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  1. I would love to buy a X2 local instead of online as I live in rochester. Any suggestions?
  2. Ebay All day. Soak them in windex for a few days and they clean up nice
  3. adesalvo

    Canandaigua Strange Trip

    Fished Sunday on the south end and just trolled north with a pretty strong wind at our backs! We only got 1 on the boat but had 7 releases in 3 hours. I modified a couple DW silver mags with brushed aluminum look paired with glow spindoctors that get lots of hits but I feel they are too big causing a lot of misses. Next year I am going to pick up a couple silver DW’s non mags and modify them. Tomorrow we are determined to try out rain program on south end of keuka lake and then we put the boat away until next year. thanks for all the post’s on this thread it’s been great!
  4. Who ever buys these I will pay $20 for the candy corn DW
  5. adesalvo

    Canandaigua Strange Trip

    Good to meet up Dan! It was a slow day but the wind was light and variable and the scenery was spectacular!
  6. adesalvo

    Canandaigua Strange Trip

    Great Job! We will be out tomorrow trying out our 6 pole spread with my new slide divers. Thanks for the intel
  7. adesalvo

    Canandaigua Strange Trip

    This is my first fall fishing the finger lakes and today was my first trip at the northend because I wanted to avoid the FLTA tournament in woodville! We found water temps in the 40s about 90 feet down and started our laker program with cheaters on the upper lines for about an hour with no luck. We switched up things a bit and put on my glow green spindoctor with a silver mag and immediately we got a release and then another with 2 lakers. about 930 we swapped out to the flasher fly program at the same depths and we pulled up 2 nice rainbows. Maybe the temps changed but what were those bows doing down so deep? strange.
  8. Interested if you would entertain shipping them to rochester
  9. Typically at this point the current is strong with the gates open. You might have better luck at the state park
  10. You can almost see my house! It’s a hidden gem the farther up you go.
  11. I have been trying to put together a spin n glo program after the morning bite for a few weeks and have absolutely no luck! Today out in front of taughannock falls my oldest and I decided to stay out until 11:30 working on said program and boy did it pay off! trolling slow around 1.8 really was the sweet spot and today the wonderbread flasher with a gambler chartreuse spin and glo picked up 2 laker right off the bat including this big boy!
  12. adesalvo

    Canandaigua Woodville 9/12

    Almost 5lbs and 27 inches. It surprisingly had nothing in its belly.
  13. adesalvo

    Canandaigua Woodville 9/12

    We launched at 6:15am and went north on the west side with the wind until about 8:30 and the the lake Lake down until about 10:45 and things got nautical quick! We had our best luck in 170 fow and rods stacked at 110 and 95 with a cheater probably around 45. i will be sure to say hello next time I see you out.
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