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  1. Yup... Gambler nailed it... " Why cut back outflows starting on August 21st if Montreal wasn't flooding, the Ottawa wasn't flooding and ice was not forming. It is simple, shipping. "
  2. " The International Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Board says it will be increasing outflows on Lake Ontario over the next few days in an effort to remove more water. The board says outflows will be increased to more than 10,000 cubic meters per second – compared to its current rate of 8,850 cubic meters per second – now that the navigation season has concluded. " https://13wham.com/news/local/outflow-levels-to-be-increased-for-lake-ontario-high-inflows-expected-in-2020
  3. "Ontario is only 10 inches higher than normal". What data are you using...? Is the US Army Corps of Engineers data invalid, ? Their most recent data indicates that Ontario is currently 1.54 feet above the Long Term Avg => 18.5 inches. Ate you using some new norma, ? Please explain...
  4. Additional info... allegedly also "Passed" students who had failed a course
  5. Famous Upstate NY hunting guide indicted again for illegal waterfowl hunting Updated Dec 20, 8:11 PM;Posted Dec 20, 7:57 PM -- Following a year of waiting, William Saiff III, a well-known North Country outdoors guide and outdoors TV personality, has been indicted again on charges connected with illegally baiting and shooting protected waterfowl. https://www.syracuse.com/outdoors/2019/12/famous-upstate-ny-hunting-guide-indicted-again-for-illegal-waterfowl-hunting.html
  6. For lake caught salmon, preferably still silver, I've had good success preparing the fillets as GAMBLER noted, but rather than marinating, place strips of bacon on both sides of the fillets, then grill (lump charcoal) in a hinged basket. Keep the heat reasonably low for a slow cook... the bacon bastes the salmon, allowing the the oil in the salmon to cook off slowly (important). Based on a culinary technique known as larding.
  7. Under public access.... Woodville launch: https://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/25578.html
  8. The boat lunch will open at 9 a.m. Friday, July 26: https://www.whec.com/news/port-of-rochesters-boat-launch-to-reopen-friday/5433744/?cat=565
  9. 248.69 was the max mean level for May 2017. 248.72 was the max mean level for 2017... month of June.
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