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  1. Finally! Waited on a lien release forever. Next season is going to be great! 2008 Trophy Pro 2152. Thanks Joe - I'll put it to good use! (He had it listed on here a couple years ago - thankfully his wife talked him out of the sale!)
  2. Yup. I've decided to just grab 2 more tekotas and use my Okuma as my 4th rigger rod (if needed) or backup.
  3. The tekota A actually has a 38in retrieve compared to the saltist 35in. The saltist 40 has a 47in retrieve making it higher than the tekota - but significantly larger.
  4. Actually a member of LOU reached out to me with his boat that wasn't listed for sale. Just waiting on the lien release from his bank before I can go pick it up and move it to my driveway. I'll post details then.
  5. I think I might go this route instead of the Raymarine Element that I was looking at - thanks
  6. Pretty sure I’m going to buy one this winter - either the 9 or 12
  7. Survey went very good - just waiting on the lien release from the seller. I’ll post pics when it’s in my driveway and in my name and not his - although it’s already winterized and wrapped
  8. amish outfitter spoon bags?
  9. Yea, the tekotas seem sleek and streamlined, the saltists remind me of a tank
  10. I think the 40's are going to be alot bigger than the 30s - have you seen them in person? I haven't so I don't know. but I do like the idea of spooling down the tekotas for browns in the spring
  11. Actually apparently my boat does not have hydraulic steering - cost to upgrade + autopilot etc - not worth it. Gonna go for the Element instead - now if money was no object the $1600 axiom would obviously be the choice over the $999 Element.
  12. Thanks - gonna go for the new Axiom+ 9 this winter - so I can install autopilot next season.
  13. You feel like the axiom is worth the 3-$400 difference? I love tech, and I like the sleek screen, but not sure if I can justify the extra cost.
  14. How do you guys like the Axiom? I'm going to be buying new electronics this winter and I was set on the Axiom, but read a bunch of bad reviews and people saying that the lack of buttons was hard to operate in rougher water - so I was going to go with the Element instead. You happy with the Axiom? I see they have an Axiom+ out now (not the pro - that one is crazy expensive)
  15. Thinking one more tekota, and 2 saltists. Just run 2 of each!
  16. To preface, I own 3 Shimano Tekoa A 600's. 2 are my wire setups, and one is a downrigger rod. I also have an Okuma Coldwater for the other downrigger rod which I do not like, going to sell. I own 2 Saltist LC 20's that I was using for muksy trolling, and I'm going to set them up for browns. If you were going to buy 3 downrigger reels would they be - Tekota A 600s? (240 yards of 25# mono) Daiwa Saltist 40LCHA - (400 yards of 25# mono) or even Saltist 30LCHA (which is about the same capacity as the Tekota - but less line retrieve.)
  17. The boat I'm looking at now has 4 Cannon downriggers already, if it didn't I would have ordered those Magnum Metal
  18. Pretty sure I found something. Dont want to jinx it until after the survey
  19. Yea, that's going to be outside of my budget. Damn student loans!
  20. Owner found that the bulkhead was rotted Still looking! - May have to significantly raise my budget to find something worth keeping for the next 10-15yrs
  21. How is the service and support from the Magnum Metalz? I'll be buying new riggers this winter as well. I've had Scotty's which I liked and their customer service is impossible to beat, but I don't like the footprint they take up.
  22. Thanks Ed - I'm having a survey done this week on a 98 Seaswirl Striper - hoping that goes well.
  23. Having a survey done this week on - https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/323260782153308/?ref=messenger_banner
  24. Looking at the Hydra Sports - is it possible to add a kicker to that style of transom? Not sure how it would be trolling Lake O?
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