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  1. I will be out in iBAY tomorrow for most of the day. I live right down the street from the big lake and did a recon on the mud-line and it seems like it's pretty close to shore. 5853545058
  2. On the water at 7am in at 11:30 am went 5 for 9 on browns from 30 to 15 fow. Inline planers with rapala stickbaits got 3 in the boat and the riggers with spoons got the other 2. Had a lot of luck with the pro weight system on the planers in front of Webster park and ship builders creek. UV colors in the morning and Silver once the sun was a little higher in the sky!
  3. Long time reader first time posting.. I got out in front of the charlotte pier yesterday 9/26 for about 2 hours (time was limited) and pulled in 2 medium 15 pounders. one on the dipsy using an orange uv michagan stinger and the other using a kwikfish 014 on a green paddle on the down rigger. A quick thanks to all quality contributors making the science behind trolling for salmon and lakers a little more digestible. My last day out before we put the boat away will be October 3 and 4th, depending on the weather I might be out on the big lake again. Anthony
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