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  1. Cut Bait

    Thanks for the infro, I was hoping to pay less then $ 12 per pack, when buying by the case.
  2. Cut Bait

    Does anyone know where to buy cases of cut bait?
  3. First year browns

    Great show! Makes you want to get out their
  4. Atlantics

    Yes, very interesting. I never knew salmon where native to Lake Ontario.
  5. Going deep

    One thing no one mentioned was Fleas, Braid is a flea magnet. I use 30lb wire and yes we get some fleas, but nothing like the braid.
  6. Bouncy out there

    Mother Nature is amazing
  7. Slip fees and refunds

    No matter how you cut it. Marina's and the communities lost money this past year. With the High Water No wake zones and bad weather each weekend No boat rentals People cancelling there summer vacations because you could not play in the bays. Bass tournaments did poorly, they where either cancelled or attendance was low Lost gas revenue Hotels, Bed & Breakfast, cabin rentals all suffered a decline Restaurants also lost business. So when it come to my slip rental I just want to help keep the Marinas in business. It is tough enough with only 3 months to make your money for the year.
  8. Water level

    October through November are usually the lowest lake levels of the year. So we are still in trouble for next year, even with a average amount of snow/rain through spring.
  9. Water level

    I have only one question; Where do we stand with the lake Ontario water level today as apposed to same day last year?
  10. Nice job, hope its good this weekend.
  11. Bad year for weekend warriors.

    5' to 8' waves with a few 10' thrown in. Another lost weekend
  12. Fair Haven

    Little Sodus inn and Turtle cove are both open.
  13. Fish hawk 4x

    Wave 2 to 3 ft this weekend, surface speed .08 to 1.2, ball speed 2.4. change direction surface 3.2 and ball 2.4. Alsp temp is great I look for 50 degrees then some presentations above and below. Speed is critical at your lure. There are enough things you can not control, meat verses flies depth the fish are hitting. Riggers verses Dipsy. I also have auto pilot and would not leave the dock without it working either.
  14. Nice fish, out of what port? Never caught one over 30Lbs from the lake.
  15. Nice job, good to see big salmon this early