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  1. Do you start offshore and stay out there? Or do you start shallower and work out?
  2. Great job. We were out there from 630-12pm. Couldn't even manage a release fishing from 70-200 and back.
  3. Great question, I've noticed that too and wondered the same thing.
  4. You defiantly need a pair of fish flops on the boat to get rid of that bad mojo.
  5. This is my first year slipping my new (to me) boat in Braddocks. I have to trim a very good way up or my skeg drags bottom. I don't know how some of the boats are flying through there and out the channel. Am I missing something? Any ideas when it will be time to pull out of there due to low water?
  6. Finally a nice easy day to dock the boat instead of having 15-20mph wind at my back every time!
  7. Went 5 for 5 , 3 kings and 2 lakers. Biggest king was 20#, hit 90' down over 150' on a meat rig. Meat took 3 fish today, flasher fly on a dispy took one, and a dark green spotted black spoon took the last. Good water all over the place, felt nice to actually hook into some kings on the new boat. Fish flops were not needed today, however there may have been a good 4 minute Irish Jig done on the dog house when this song came on - Now I'm not saying that this is the reason we caught the big king, but I don't have enough data to rule it out either. To be safe, if you hear something like this come on, you should probably dance a jig - just in case. The Magma table works great - bit small for a decent fish, but it got the job done!
  8. We went a good stretch with nothing happening so desperate measures ensued- his fish flop boogie dance was better than mine (at that point we were trying anything) - I attribute the bigger fish to that.
  9. Great catch! - Question for you - how do you decide when it's worth fishing the inside vs the outside? We always decide to turn back around 250' after not seeing anything. Just a gut feeling?
  10. Lots of marks at 180-220 FOW early on around 100' down, some higher, some lower. Trolled out to 260, dead screen from 220 out. Went 2/3 one small king (coho?) in that 180 FOW range, and one laker as I was reeling in the last rod of the day. That was a surprise After 2-3 hours of no bites I broke out the fish flops and did a fish flop dance on the dog house. I'm not going to say that's how I got that lucky laker at the end, but I'm not ruling it out either.
  11. We picked up one at 180. Dead screen out to 280. Headed back in now
  12. My mother in law got them for me - not sure where they are from. New people on the boat have to wear them now
  13. Left the dock at 730 - fished til 1:30. Had to break the bad banana karma off the boat from last trip so I made my brother wear the fish flops. Sure enough not too long after we landed a 24" steelie and coho. Lost one more. Slow day, not alot of marks (lots of bait and marks 80-100 FOW) but no takers for me at least. 100-250 fow, - our two came at around 160 FOW 40-60 down. 52 degree water was almost 80' down at some spots. Did try the new gambler rigs I bought for an hour or so, but no takers, we called it quits early - the flies were so bad. The love the fish flops too.
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    Someone buy these - my credit card is hurting this year.
  15. Is he local? I don’t even know where to start on that site - no idea what to buy
  16. What downspeed are you guys running to target lakers?
  17. Went out today at Braddocks from 8-1pm. 150-250 not a single mark. Went back to 100fow saw a bunch of hooks - no big bait balls like the other day. Not a single rod went off. Brother brought a banana on the boat. I kicked him off and he ate it before we left - but the damage had been done. Dumb ass.
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    Laughing about price? I don't know what they go for - just going by what the guy at Screwie Lewies told me.
  19. Dan M

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    All in working condition and include swivel bases , mounting bases and male and female connections dan - 585-719-6522 Feel free to give me a call and talk about my extended vehicle warranty Will separate - taking offers. (update) Mag 5 has coated cable - does not have swivel base.
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