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  1. Walleye... 1st Saturday in May through March 15
  2. Ahhh... perfect! " The Veterans Annual Rainbow Trout Derby " WHEN Tuesday April 1 to Saturday, April 5. 5 days to yank and crank for $$$s... so sad!!
  3. One is too many... and yes there is a 2nd this year: Veterans Annual Rainbow Trout Derby.
  4. Additional significant variable... transducer cone angle. Narrow cone = greater depth display accuracy/image detail. Wide angle = less depth accuracy, less detail, BUT more image content (water covered). Example: with narrow cone, peak of hook depth is ~accurate, while with a wide transducer cone angle, the peak of the hook may in fact be that of a target in the outer reach of the cone, displaying it deeper then the actual depth. Interpretation of display info is a multi-variable challenge
  5. Effective rig fishing with a “jug†requires a specific technique to best fish the attached rig. Straight line trolling is the least effective. Repetitive wide “S†turns, or even better yet, 45 or 90 degree turns are a better technique. The jug becomes the pivot point => “inside†turns allow the jug to slow/stall, causing the rig to sweep lower through the temp/fish zones as the lure speed slows. “outside†turns allow the jug to increase speed, causing the rig to sweep upward through the temp/fish zones as lure speed increases. The sweep and speed changes make the best use of the jug rig. Just another presentation technique.
  6. Experimented with an umbrella rig on Seneca ~30 years ago... limited results using straight wire and downriggers (a couple 6-7 lb LT). Could have been a NQO problem though
  7. You missed some 0s... that's $425.00 @ for 200,000,000 people
  8. What Ray said..."the real name was (WOODCHUCKS) invented by walter allen of corning " Wally Allen, boy that name goes back a ways, brings back memories from 70's. Wally and others used a tandem streamer on Cayuga in the Spring for LLS called a "Pinkie" ... flo pink/white hair, peacock herl, with mylar body. Very effective. We had great success in the Fall with speed trolling various tandem streamers and Mooselooks for 'bows. Still effective at times in the Fall. Mooselooks in late Summer/early Fall on wire.
  9. http://www.avonanglers.com/past%20winners.htm
  10. Could be worse... the memory kicked in this morning. April 1975: HISTORIC WEATHER EVENTS ...1975... The northeastern U.S. was in the grips of a severe storm which produced hurricane force winds along the coast, and two to three feet of snow in Maine and New Hampshire. Winds atop Mount Washington NH gusted to 140 mph. The biggest snowstorm of record for so late in the season paralyzed Chicago IL. Up to 20 inches of snow fell in extreme northeastern Illinois, and 10.9 inches of snow closed Chicago's O'Hare Airport. The Chicago storm reached us (Rochester area) on Friday April 4, with snow continuing through Saturday... upper teens total accumulation, with temps maxing in the 20s. I was dying to get the rig into Canandaigua L to start the season!! Turned into a great Spring of fishing. In fact, it was the 1st spring of excellent Coho fishing on Lake Ontario if my memory is correct.
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