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  1. have a 2017 polaris sportsman 450 ho with under 900 miles it has good tires alum mag wheels an i have the stock steel wheels and tires new battery all is as it should be books for around $6000 trade for outboard of equil value or less vaue with cash..........and or if you have a rally nice motor worth more than $6000 iwould trade and ad cash lmk the seasons short my 90hp merc needs a lower unit and tuned airbox if anybody is interested in that on the cheap and it runs pushes the boat but no reverse ANYBODY HELP! I NEED TO FISH!
  2. headed out about 2pm srraight north nof i bay set up in 100" set poles down 45-65 surface temp was crazy 69.6 degrees trolled out to 220' water was still 68 degrees, clean screen circled around headed sw ended up in front of hedges came into 70' of water by about 6:30 pm 2 arcs on the screen all day and no bait schools , headed in west wind picked up bumpy ride back to the dock. SKUNKED 3rd time out and only 1 laker the 1st time out . where the "f" is the bait.... and the fish?
  3. sea lion i am also out of mayer's if i would have known i always have extra weights on the boat im headed out also in the am solo pm me i'll give u my cell if you wanna share info back and forth.
  4. no luck not one release..............temps were right water was nice not even any bait on the screen fished from 25' to 80' nothing my cousin tom runs a charter out of oak orchard said they limited out this morn mixed bag 60-80' of water from 30-60 down oh well was a beautiful day!!
  5. ty headed out this aft been fishing east goin to try west of the river ty
  6. haven't been out since the big mudline last week any suggestions go east or west and what the depth lookin like any help on where to start dont want to burn up the gas ripping around willy nilly ?
  7. nice spoons nice paint and hooks great service RECOMMENDED!
  8. called left message please call or text me back mike
  9. Well I was hoping you were closer than that about 300 miles away I was wondering why it wasn't sold already and that's probably because if it was up in the Great Lakes area up here by Rochester it would be gone I appreciate you getting back to me but I just can't make that trip right now Sent from my SM-N975U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. no spoon trades bought a bunch 150 OBO BUYER PAYS SHIPPING IF NOT LOCAL P/U
  11. where are you located would like to look at it if still avail 4500 cash
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