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  1. Correct, don’t know where I got 18th from. Must have been thinking PA ducks. This has been a super rough “late” season for me. It started off great, looked like it was gonna be cold, then spring sprung? This weather is terrible. My rivers are blown out and ducks are gone, the geese are around but have been in a leased field for 4 weeks and nobody hunts them so they have no reason to leave that field. Finally found some PA geese that were haunting me and got denied permission on the feed. Sad to say, but I am glad duck season ends tomorrow. I am defeated. Here’s to hoping I can find some honkers!
  2. No late goose this year. South Zone ends January 18. March season is likely gone for a few years if not permanently
  3. that looks awesome, love cooking my breasts skin on, definitely gonna try and make that glaze next time!
  4. I know what you mean, I’ve only been out for deer three days this season, unheard of for me. But watching the dog run around and have a great time has been fun! I could definitely see myself doing lots of bird hunting especially once he’s “finished”. I hope to get out west someday too! Good luck!
  5. I’ll keep that in mind. Once can never have too many shotguns, despite what my better half says.
  6. I really hope he will do waterfowl, it’s what I hunt most often! Right now he is struggling with retrieving, I had him staying steady for a dummy and releasing to fetch on my command but for some reason he quit, lost interest or something. I will certainly work on him for that though, a versatile hunting dog is what I’m after in him.
  7. It is a Stevens 555 20 gauge. Made by Savage. Light to carry and only around $500 so I don’t feel bad getting it dinged up!
  8. In July I finally caved into the Mrs. wanting a dog and settled that it had to be something I can hunt. By chance, a buddy had a litter of Brittanys and we fell in love with one (how can you not love a puppy). Dudley, aka dudders the pup, is now 6 months old and so smart and well behaved (for the most part). I have been working as much as I can to get him trained in hunting but more focused on manners and obedience. The last couple weeks I have been taking advantage of some nearby stocked pheasants and having a blast. It’s fun to see him learn each time out. He has yet to point a live bird but he is definitely figuring out how to find them. He even tracked/recovered a downed bird that we would have not found without a dog! Excited to get him some more training and see how next season goes!
  9. I love saving up the legs and slow cooking them. Shred the meat off the bone and use for pulled pork style sandwiches with BBQ!
  10. We finished out the last day of the March Goose season with a hard earned 4 man limit. We took a chance and slept in, not expecting the birds to fly first thing. The gamble was a bad choice and when we got to the field at 8:00 it was loaded, all we could do was watch from the road as small groups trickled in. Figuring the sudden change in weather might make the birds feed twice we came back around 11:30 and there was only about 10 birds left. Good sign! As we set up birds worked the field; we were feeling hopeful. Finished set up around 1:00 and waited. At about 4:00 they started to trickle in. We enjoyed a few pairs and singles to get started. As the evening continued some bigger volleys were had and around 6:30 the last goose of our limit hit the snow! My buddy’s young dog got a lot of practice out there and was loving it!
  11. Cool, not looking for specific fields. Just wondering if they’re around yet, used to live in Canandaigua so it was easy to keeep a look out, on the Southern tier I will rarely even see a migrating flock.
  12. Wondering if anybody has seen the white birds start to show up in the FLX area. I live in the southern tier where we don’t have them but planning to try and get on some if possible.
  13. I was fortunate enough to have a good hunt yesterday and get my first band! A single came in as we were standing out side of the blind and I took on shot at him and crushed him! We ended up with 18 geese and 4 bands. Mine was 8+ year old and banded near Sudbury, Ontario. The rest of the bands were local, but each came from a different flock.
  14. Glad to see some youngster putting the video games away and getting out there hunting. I still remember every hunt my dad took me on as a youth (though the memories have faded). Now tiles have reversed and it’s me taking him on hunts. Congrats on a successful weekend.
  15. Finally on the board. A solo drake mallard made my day on a tough hunt Saturday in PA. Experimenting with my 20 gauge O/U this year for early season and liking it!
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