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  1. That's cursed treasure if I ever heard of it!
  2. South end on Tuesday morning you think is still pretty busy?
  3. Wind is going to be too much for my 16' for Ontario Tuesday with my son, and the water temp is too hot for musky. So - was thinking either Cayuga or Canandaigua. I've fished both a few times, I can't remember - the fish are generally bigger in Cayuga aren't they? The west wind shouldn't be an issue at either lake?
  4. Thats where I got my Tekotas from as well - good people.
  5. Those boats are so nice. I saw one at the launch at Braddocks a few weeks ago. I was jealous in my 16' Tracker!
  6. Thanks. I'm trying to find someone that has experience in marine - as I know hulls can be trickier than just standard welding.
  7. Hey all, I bought my Tracker Pro V16 last fall (used), and this year I noticed a couple hair line cracks in the hull that take on a little water. Nothing crazy, but if I don't have to run the bilge I'd rather not. Can anyone recommend a welder that has experience with aluminum boats in the Rochester area? I'm not sure what the procedure would be for the fix, I assume I would have to take off the deck and remove the foam in the locations - so it's looking like a winter project.
  8. We got skunked. Got out there in my 16' and said "this is less than 1'??" anyhow, stayed in close at first until it calmed down around 1030-11am a bit and ventured out deeper. Didn't have my downriggers (waiting on USPS traxtech mounts) so I was just running 2 dipsy rods. Lost my one dipsy when I got out there - tried to pop the dipsy arm, wire must have been kinked, lost the whole damn thing. Ended up using the mag dipsys I had and freaking things CONSANTLY got tangled - I Never have that happen with the regular ones. To add insult to injury, my cooler flew back on the way to the launch, landed right on my new St Croix Avid rod and bent 3 guides. AAAAAHHHHHHH (the brand new one I was trying to sell on here *sigh*) Have to call St Croix Monday and send it in for repair
  9. Ok - I have a pair of the new 500s, very nice, but they are a bit smaller than my Okuma Coldwater 300 size - so I'd probably have to go with 600s
  10. Bit of a long shot here, but does anyone have a pair of Scotty 1099s that would want to trade for a 2116? I bought the 2116 new off of LOU, and it's nice as hell, but so overkill for my boat. I'm thinking I'm better off with 2 smaller ones that I could put on my rails in the Traxtech tracks. I never felt comfortable running the 2116 in my tracks with the amount of torque it puts out and the weight of it.
  11. What size tekotas are you guys using for downriggers? I have the 500's for my wire dipsy setups.
  12. Musky Casting Setup – 13 Fishing Concept A3 & St Croix Premiere 8’6 MH 30-65# rod. $280– Excellent condition – barely used. (still have the box for the reel)
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