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  1. Kathleen- I sent you a pm today, did you see this? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. You have mepps spinners? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Can I get some contact info for Hank? I am having some electrical issues on my boat and would like to have him look at it.
  4. As a follow up question, are you able to run leadcore/ copper rods off of a planer board on each side in conjunction with the high/ low divers, or do the high divers tangle with the coppers?
  5. It was a toothy weekend indeed!! Glad to hear you guys are getting into some as well. My boys love the tigers and pike.
  6. Launch at campground is in great shape, no issues.
  7. Otisco weekend trip Spent the weekend at Otisco with my boys. We had a great day of fishing Saturday, catching 5 tigers, and 10 largemouth. Biggest tiger was 11 pounds, and biggest largemouth was 4.5 pounds, which we doubled up on with the tiger shown. Also caught a couple of smallmouth on Friday. We are already planning next years excursion needless to say.
  8. seeking rod/ reel recommendations Looking for some recommendations on a casting rod/ reel for medium sized pike/ musky lures, with a few heavier lures thrown in? Also would double as a trolling rod when the situation permits and the arms are tired. Looking for something solid but relatively economical, any suggestions would be appreciated.
  9. 4/15/17 First trip out of the year. Caught this laker and lost a larger one 30" behind the boat. Both hit a flatlined rapala off of the planer board within 20 minutes of each other. Water was 44-47 degrees.
  10. Hello Rick- I would like to attend the event.


    Wally Sackett

    1. Yankee Troller

      Yankee Troller

      Any specific questions you may have?

  11. Hello Rick- do we just show up to attend or need to sign up ahead of time?
  12. Great info Justin, thank you. I will have to learn more about this. I was admiring your boat while I was at the campground, that is a nice set-up. It must be a great platform to fish off of.
  13. Interesting. I am assuming that the shore-side board is running close to the weed line? Which means the opposite side board is running in deeper water. Do you typically catch Tiger Muskies on these rods as well?
  14. My boy's and I stayed at the campground for the weekend and caught 1 tiger and 1 bass. The Tiger was about 37-38" and was caught on a spoon. Was very windy Sunday afternoon and did not end up fishing till later in the day. Esox- sounds like you were trolling with in-line boards? Do you run them off both sides of the boat or just shore side? How many lines do you run?
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