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  1. When I was shark fishing in SC, I reeled in a pair of women's underwear randomly. Also reeled in a full size boat anchor at the same spot.
  2. Would really love to trade for a 9.9 kicker - can include cash to make up difference if anyone is interested.
  3. You find the merc used or new? Price?
  4. I have a Raymarine Dragonfly Pro 7 - nice unit, no sidescan. Love to go 9" - but for the price the Dragonfly was good.
  5. Upgrading my Traxtech to 5' models so I have the two other sets for sale. 2x 6" tracks - $45 2x 24" tracks with end caps - $85 Minn Kota Endura 55lb Transom Mount trolling motor - $150
  6. I think I'm going to reinforce the Traxtech rails with the aluminum they sell for that purpose and just mount them on the rails. Thanks guys
  7. Kept the payment small and picked up a Pro guide V16.
  8. Hey all - just bought a 16' Tracker - and before I mount my Traxtech rails - I'm wondering if I'll have room / where to mount downriggers. Can I mount them someplace on the Traxtech rails? Is there a better location? On the rails I'll have a Cannon rod holder on each side and a couple of Fat AZ rod holders. What will I need to mount them? I don't have a set yet, going to pick up sometime this winter.
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