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  1. Yes on the core, copper and SS wire. Tx44 on the heavier copper.
  2. Just one 12 lb. laker
  3. 13 lb , 12lb 12oz., 10lb 10 oz. Browns and 12lb 12lb 14oz laker. For more info check our the FLTA on facebook.
  4. We launched out of Woodville at 5 am with plans of running north to whiskey point. A little late and calm water changed my mind at dock. Set up as soon as we hit 20fow with a top line, 3 color, 5 color, 100 steel, 200 copper, 300 copper, downrigger, and 2 braided steel twilley rods as soon as we hit 100fow. North troll up the east shore. 6lb. and 5lb. Lakers came on a spiny and Duke fly. ( Thanks Mike) 1lb.9oz rainbow came on cheater/slider yellow blue dot spoon on downrigger. 5lb. 8oz rainbow came on a real rage watermelon spoon (Thanks Scott) 3 color core. Figured I needed one more good laker to weigh. Pulled one twilley rod and put out a old fashioned rig rod dragging bottom with a 50 sutton as bottom spoon. Caught (4) 2-21/2 lb. lakers in 40 minutes. Changed 50 to an 88. Never caught another laker. Managed to finish 4th among the monster fish brought to the weigh in. Rookie mate Kasey in pics. Congratulations to John Wild on the win.
  5. I've been using this knot for the last 4 years. Never had it brake. It will pull the swivel apart first. I put it in my vise and experimented. Works awesome on a seth green rig in the fleas.
  6. With our $600 relief check we get from the Fed, (what the rich congressmen think that the poor people think that is a lot of money) and the $300 million that's going to fisheries. (Which I doubt we see any of that used in NY or PA. IDK.) I'd vote for the Congressman that snuck that in. (LOL) However they did send $25 million to the Kennedy Center. (All PORK) Almost shameful to be a fisherman. What a mess we are all in. Just my thoughts. Merry Christmas
  7. Super nice job Hunter Bo!! I hope you bring a portion of that skill and luck to the boat next year. Maybe we'll win a FLTA tournament or 2.
  8. I apologize also. I did not look at the boat close enough. That is not the reel rage boat.
  9. I will see these guys tomorrow and have them clear this up. Not making excuses, but they could of had autopilot running, untangling or fighting a big fish. Extremely sorry for your troubles.
  10. Looks like I need to stick with Cannon cable. (Ion control, auto stop), guess the only question left is poundage of cable to keep the fleas off. Thanks fellows.
  11. Thanks fellows, I have (2) Cannons 10HS's. Maybe use a little of both your suggestions. Power Pro with 150lb. Unless someone gives me more info.
  12. Broke a downrigger cable and going to order new. Any suggestions on which would be best to fight fleas? Cannon, Mason, Power Pro or Big Jon 150, 200, or 250 lb.?
  13. Remove 4 inches of lead and tie a uni uni knot. 5 twists on the lead core and 8 on the flourocarbon. Goes through the eyelets. Never had a problem.
  14. Matt, I hope you didn't lose all your fishing luck pulling that in (upside down). I see pink and black FF worked. Nice bow Mike. See you guys Sunday.
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