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  1. calling all dogs

    I ordered a wicked lights headlamp and am impatiently waiting on its arrival. Only a few more days to bag my first fox(my goal for this year).
  2. Found-Hunting Beagle (Painted Post/Erwin)

    Turns out she wasn't a hunting dog, but when she was on her walk she decided she wanted to take a hike up over the hill following some sort of scent!
  3. Found-Hunting Beagle (Painted Post/Erwin)

    She is back home safe. As annoying as Facebook is, it was how we found the owners. She made quite the trek over beartown Hill, glad the yipping coyotes we heard didn’t find this sweet girl!
  4. Got Home from a a Super Bowl party last night and this beagle was sitting on the front porch. I live on Kane Road in Painted Post, basically at the end of Beartown Road where it meets 417. Haven’t seen her before, but there were some guys hunting the town gravel pits on Addison road, maybe it is there dog. She is very sweet and obedient, somebody must be missing her. She is safe and warm in my house. Please spread the word. My name is Jeff 607-346-1506.
  5. calling all dogs

    How do you like that WSM? As far as knock down power and fur damage. I too want to focus on foxes, I have yet to bag one but have had much better luck calling in greys than yotes. So now I am carrying a .223 and a shotgun. I know the .223 will more than likely destroy a fox so I'm looking for something more fur friendly. Leaning towards .22 mag because they're affordable but also want something that would take a coyote so I'm wondering if a .22 hornet would better suit me or if the .17 WSM or .17 hornet would be worth a look.
  6. calling all dogs

    I have read similar articles about eye color, didn’t clear it up. Guess I can’t say what it was unless I had seen it in the light better. Good lesson to not shoot the first eyes you see though! If not tonight I will be out next Saturday night for sure (the honey works late so I’ve got the time!)
  7. calling all dogs

    Novice question here. While out last night I was calling for about 20 minutes when I caught a pair of eyes in the light. They showed green reflection, whatever it was would slowly work its way across the hill side, surely looking at the caller but not coming in. After watching it for about 5-10 minutes I lost sight of it, a very short time later I caught eyes down in the corner of the field I was in, I was able to positively ID that as a deer (also green eye reflection). Question is, do predators show green eye reflection, or was I tricked by a whitetail investigating my call from a distance? The eyes appeared to be very close together on the front of the animals face, but with it being pitch black and my light only good for ID to about 80 yards, I can't say for certain what I saw was not a deer.
  8. calling all dogs

    WOW! Nice yote, glad you got redemption on him!
  9. Cleaning birds

    The number and types of birds usually determines how I clean them. Woodies always get plucked, singe the smaller feathers off and split down the middle to cook in cast iron or on the grill. I currently have a couple whole plucked mallards in the freezer that will be for a special dinner (cooking a whole duck properly is tedious). For most puddle ducks I will breast out and cook skin on, divers always get skinned. Geese get breasted out skinless and also have legs worth saving. Hank Shaw is an amazing wild game chef and has so many unique ways to cook ducks, geese, and their parts. Check it out. https://honest-food.net/
  10. Great start with young dog

    Get him on some pigeons this summer too! Practices your wingshooting and his retrieving (and they are actually tasty!)
  11. Double D gets a taste

    Great job! Had some good shooting on Seneca today too. Congrats!! Long wait till next season now

    Well late season is over for me, only got out twice but had a great season! Today was a 3 man hunt that started with boat issues and slow duck action. A few singles were picked off but we don’t get any flocks in. We weren’t set up for divers but late morning a large flock of redheads worked the shore over us and a 3 man limit hit that water in one volley! My first redhead! I ended up shooting 3 new species this year (Green Winged Teal, Gadwall, Redhead). I am ready for it to be next late season already!
  13. calling all dogs

    Hmmm maybe ill be in the market for a 22 mag (again regretting selling the one I had).
  14. calling all dogs

    No, the gun I have is a Mossberg MVP predator edition. It's chambered in 5.56x45 so it will also shoot .223. It is a really nice shooting gun, bolt action and takes AR-15 mags. Hoping that a .223 wont damage a fox pelt too much. I want a red and a grey for the wall, then the rest would go to market (should I have that great of a season).
  15. calling all dogs

    Got a question on caliber vs pelt retention, mainly regarding foxes as I have very little confidence in calling yotes. I used to hunt with a .204 but sold that gun (always seems like a good idea at the time, now I regret). I only ever called in one yote with that gun and it put a teeny hole on one side and never exited if I remember right. Now I have a rifle chambered in 5.56 and was planning on shooting hornady vmax in .223 out of it. Is a shoulder/lung shot with this going to wreck a fox hide? Should I use different bullets, or should I be searching for a new gun?