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  1. Nice job, good to see big salmon this early
  2. Ya, Buggspray is the only product which seems to work.
  3. Fished Saturday from 100' to 300' of water, Best screen was in 110' to 150'. We did two Cohos one on meat and one on green SD with a hammer fly. Both fish mid afternoon. Did not move a rod in the morning. Tough day. Did not fish Sunday.
  4. Does the green label come frozen, Didn't say on the site.
  5. Thanks, Mr Clean, All ways good to see what been happening at Fair Haven. Been our home port for many years. Think this is the highest, I have ever seen the lake. We will be up next week for browns. Assuming we can launch the boat.
  6. Started with a Ray Jefferies, many good years of use. When the unit finally died went to sub troll ( one with coated cable and large probe) Cable was a nightmare, probe seals leaked. Only used it for one season. Gave it away online for cost of shipping. 4X is like the Ray jefferies, just a rear transducer. Works GREAT! Believe me it is money well spent. you will get many years of use. Only advise is to change the cable terminator yearly or if you see any ware. Lost a probe. That was a $ 250.00 learning curve.
  7. Utube it is, I like the 55" TV screen better. To me that was one of the best fishing shows out there. Tired of only seeing bass fishing on the weekends. They where the only show on the great lakes fishery.
  8. Is Carbontv only on line or does Direct TV carry the channel?
  9. Pap, use epoxy grout. No sealing and it will hold the color.
  10. Great job, Can't wait for spring browns.
  11. Tried Braid, thought it would be perfect for the stealth factor. One day, Flees where so bad I could not retrieve the balls. DO NOT TRY BRAID IF YOU FISH WATER WITH FLEES. AKA Lake Ontario
  12. Here is mine 24' 2000 Thopsom Hardtop. Last year they where made by Thompson. We love the pilot house.
  13. Great write up Yankee Troller. Looks like something to add for the Dipsys. I have a Fishhawk 4x as well. Actual depth at the ball would be great to see too. With blow back and all. Would be good if I could see the data on my Garmen 7610.
  14. This year has been the toughest in a long time, middle of July was the most productive. But we never boxed out. We fish out of Fairhaven,between the wind and crazy currents. Last year end of July was HOT but we boxed out multiple days . Dipsey was the most productive. This year I could not get the dipsy to go. We are done now. Already, cant wait to next year!!
  15. We where up for 13th & 14th, One 8lb king on meat in 200' Saturday. Sunday was rouggggh 3-5' with a few 8' thrown in. Did not move a rod. Fished till 10AM. Out of Fairhaven. Great job on the live reports. We will be up this weekend weather permitting. Rough Rider, will you be out always enjoy your live reports.