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  1. Last One

    Okuma Reel Question

    Ya, at least sszoldra has a good sense of humor
  2. Last One

    Costa Rica on the pacific side

    Great pictures! Looks like a blast.
  3. Very Nice, great report
  4. Last One


    Fished Fairhaven over the weekend, Fleas where very very bad. Even 30 Lb big game didn't work.
  5. Nice Job! We where out in Fairhaven as well. Boated 5 lost 6 but all we boated where small kings and Cohos.
  6. Nice, Hey save some for me. Will be up Tuesday for the rest of the week.
  7. Great to hear kings are being caught, we will be up next week for 5 days.
  8. Nice to see a king this early in the season!
  9. Last One

    East end lake trout action

    Great Video
  10. Last One

    Cut Bait

    Thanks for the infro, I was hoping to pay less then $ 12 per pack, when buying by the case.
  11. Last One

    Cut Bait

    Does anyone know where to buy cases of cut bait?
  12. Last One

    First year browns

    Great show! Makes you want to get out their
  13. Last One


    Yes, very interesting. I never knew salmon where native to Lake Ontario.