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  1. $799 standard price for x4 the x4d is about $60 more plus tx.
  2. shot straight out to 200' dropped the ball to 80' temps 70's dropped to 110' temps mid 40s so found what i thought was a good depth 50 degree's at 90' but..........temps were all over the place current was slow but at 90' temps went from 46 degree's to 60 degree's trolled through it all thermocline is all over the place .i wonder if were going to get some upwelling? oh not even a shaker today tried from200' to 300' that is all 4 hrs worth of gas.....ugh
  3. fish usa 3 dayv delivery
  4. just bough one fish USA 3 day delivery
  5. I haven't heard back.... so if I don't hear back today it's yours. check back with me dinner time.
  6. texted you you can call if you like up till 10pm ty can ship for $20 VENMO, PAYPAL,FB PAY OR MAIL CHECK AND SHIP WHEN CLEARED.
  7. out of i bay straight out to 150' 50 degrees 80' down over 100' but temps were all over from 45 t0 56 degrees hit 4 shakers slid out to 230' 80 down was 47 degrees 70 down was 56degrees manage 5 shaker kings 20-25" east wind . my best color combo all my fish the last 2 weeeks purple w blk dots and hot red topp 4 " reel rage "electric muffin"
  8. Tracking. 9505512877912206502286 Sent from my SM-N975U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. complete subtroll as pictured $200...... $50 price drop will ship upon full payment venmo or cash.
  10. complete subtroll as pictured with extra probe.the spool is downrigger coated wire. $300 will ship upon full payment
  11. i have1 complete sub troll listed $250 p/u $270 shipped
  12. outa Irondequoit today straight out from webster park and hedges 150'-170' 110 down hooked two big kings lost them. tough fishing by myself especially with the wind. went 3 for 5 with 2 bows coming to the boat bout 7-10lb class and a 20" king all were between 80 to 90' down don't know temp subtroll need new cable. but it seems the bigger kings are 10-15 ' deeper then the 3-4 lb' babies i have been catching. good luck all!
  13. Well we got them this time and they're going on the boat tomorrow thank you very much.[emoji476] Sent from my SM-T500 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. well did thork follow through? i would like to buy it if not ill be in webster the next three days.
  16. so what good does the probe do me for speed when to get to 2.1mph down 80' and i have to do a surface speed of 4.7mph to get there(2.1mph) when surface speed is so much higher the cables angle back causing an in accurate read?and im using 15lb weights.
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