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  1. We have had good success with Silver Streaks, chilly willy in black/silver and green/silver. But i'm sure if you buy 50 you will have plenty that work great depending on the day. Good luck!
  2. That's awesome!! Good to know there around again.
  3. Actually I was more worried about rough waves going out of Braddocks with my smaller boat, then I was about the fishing being poor. I had some good days last year to with light east wind.
  4. Looks like I'll be busy. Would have went today but didn't like east wind, so went to Cayuga.
  5. Went to Cayuga for first time this year, launched out of T/falls. Had a tough day started at 8:30 didn't have a bump till 1:30, ended up getting 4 lakers then, 150 an 300 coppers of the boards did the trick. 1 of the dipsy out 60 all spoon bite. Best was 60-70 fow also marked some out deep.
  6. Nice!! That's some good fishing. I'm hoping to get on Cayuga soon, I haven't fished Cayuga much, was out of T-falls once last year an did alright.
  7. Nice!!! Way to go. I'm hoping to get out in the next week or two.
  8. Thanks, I will look that up. I'll prob cut them in 350 an 150 or something like that.
  9. I just bought 2 500s, my thought was I would let out however much I want then clip it to my release. Or won't it work to clip copper on the release? I have never used copper so it's a new experience for me. I once clipped leadcore on an inline board and it kinked an broke of. I thought maybe copper wouldn't kink so easy?
  10. More like a vacuum sweeper... For my carpet... Lol
  11. Usually out of Braddocks or Ibay.
  12. Any special colors you like for Ontario?
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