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  1. Short of High water like 2019 launch will be open. My boat will be going in mid April, same as every year on the state launch.
  2. We have a 24' Thompson with a swim plate form and want to add a kicker. Few Questions 1. What size kicker 2. Would love to see pictures of a kicker added to a swim platform, not sure how to build the bracket 3. What is the best auto pilot and throttle control? This site has always been great with sharing information.
  3. Last One here, we will be out. Fairhaven guys usually stay on 72. Flasher fly's worked best last weekend. What is your boat name?
  4. Now I see why red never worked for me. Great video.
  5. So, no one know the numbers for 2021? Seems odd.
  6. Did not know that, please elaborate.
  7. Can anyone tell me the stocking levels for 2021 Trout and Salmon? All I can find is 2020, Did they increase or decrease the levels this year? Only thing on the NYDEC site is the 2020.
  8. Thanks for the infro, very helpful. My boat is a 2000 Thompson with a pilot house, so I am good.
  9. Get the bags, they will also stabilize you in rougher water. When you can afford it get a fish hawk. With all the underlying currents on the lake. Many times my surface speed was 3.2 and speed at the ball was 1.5 or the reverse. With the high water these days and the out flows, there is a lot of current to deal with these days. Good Luck!
  10. Fished 80' to 180' could not buy a fish, moved out to 260' to 500' from 11:30 to 1:30 two steel heads and two salmon lost two others.
  11. Cut the gill,throw them on a rope and over the side for about 10 minutes then in the cooler on ice.
  12. Bobfish, Who make the watermellon you shared a picture of?
  13. Can someone post a picture of a watermellon lure? Everyone says these work well this year, is it a plain watermellon or with seeds. Years ago we used NK watermellon lures, but then the one with black dots(seeds) did not produce.
  14. Nice fish, what was the weight on the brown? You in the Derby?
  15. Could of been worse, I lost two probes and two shark weights in the same week one time! After the first probe and ball added a safety line with a crimp, cable broke at the crimp for the second set. Every year now if not more often i change the the terminator and check the cable.
  16. We did the same thing on Friday, out deep nothing. Picked up two lakers in 160' to 200' Cut bait down 120'
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