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  1. I second this opinion not the right time of year for upwelling. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. And that's the problem with these small mom and pop businesses . There is little to no record keeping . Taxidermy mounts,whether finished or not, should have the customers name attached to the game . I'm sorry that this man's business went south , he obviously made quality tackle . The fact that his website is open and he continues to take orders is very concerning and should be brought to the attention of the NY state AG's office . I lost a mooring cover several years ago ,when the woman that owned the sewing shop suddenly closed shop and dissapeared . Caveat Emptor !!
  3. I have used pro troll flashers for years . Do they make a difference ? Very hard to tell . I've caught fish using them and not using them . The piezo electric ceramic ball that is inside the metal tube emits a small electric discharge when it strikes the end of the tube . They don't wear out , but if you drop them they may take on water . If they rattle when you shake them , they are working .
  4. breaded and fried tastes just like chicken
  5. Your x85 has speed capability. You will need the paddle wheel. I think Lowrance number is ST-TBK. Been using them for years. I like to watch sow difference from sog on gps Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. You don't want to calibrate your gps and sonar surface speed to read the same. Your speed over ground and speed over water will be. And should be different. If your sog is , say 2.5 mph and you have a current that is going with you at 2.5 mph. Your lures are hanging lifeless Conversely. If you have a head on current. Your lure is spinning at 5 mph Sog and sow will almost always be different Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. No. Gps reads your sog That is your speed over the bottom of the lake. The only way to get speed over water is with a wheel you can add to most any Lowrance. Just buy the wheel kit Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. Your GPS is reading speed over ground (SOG) ,which will be different than your speed over water ,due to wind and waves and currents . The fact that your boat is affected by wave and wind action explains the readings being all over the place . Your temp sensor should be in the bottom of the transducer . They are usually accurate for surface temps . If your temp readings jump around ,I would suspect a faulty transducer .I bought a Hook 7X last year , and after getting the bugs out ,it works fine . I like the chirp feature .
  9. West Marine can fix you up I believe it takes the same plug as Evinrude etec .
  10. Hermit , You obviously have been eating way too many Lake trout . Please seek help immediately .
  11. As a combat vet , I can tell you that you literally have Mille seconds to react to a threat. Someone points a pellet gun at you or even a cell phone in the dark. It's him or you. We called it collateral damage. If everyone would obey a lawful order from the police , there would be far fewer "incidents". Innocent people don't run away. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  12. The rioting and looting and general lawlessness in this country have got to come to an end . Period . It's time we took back our cities from the gangs that terrorize and intimidate . All these movements , black lives matter , etc. have to take a back seat to the rule of law . If you point a gun at someone ,you deserve what you get ,I don't care if you're black , white or green . The cops are under terrible pressure to better relationships with minorities . We are mandated to protect ourselves , our property and our loved ones from all threats . If you invade my home you will go out in a body bag .
  13. That's right , It's only just begun . Take the big step backward ,downsize our out of control governments ,build the wall , deport all the illegals , and tear down the welfare state . People are making careers on welfare and passing it on to their children . Go president Trump ! Make America the great country it was .
  14. There are enzymes in the guts that will degrade the quality of the fish (or deer or rabbit etc. ) . It' s best to gut the animal as quickly as possible . commercial fishermen gill an gut their catch immediately .