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  1. Cant open this on my phone for some reason but I am looking forward to reading it. Thank you for sharing and educating me. I have seen the large bait schools on my graph but did not realize they were alewives I was looking at.
  2. DEC stocked walleyes for many years in conesus with the hope that it would turn into a self sustaining fishery , and as far as I know this has not been the case.
  3. There are no alewives in hemlock lake.
  4. Weren’t those Gary d rigs supposed to be available for purchase commercially by now??
  5. Slow pick this morning, best was around 180’, temp was down about 90’. These guys had some fun. Fleas were manageable, black flies were hungry. Beautiful morning on the water!!
  6. How is the channel right now? I read previously it was already very shallow?
  7. When does the coyote season end? Was it lengthened this season?
  8. My probe was reading a constant down temp of 96 degrees after only using 3 times. I sent the probe in and was told it is fine, it must be my 840 display that is the issue. Not sure how much for the new x4 display, or why all of a sudden it quit working.
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