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  1. Wow, second week of January and your fishing on the lake. Nice looking fish great color, cant wait to get out there.
  2. Great video, had no ideas of the scale of the seaway. Thanks for sharing.
  3. P3434, Is that Skip L. from Port Ewen with the brown trout?
  4. Yes, last weekend.90' to 160' down 55' to 85' spoons and dipsy.
  5. Also Anchor Resort is great as well.
  6. How about a Shimono 700? How many yards/ feet of 30lb Mono?
  7. We went West Friday and Saturday. Friday boated 1 Atlantic, 1 Steelhead and 9 browns, biggest was about 10lbs. Saturday 3 kings and 3 brown trout. Biggest king was 18 lbs.
  8. Ya, at least sszoldra has a good sense of humor
  9. Fished Fairhaven over the weekend, Fleas where very very bad. Even 30 Lb big game didn't work.
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