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  1. I'm located in Greece off 390. Just looking to trade one of my Fat AZ holders ( I have 3 only use 2 ) for a Cannon Adjustable Rod Holder that would get more use. (Stock image from their site)
  2. Good question - following. I think you're gonna hear some people say to get a Fishhawk and find where the thermocline is (wish I could afford one right now)
  3. Fishing solo on my 16' I haven't been running 2 rods yet this year, just the one off the downrigger with decent success (all lakers so far) I own 2 wire rods that I ran dipsies with last year as well. Solo fishing - run a flasher / fly off the rigger, and a spoon off the dipsy? I read on here that it's preferred to run the flasher off the dipsy but when solo netting, the extra length of the flasher / fly and the dipsy leader makes it a pain to net I would assume. I would think it would be easier to net a flasher fly solo off the rigger since you don't have to content with the extra length of the dipsy leader. Would work fine right?
  4. nice! i was solo in a 16' so i didn't want to go too far out
  5. Fished for a few hours solo both days. Ran spoons on my new downrigger- just one line out as I was solo and didn’t feel like the hassle of a downrigger and dipsy alone 8 lakers between the two days - 40-100 fow - mostly in 60 fow. first day I was fishing a bit slow 2.2-2.5 and I was told to speed it up for kings. Today I used the hunt mode on the Itroll to ramp it 2.4-3.2 - and still just got lakers! both days all spoons. I never fished any shallower than 25-30 fow. All on spoons.
  6. That happened to me last time I was there too. I was beyond irritated.
  7. Thanks - I’ve never launched there before - always just the south end. I wanted to get out on the water this week sometime and test the motors. Thursday on looks nice - not sure about the wind
  8. Anyone know if the south launch is open yet?
  9. Anyone interested in a Controllking remote throttle? Fits Nissan/Tohatsu - I believe it's part Magma 89. Came with my kicker - and I ended up buying a different unit (iTroll - I wanted a little more tech savvy unit). $150shipped OBO. The throttle rod is already cut and the slip tube is added (i partially installed last night) - and I'll include that as well (throttle rod is off a 2017 Tohatsu 8hp
  10. As someone who just spent 5 days in the hospital for thyroid cancer surgery - completely alone 99% of the time unless I was being poked by needles, I can attest - you don't want to have to go to the hospital for this and be there all alone. I'm on light duty since I have an 8" scar on my throat so I can't fish anyhow so May 15th won't kill me, but I can see how the rest of you are going stir crazy. Stay strong!
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