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  1. $4 in, $4 out, still a deal for a great launch
  2. fished Braddocks yesterday before the rain began at 930, just a little west, 50 fow, landed 4 kings, lost 1, 1 laker, surface temp was 46, all spoon bite no deeper than 30 down,seasick waddler or similar color, 1 king came on the rigger, 1 on lead core and the other on torpedo weights off the boards
  3. I went west again today, had 41 degree water, 10 to 15 ft. Stayed out of the real muddy stuff and caught 6 Browns, 1 Atlantic and a 7lb Coho, all but the Coho are back in the lake. Rapala Shadow Rap both Halloween and Haymaker, black and silver jointed Rapala, Bay Rats and spoons took the fish. This is the third trip to Fair Haven this year, I have been the only one in the launch all three times and have only seen 2 other boats while fishing. I have been fishing the Big O since 1980 and don't understand the lack of fisherman. The fishing is on fire along the whole South shore, good luck!
  4. The Atlantic was 4 or 5 lbs, I could tell right away it wasn't a brown, especially when it got close to the boat, as far as the preferred size, I caught fish on both sizes, the smaller spoons seemed to do better than the bigger ones
  5. Went West again today. 10 to 20 FOW, fishing the edges of the mud lines. 35 degree water. Boated 11 browns and one Atlantic, lost 2 fish. Rapala Shadow rap (Halloween), black and silver jointed Rapala, Leatherstocking spoons and Stingers took fish. Kept 2, the rest went back in the lake.
  6. Fished solo out of Fair Haven today. Didn't get started till 11:30, boated 5 browns and lost 1 in 3 hours. All but 1 went back in the lake. I went West, 35 degree water, Rapala shadow rap (halloween) and black and silver jointed Rapala
  7. No. One of the changes this year was not being able to run the South goose zone past the 28th of February
  8. I have been seeing good numbers on the state land areas I hunt in Moravia and south of there. I have also seen a lot of Fisher tracks everywhere I go, which seems to have the birds more nervous than they naturally are. Last year I went to Quebec on a grouse hunt. Not a bad drive, only 6 1/2 hours and saw a lot of grouse.
  9. Duck; Oct 19 to Nov 10-Nov 30 to Jan 5 Goose (West Central) Nov 2 to Dec 1 Goose (South) Oct 26 to Jan 13 Brant Oct 5 to Nov 3 Youth Weekend Oct 5 and 6
  10. LOL You must think I work for the state. You just don't get it. Keep believing the conspiracies, and when you find out what I said was right, keep denying it. I will let you know what dates the goose season will be after the meeting tomorrow.
  11. I have never been sent a survey either. I know 3 people who did. In the past, season dates in the Western zone have taken 5 or 6 hours for the task force to decide, WHEN THE TASK FORCE MADE THE DECISION. The Western zone encompasses a huge area with many different areas and types of hunting to consider, not to mention the changing weather patterns. Missdemeaner, just wondering what your ideal season dates would be considering a 60 day season, split 2 ways, or not split at all, and not extending past February 1st
  12. Capt Rich, what do you mean how things went down? Who benefits the most from these dates? How many task force members are state employees? How is this the same as the fishing regs? What will happen next time? What am I trying to cover up? You obviously have no clue about the process used to arrive at these dates. What dates would you suggest? Have you sent suggestions in to the task force before?
  13. Just a reminder, the process used to establish the new season dates was largely taken out of the hands of the task force this year. The process this year relied on comparing results from the DEC survey of Western zone hunters and E-Bird migration data. The task force met in September and came up with 10 different season alternatives based on the area each member represents, migration data and knowing the questions being asked in the survey, not the results. The survey results were made known in early November and the decision was made based on the previously mentioned comparisons. As far as input from hunters is concerned, since the inception of the task force, 22 or so years ago, there has been opportunity for input available thru the DEC site including a list of task force members and contact information.
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