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  1. For Keuka lakers, the laker taker flutter spoons work good. They have a sharp bend at the end for more action. Troll them slow at about 1.8-2.2
  2. My fishhawk speed an temp goes blank sometimes at 100 ft or more down. Seems the signal isn't strong enough it's got brand new batteries. What I don't get is when I slow down it picks it up again. Speed up it looses it. With more blow back it's not farther away just higher in water column.
  3. Finally made it out on the Ontario again, was a bit bumpy for my boat but fishable. Set up in 150 on a west troll wasn't long dipsy out 280 took of screaming after fighting a little I thought I lost him reeled probably 200 feet in with no resistance then he took of again an peeled it all out again. Finally got him in a 23 lb king a best for my boat easily beating my persanal best of 20 lbs. But was very slow after that only getting a 15 lb laker an losing another. Both fish caught on meat rigs. Fished from 9:00-1:00. Did not mark many fish, was first time out with my new helix 7 Gen3 fish finder so still trying to get settings right.
  4. Sorry to hear about your boat. But glad everyone is safe. Hope you make it back to fishing soon.
  5. We were out of Deans cove on 7/22 fished for about 3 hours only getting a small rainbow down 80 on rigger. But my fishfinder went blank right after we started so we were kinda fishing in the dark. Had to get down 120 ft. to find 43* water. Called it quits went to Bass pro for new fishfinder. On a good note fleas were gone! Good luck.
  6. Good luck guys! Wish I could go but I got work to do.
  7. Good luck! Hope you get'em. Getting the itch to go myself, but not tomorrow
  8. Way to go!!! You making me wish I was fishing!
  9. Must have been the day, I lost a probe and weight same day out of Braddocks.
  10. Way to go! What depth were you fishing today?
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