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  1. Hi Paul, I wish I could but I'm tied up Friday and Sunday. I would have loved to observe for you guys. I'm retired now and available anytime. Let me know if you need an observer for any other tournaments or if you know of any of the captains are looking for a mate. I'll observe form Niagara to Oswego in the tourneys and mate from the Oak to the Jenny. Good luck to you guys this weekend. Jim PS Check the observers lunch box before you guys start fishing. You know what I mean.
  2. Call Ray Sands Glass on Chili Ave. They have been in business for at least thirty years. If they can't do it, they will know someone who can.
  3. Scott, I have a ten foot jonboat you can borrow to get to your boat. You know like those little dinghy's people use to get to there yachts
  4. I wish I lived closer, I would jump on that. I just retired two weeks ago and am looking to become a mate between the Oak and the Jenny.
  5. Rick, Had a great time last night. Ran into some old freinds and made some new ones. The captains were great sharing their info and tips. Everyone seemed to have a good time. I hope you guys do it again next year. Jim
  6. How much are you selling the stickbaits for?
  7. Happy Birthday Hank. Thanks again regarding the transom on my Blue Fin. You're not only a great mechanic but an honest one too. Jim
  8. Scott, I was wondering how your back is going to feel Sunday morning after lifting those fish boxes about 200 times. You did a great job. Brian and I were tired just from watching you.
  9. I am looking for a Cannon mounting plate for a Unitroll maual rigger. I have the swivel plate but I need the mounting plate that fits over the swivel plate that you slide the rigger on. Thanks, Jim
  10. Use manual ones and you wont have an electric problems. I'm looking to get another unitroll manual rigger.
  11. Happy Father Day to all you guys out there. I know a lot of us have very busy schedules and busy lives and we would love to get out on the lake as much as we can to catch the big ones. But once in a while we need to think about our kids and grandkids. All I saying is give up one of those days and take the kids fishing. Let it be their day. I don't mean sitting in the boat trolling all day. That's fine if they are old enough and you are having good luck pulling fish in and keeping them interested. I'm talking about taking them to the local pond or creek and letting them pull sunny's and other small fish while you bait the hooks. Let them have a fun day. I know from experience, they will not forget those days. They grow up fast and before you know it, they're out the door. Enjoy the special times with your family and always remember, "There is no journey so far away as yesterday". God Bless you on this Father's Day. Jimmy
  12. Great news everyone. I didn't need any new stents. There is some blockages in a couple areas but not enough for new stents. I have several stents from a few years ago and had a mild heart attack. They are going to adjust my meds and keep an eye on things. I had a lot of people praying for me yesterday. Thanks for your prayers. God is good Jimmy
  13. I might be having one tomorrow also. Keep me in prayer guys. My appointment is at 10:30 Friday morning at Rochester General. Brian, I'm still going to make the shootout next month.
  14. Brian, Let us know a couple weeks ahead of time if you guys have something coming up. I'm sorry I missed it. Thanks, Jim