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  1. Fished out of braddocks today in 80-140 fow.Stopped in by Mitchels to get some familar bite. Started 9:30 first time using meat put 2 down riggers down with spoons an 1 dipsy. Put meat on second dypsy with spin doctor put out 120 just turned my back an bam dipsy took of my buddy grabbed it nothing brought it in gone was my new sd an meat rig. little later other dipsy fired that one got loose snap ring was bent open, hook was of spoon. got smaller king of leadcore then rains came went in waited for 2 hours went back out for 1.5 hours got another hit on meat rig that came unbuttened finished 1 for 4 in about 2.5 hours.
  2. Going out of braddocks tomorrow. Just wondered if anyone is getting any thing in closer. thanks
  3. Nice going. how were the waves today? I was thinking of heading up today but thought might be a little breezy for my 16 ft boat. Went to cayuga instead.
  4. Went to ibay for first time since launch reopened. Fished from 9:00 to 1:30 an got skunked 2 misses right after we started an then nothing. Fished mostly 100 - 150 fow with some marks went out to 200 for a little bit blank screen out there
  5. thanks might go there or braddocks tomorrow
  6. would this be the launch by sea breeze that is now open?
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