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  1. I always keep a few expired flares ( along with current ) on board. They will still work and you may need more than the required number of flares to get attention
  2. I’ve looked for years to no avail. There are a few companies, but their bulk is in tons 😝
  3. I think you have something here !!! I have grown allergic to politicians as I age
  4. Another consideration is traffic. If you are away from the pack , long lines are productive. Trying to run 3-4-5 hundred foot long lines ( weighted steel, copper, etc. ) in traffic is a sure way to donate tackle to the fish gods
  5. Oneida lake is a hard water fishery by this time An ice boat would be appropriate
  6. There is a wealth of information in the thread “ wind turbines on Lake Ontario “ at the top of this forum. As to the size of the blades and towers fitting through the locks , that was not an issue. The public boat launch at Henderson harbor was to be the staging area for construction. The harbor dredged to allow work boats to access the launch. The entire launch would be put off limits to recreational use during construction. Just one of the many reasons to fight this misuse of the green energy initiative
  7. This has been an issue for more than 14 years NYSERDA was directed by the then gov Cuomo , to do a feasibility study. There have been many attempts to place wind turbines offshore and on Galloo Island , the latest that I’m aware of was from Iberdrola , a Spanish power company. The Towns of Henderson and Sackets harbor retained legal counsel to thwart them and they eventually pulled the plug TheGov stated “ the state , not the towns , would determine where wind turbines would be placed “ taking the townships out of the equation. I’m glad NYSERDA did a complete study and didn’t gloss over the downside. We need to keep a close eye on the NY politicos. There is big money involved and great opportunities for corruption
  8. Thanks for your worthless comment
  9. I say again. I bought a battery load tester. It places a load on a battery ( in vehicle or out ) to test for weak cells. The multimeter voltage can only tell the state of charge It can determine if a battery is capable of holding a charge while at rest. If it can’t maintain a full charge it would be useful as an anchor
  10. Lighter lines are a must in the clear , shallow water Browns are very line shy I drop down to 12 # main line with 8-10 # fluorocarbon leaders
  11. As stated the batteries are out of the boat The starter and starting have never been an issue. I wanted to check the condition of the batteries before trouble starts. A fully charged battery at rest should read 12.6 volts or higher I was getting low voltage readings on 1 multimeter and good readings on another. Now have a new multimeter that verified the low reading meter was junk I bought a load test battery tester. It shows good batteries. The stud problem was loose nuts. Tighten them up and it’s all good. Starter draw is an indication of starter condition. Wear on end bearings , worn brushes , starter drive. No two will have the same value.
  12. Here’s something interesting I pulled my batteries in the fall and have them inside. I always put them on charge to get them up to the top. I got a reading on a multimeter that showed both batteries needed replacing. I used a different multimeter and got good resting voltage. So I bought a battery tester ( should have one anyway ) now the good part. I tested both batteries using the studs said replace on both. I retested using the posts and both batteries tested good. Did test twice to verify I use the posts for starting and the studs for electronics Go figure. The $35 dollar tester saved me $200 +
  13. 3 bad batteries? Doubtful. Have you checked your charging system? The voltmeter ( digital , not the boat instrument ) should read 13.5-14.5 volts while engine is running The battery at rest ( after losing surface charge ) should be at least 12.6 volts. You may have a dead short somewhere , drawing the battery down. Just a thought, I had a new Lowrance sonar that had a different shutdown procedure from my previous unit. I thought it was off , when in fact it was not. Next time at the launch. Dead batt. I now carry a jump pack in my vehicle at all times Hope you get to the bottom of this matter. Your life could depend on it. Another thought. Do you have a battery switch ? I installed one after my sonar screwup. Turn all electrics off and isolate battery after each trip.
  14. Comrade LL is a loyal apparatchiks the party will reward you
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