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  1. You'll probably have to plan a trip to the Pacific NW to get one. And that would be great retirement kickoff.
  2. Thanks for the ideas. I'm looking for the hardware to attach to that top rail. With the 5 foot mast, the top pulley will be a foot above my hardtop. I think I would try a power reel on my hardtop rail if this doesn't work. I'd like to avoid the front mast as I really don't ever want to go up front to fix a problem when it is sloppy weather. I borrowed a friends manual reel and attached it to the top rail near the back of the rail (towards the stern). Then I ran a 150 feet of planer line out with one of my boards. The boards ran at about a 60 degree angle to the boat at 3 mpg. It was quite easy to grab the line and attach clips. I thnk with this even taller mast should run about same angle, but I may have to use a hook to grab the line.
  3. I'm outfitting my new to me boat with planer board capability. The picture shows the approximate position of a planer board mast. I'm thinking of getting a 5 foot mast ( I can always make shorter). My gunnels are 30 inches above the boats floor. See any issues with getting my boards out and then my lines? I'm pretty new to this, not clear to me if I'll have interferences I can't envision. Really would like to avoid ordering and then go oh s..t. I run a larger board called Frisky Jenny, which is a double board with threaded rod and is about 28 inches long. Thanks.
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