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  1. I typically only run 2 rods when running bells as if they are working it’s hard to keep them in the water.
  2. Nice Fish! I have been waiting to try sandy for a while! Lakers are in 110 - 130 on the bottom
  3. My kid talked me out of as I wanted to fish infront of Webster park but he insisted either Braddocks or Sandy
  4. Left Braddocks at 5am and went north west until we hit 115 foot of water and targeted lakers for the Loc derby using blue 5/0 cowbells with a mag blue UV chartreuse dot and a 4/0 green and yellow UV running a mag gambler bull frog. The green bull frog was hot so we swapped out the blue for a 4/0 green and yellow and a custom green killer bee mag I put together with gamblers parts.. We doubled a bunch of times and picked up about 10 lakers but couldn’t get a fish larger that 13lbs to get on the loc board. Best depth was 110 feet but a better class of fish was at 120 At 845am swapped to a kings setup with riggers at 50 , 200 copper, and wire slide divers on 2 at 200 feet back. We got 2 kings about 12lbs each in 120 FOW one on the rigger at 50 on a moonshine mag green knight. The other came on the wire slide diver on a custom brown town painted on a copper mag dreamweaver blank. Back at the launch by 1030am
  5. The mudline was way out today, Are they dredging the genny again? I fished out of iBay all month and it was setup about 10 to 15 FOW?
  6. Boards and slide divers . Rigger was just down to measure ball speed
  7. Got out about 1245pm after the rain broke and went all the way down to hedges and trolled with the east wind back to seabreeze in about 2 hours. water had a great stain and fluctuated between 42 and 45 at the creek outlets. Only boated 5 browns from Webster park to ship builders creek but then had 4 on at once right in front of ship builders creek. great day to be out and had the whole lake to ourself! went 9/10 with the following spoons! Best speed was 2.2 at the ball. Best depth was 10 feet
  8. I just thought it was a blown out brown because it was in rough shape. This is one we caught at the same spot (in front of Webster park) 2 years ago.
  9. First day out on the big lake and our home turf iBay. Being 15 min from the launch we were the first boat out and had at least an hour to ourselves headed east towards Webster park. Went 7 for 9 in 3 hours of fishing. The SWR off the riggers with a greasy chicken wing and a Reel Rage neon Leon got 3 in the boat. The other 4 were on Bayrat BT candy and a UV orange on flatlines and 1 color stayed inside of 20ft of water the entire trip!
  10. Looking forward to the banquet and FLEA..
  11. Thanks Les! Cdga is an amazing fishery looking forward to next year!
  12. I am fully booked next weekend with Boy Scouts and the following with some Halloween parties so today was the dreaded put the boat away day. I store my boat at TJs marine in prattsburgh so we decided to hit up woodville on the way. Temp break was pretty tight at 68 feet. It was 50 degrees right below that and 65 4 feet up. we landed a few lakers and a nice bow along with a small perch on the 10 color and a smallmouth on the dipsey out 150. With the cold front rolling through I wasn’t expecting much. marked a ton of bait out infront of vine valley! If it wasn’t windy I would of just circled that area. see you all next year!
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