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  1. salmoseine

    Owasco owasco derby results

    Winning brown...
  2. salmoseine

    Owasco owasco derby results

    Final board...
  3. salmoseine

    Owasco owasco derby results

    Updated leader board... Sunday 8:30am
  4. salmoseine

    Owasco derby?

  5. salmoseine

    Canandaigua 2018 canandaigua lake trout derby

    Two big lakers also... 15.65, 15.75
  6. http://www.syracuse.com/outdoors/index.ssf/2018/05/bottom_trawling_lake_ontario_in_the_spring_for_alewives_other_baitfish_video.html#incart_river_index
  7. salmoseine

    Bouncy out there

  8. salmoseine

    Bouncy out there

    A little choppy on the SLR in Clayton... http://www.1000islandswebcams.com/spawestpage_640.htm
  9. salmoseine

    Olcott yacht club retaining wall collapses

  10. DEC fisheries research vessel in the area... the Seth Green
  11. salmoseine

    Freshwater Jellyfish

    Perhaps previously observed in Seneca Lake...
  12. salmoseine


  13. Irondequoit Bay Outlet Bridge Town officials ask for community input on how to improve the Irondequoit Bay Outlet Bridge Irondequoit Bay Outlet Bridge Alternatives Analysis Study Evaluation Criteria: on-line survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/S7J3CD2
  14. salmoseine

    Results national derby?

    Derby winner reels in 12-pounder http://www.fltimes.com/sports/derby-winner-reels-in--pounder/article_9d55c532-453c-11e7-a0c4-8343372ee23c.html