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  1. Great story to share. What a beautiful Brown. Owasco is one of my favorite lakes. Congratulations
  2. Way to go Anthony. Very special day to take your dad.
  3. Great work Anthony, congrats my friend. There were a few moderate and small rainbows caught. One brown. Anthony had the lunker laker 8lbs.15ozs.
  4. Let me add, Anthony's knowledge of where to go, what to use and set up was spot on. Within the first 30 minutes 6 of the rods we had just put out were back in the boat. All with fish. I was excited and worried all at the same time. No way was I going to keep the early pace up. LOL Thanks Anthony for a great trip.
  5. Drill a hole between the 2 existing. Run flouro though new hole and out the back. and tie on a hook of your choice. 8 mm bead your preference. Acts like a Kwik fish with scent inside.
  6. Drill a new hole in the center. You'll be surprised.
  7. Thanks Nick, Just wanted everyone to pay special attention to the start time change. Past time start was 9:00 AM. NEW SHOW START TIME IS 8:00 AM.
  8. I light at the top of the steps and casting over the parking lot. I would like to add to my Christmas list Myles. Along with your wishes.
  9. Very nice video again Anthony. Seems we ran basically the same set ups. I had a little birthday luck on my side. I agree, the FLTA is a great way to get you on the water trolling, highly competitive, low budget, making life-long friends, and developing new ways to catch fish trolling. I hear we have a Facebook page. Check it out. Thanks to Mike Burt. Thank you Anthony for the accolades.
  10. Very nice report and video. Hopefully it will attract some fishermen to thin the heard of lakers.
  11. Yes, we'll be churning through the lakers I'm sure. 2 years ago we culled 42 lakers in our tourny. M P B Lots of work.
  12. Very nice report Anthony. Those small lakers do cook up well. With the lack of bait, I'll bet any size, shape or color lure would've caught those hungry lakers. Just have to put it in their range. Your Trophy set up looks sweet.
  13. Awesome Anthony, sure would like to join you and Jeremy some day.
  14. Very nice report Anthony. I like your wire basket idea for you boards. We'll have to get together on big O for a fish one of these days.
  15. I have one for sale in good working order. I'm taking it to the FLTA flea in Watkins. PM me and make a fair offer. Scott B
  16. Snagged this one on Seneca last year. Went back in pieces.
  17. From myself and I assume all the members of the FLTA, Thank you Nick for a great job last year running the show and also for taking the reins again this year. See you at the meeting tonight. Scott
  18. Nice report Anthony. Good catch Jeremy!!
  19. It does help slightly moving the weights forward. On both the 22's and 44's. I've even installed 11/4" foam versus the 1" standard foam. My pic shows both thicknesses.
  20. Bobby, how about a final weights and winners board? Scott B
  21. I don't know if anyone has tried this, but last Sunday during my FLTA tournament. My tx-44 planers were struggling to stay afloat pulling 400 copper and 11 core. I removed both weights, burrowed a hole in the center and re-installed only one weight in the bottom center. WOW, what a change. They floated and pulled 30% better.
  22. Way to go Nick. Nice batch of fish👍
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