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  1. Bouncy out there
  2. Bouncy out there

    A little choppy on the SLR in Clayton...
  3. Olcott yacht club retaining wall collapses
  4. DEC fisheries research vessel in the area... the Seth Green
  5. Freshwater Jellyfish

    Perhaps previously observed in Seneca Lake...
  6. Walleye
  7. Irondequoit Bay Outlet Bridge Town officials ask for community input on how to improve the Irondequoit Bay Outlet Bridge Irondequoit Bay Outlet Bridge Alternatives Analysis Study Evaluation Criteria: on-line survey
  8. Results national derby?

    Derby winner reels in 12-pounder
  9. Canandaigua lake derby
  10. Water Level
  11. Global Warming?

    The “hockey stick†has been broken, the “modified/substituted data†(read, the “outliers†tossed because they don’t fit the “modelâ€) has been fully exposed/documented, the “peer†agreement (let’s exchange emails to coordinate our results… crap, we got caught) exposed… OK, we’ll switch our tactics and thrown in “consensus†and “deniers†as our new mantra. "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it." Thanks so much for making my point. Let’s see, the UN (read UN IPCC) and all “academia†experts do their work for free… no, wait, I stand corrected. Their salary comes from government grants and direct funding (assessments to member nations ring a bell). No crisis, no funding. “Raising doubt in people's minds is the goal of some politicians motivated and supported by corporate greed.†Perfect… a man pulls back his robe for all to see. No political thought/motive in the global warming, ooops, climate change “movement†is there…? If I were to make a choice between the effects of, say, clouds and man… I’ll go with clouds. Let me know when the first global cloud “modelâ€, predictor is available. But, I’d rather have the summer Chinook model 1st (and far more achievable)
  12. Global Warming?

    Al Gore... oh wait, never mind
  13. Global Warming?

  14. Global Warming?

    Hey John Could you have the "climate change experts", "climate change modelers" work on a model to tell us where the chinooks will be next summer, ? Seems as though it would be a simple task for anyone who can develop a predictive model for the earths climate... BTW, here's some informative reading: . And, if you're open to a divergence of thought, then here's some of the "other side" of the debate: