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  1. Great Job Les! I am more curious on how you took those leaders off solo and still got the fish to the boat! what pound weight did you use on the end of your rigs?
  2. Thanks Les! I really owe it to the boards, flta club members and the folks like you who share the knowledge! I am just trying to pay it forward.. to be honest I do keep secrets close to the chest that guys tell me are secrets. All my reports are really things you can find anywhere on the internets or by following other captains on YouTube!
  3. Hope this helps! Owasco Lake September 2023 Summer Fishing Report https://youtu.be/L1T0F5szH5g
  4. Owasco Lake September 2023 Summer Fishing Report Jeremy was in town this weekend for a URRG Upstate Research Rocketry Group launch and met me in auburn Saturday evening to fish the Finger Lakes Trollers Association Owasco tournament the next morning !! First hit of the day at 630am was a reel screaming 7lb rainbow on a 250 copper pulling a moonshine walleye glow perch. As it stands this is the biggest rainbow caught at a club tournament this year! Jeremy brought in that fish perfectly! Rumors at weigh in was a lot of bows were coming unbuttoned at the back of the boat! The rest of the day was a flasher fly bite! Bringing in 3 solid 6+ lakers to round out a decent box! Congratulations to the birthday boy @Bo Hunter for a 30 lb Box and the win! Wow!! What a great birthday present!!
  5. Lots of stagers in 80 ft west of the genny tonight. Moonshine RV green ladder backs picked up 2. We only fished from 7pm to sun down.
  6. Go to the Irondequoit pier before sun up and see what other people are doing.
  7. to be clear though I am running 10lb 15 foot leaders off the back of the 30lb.
  8. I have been running the blood run seaflea 30# all year and haven’t had many on those rods all year.
  9. I left the hooks that came with them
  10. Nice Job! There is still a lot of fishing left in the lake before winter!
  11. I have found them at mitchels in rochester and on their website. The purple uv dr death however is proving to be elusive.. http://www.warriorlures.com/FishingSpoonDisplay.aspx?ID=355 http://www.warriorlures.com/uveliteseries.aspx
  12. I really like my slide divers and I am running the mag rings with the standard weight not the upgraded weight! I find on a 1 setting it’s 1 foot down for every 2 feet out using wire dipsy line! when running divers I push my led cores way out on planers to avoid tangles. I have a fishawk TD that I have used to better understand that line to depth ratio! I haven’t done it on a 2 setting yet only the 1 setting that’s a 1 foot down for every 2 feet of line. I also run 50 feet of 30lb mono on the slide diver proper and tie the wire and mono via a nice barrel swivel that will feed into me rod and reels level wide guides. hope this helps!
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