to go Friday but can't make it out til around 11.
  10. We went out of Braddocks from 6-12. Went 2 for 4. One keeper king and one big laker. Lots of marks from 120-180 early, then really quiet screen after 10am. Both good runs came from dipsies out 180' over 180 FOW. Laker did laker stuff. Bite turned off after 10am.
  11. Do you start offshore and stay out there? Or do you start shallower and work out?
  12. Great job. We were out there from 630-12pm. Couldn't even manage a release fishing from 70-200 and back.
  13. Great question, I've noticed that too and wondered the same thing.
  14. You defiantly need a pair of fish flops on the boat to get rid of that bad mojo.
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