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  1. Rather than thinking of a 2nd engine as a "kicker", think in terms of auxiliary power. The auxiliary power should be of sufficient size to maintain headway and steerage in a blow. Many a "kicker" choice is selected/sized for trolling applications (using main power for trolling in rougher conditions), but the "kicker" cannot maintain headway/steerage if the main power fails in rough conditions. Don't undersize a "backup"...
  2. Be careful... in many tournaments and likely NYS waters, that might be interpreted as an illegal fish. “Landing nets may be used in completing the catch of a fish hooked by angling“.
  3. 13 lb. 8 oz.... https://www.syracuse.com/outdoors/2021/08/western-ny-man-sets-new-state-fishing-record-for-a-bowfin-he-caught-using-cut-bait.html
  4. https://fishonmotel.com/wp-content/uploads/2017-brochure.pdf
  5. https://www.fltimes.com/sports/outdoors-canandaigua-psychiatrist-catches-monstrous-brown-trout-from-canandaigua-lake/article_50444a21-d9a6-5c24-8f6d-7cbbc0bf512c.html
  6. https://www.mpnnow.com/story/news/2021/06/21/castle-canandaigua-lake-ny-robert-sands-constellation-brands-mansion-house/7767233002/
  7. Lake Foam.... https://www.canandaigualakeassoc.org/water-quality/lake-foam/
  8. Previous Canandaigua Lake record was 26lbs 6oz caught by Ed Neary in the 60's... this one is not far behind the Seneca record, which I believe is 30lbs, ~oz. Incredible!
  9. 13.13 LLS, Grand Prize winner... credit Finger Lakes Times
  10. Where is Bill Reilich on this, ??!!?? After all, he was appointed as a "voice" for the southern shoreline property owners and business interests. He should be able to provide background and timely information on IJC actions/decisions: https://www.ijc.org/en/ijc-appoints-greece-town-supervisor-bill-reilich-its-international-lake-ontario-st-lawrence-river
  11. https://www.rochesterfirst.com/news/local-news/dredging-begins-at-braddock-bay/
  12. Dredging begins at Braddock Bay https://www.rochesterfirst.com/news/local-news/dredging-begins-at-braddock-bay/
  13. That one on the left in Les' pic.... when Black's releases were white. That goes back to the 70's
  14. IJC says Lake Ontario flooding in 2021 is very unlikely, ends deviation of Plan 2014 Mar 2, 2021 / 12:27 PM EST / Updated: Mar 2, 2021 / 03:58 PM EST https://www.rochesterfirst.com/news/ijc-says-lake-ontario-flooding-in-2021-is-very-unlikely-ends-deviation-of-plan-2014/
  15. Delta Engineers Architects & Land Surveyors PC 4873 State Route 5 Vernon, NY, 13476-3530 United States (315) 953-4200 https://delta-eas.com/ https://www.facebook.com/881624471858436/photos/a.894677303886486/2632183470135852/ 4873 State Route 5 Vernon, NY, 13476-3530 United States (315) 953-4200
  16. July 27 off the Genny looking west towards Braddock
  17. Conn. teen lands monster, 42-inch Skaneateles Lake trout after missing it two times: https://www.newyorkupstate.com/outdoors/2020/07/conn-teen-lands-monster-42-inch-skaneateles-lake-trout-after-missing-it-two-times.html?fbclid=IwAR1254VCL8bBEOLwptLaXp1QOX9_0Wo5r5zM7xfvJ1LaWDSxCyFd-6oLwZc
  18. I don't know if it was ever acknowledged or mentioned previously, I truly appreciate the US Flag that was added to the Sandy Creek area webcam view on LOU. Great addition!!
  19. The Hemlock Spinner was often used as the "2nd line in" by by copper pullers...
  20. In the larger Finger Lakes, there is minimal to no mixing below ~100'-120' in depth. The warming/mixing/turnover does not occur, with those depths and below remaining at 39 degrees, water's greatest density. Individuals who drown in waters of 120'+ rarely surface due to very slow decomposition and no mixing.
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