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  1. Pete, Andy and Matt you guys did an outstanding job at this years Salmon School. I missed last years school. You guys put a lot of hard work into this and it showed. You weren't afraid to share tips and information and I thank you that. I have a 21 foot Starcraft and I'm always wishing if I had a bigger boat I could do this or do that or do better. Yes a bigger boat would be nice with more room and being able to move rods out of the way when needed but when it comes down to it, it's the knowledge of what to do when being out there on the water. Actually it starts when you do your homework prior to being out there and looking at the previous weather and wave conditions and you guys shared that in great detail. I remember the phrase from a famous fisherman and author, "Knowledge is the key to fishing success". I want to thank you guys for sharing your knowledge with us fishermen and fisherwoman. I spent a lot of money this past weekend at the show and things are going to be a little different on my boat this year. I can't wait to get out there. Thanks again.
  2. I said this 5 and a half years ago. There are some people who complain about Cuomo and his cronies but haven't bothered to vote in years. You can get up at 4:00AM and fish all day or sit in a tree stand but you can't take ten minutes to vote. Makes me sick. Wait until you see what he wants to do for Phase 2 of the Safe Act. It's going to get worse unless we get him out of office.
  3. I have had four guys ask me in the last two weeks if we carry Blackhorn 209 powder. I spoke with my manager and we will start to carry it. We won't get a lot at once but we will start carrying it soon at Runnings Brockport. We just got a bunch of CVA and Traditions products. From what my coworkers say, the muzzleloading stuff sells fast.
  4. Billy, Nice fish. Tell Hans to not be a stranger and stop in at Running's in the hunting/fishing department and visit me. He only lives a mile away and tell him to bring his wallet and plan on shopping there three to four hours. I've been working there two months and it's costing me more money to work there. Jim
  5. I'm talking about pike, perch and crappie. I just keep smiling and nodding my head and they just keep talking and bragging.
  6. That spoon looks familiar. Is that the one we were looking at last week at the store? By the way, I'm learning everyone's hot spots. It's terrible handling guns and fishing tackle all day.
  7. Oh that's just great, Tommy's going to be fishing with you. When I fished on Duane's boat, Tommy was our muscle man reeling in the long coppers and never complaining. He is just a great kid to have on board. Hats off to you. You did a good job raising him dad.
  8. FYI, the gun show at the dome arena is this Saturday and Sunday the 12th and 13th. I'll be helping my buddy all day on Saturday. Stop by and say hello at Black Creek Outfitters table.
  9. They don't advertise like they used to and everyone finds out after the fact.. I wanted to give you folks a heads up. The gun show at the dome arena is this Saturday and Sunday. I'll be there all day Saturday helping my buddy at the Black Creek Outfitters table. Stop by and say hello.
  10. Hey Mike, Remember how I used to have good luck at raffles. I still do. I have an Okuma center pin rod and reel that I won at a raffle several years ago, still in the box never used. How about teaching me how to use them. One more thing I can get into.
  11. Thanks for the tips guys.Very good info. My buddy picked one up at a gun auction a few days ago and gave it to me for helping him out at the gun show a couple of weeks ago. It's a Bushnell Yardage Pro. I guess it's an older model but it is like brand new condition. I put a new battery in it and it works fine. I've lucked out the last 3 weeks. Won a Rapala fishing pliers at a gun raffle, bought a 25 cal. automatic for $50.00 at the gun show. The sales tag was upside down and no one bothered to check it out. Then I get a free range finder. I need to buy some lottery tickets.
  12. Thanks for the info Chris. I'll mark the trees
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