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  1. Took 2 friends and a 14 year old to the preserve yesterday. The 14 year old had never killed a pheasant, until yesterday. He was very safe and a great shot. Taking kids out hunting and seeing the reaction on their face when they do something for the first time is what its all about. As always, Hank was on fire. Got to give a shout out to Frank at Upland Pheasant Preserve in Montour. I have hunted there for a long time and have never suspected him of not putting out enough birds. The cover is great and his birds are in great shape. Good luck and safe hunting
  2. I've been out once so far. Hank and I put up 5 and I killed one. Had fresh snow overnight and I could see where the birds had walked. I watched Hank find tracks on the ground and follow them, so cool. Gonna try and get out this weekend. Good luck and safe hunting.
  3. Hunted pheasants in the afternoon on Christmas day. I'm not very good at sitting around the house and my wife was cool with it. I took Hank to some state land in the hope that a rooster or two survived the gun season. No luck. It's a pleasure watching the dog work. Here are some pics of Hank this fall Sent from my SM-J737U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Merry Christmas to everyone
  5. Did a solo hunt with Hank. Had to leave early, while picking up the decoys I had a mallard try to land on me with no gun. Tons of snows and Canadas in the area. Good luck and safe hunting Sent from my SM-J737U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Show us, ALL the bands you shoot in September, not just AP, but local bands too.
  7. Got a call that there were thousands of snows in one of our fields. Got 3 boxes of Silo socks out and some Canada decoys. When we got to the field, there was a dusting of snow. After putting the decoys out, we got 3 inches in an hour. Thousands of birds came to the field but couldn't see the decoys. We managed to kill 1 snow. The Canadas that came worked us great and we would have had great shooting. Monday should be a good day for geese. Looking forward to tomorrow. Freezing temps tonight should have the ducks looking for open water. Good lucks and safe hunting.
  8. If the AP population is in bad shape, shut it down for a couple years. Sent from my SM-J737U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. The recommendation from the Atlantic Flyway committee is to reduce the limit to 1, still a 30 day season, to put us in line with Maryland and Delaware (the Chesapeake region where the birds winter). There were no breeding ground surveys last spring due to covid. The weather conditions on the breeding grounds indicated another poor production year. It was just a matter of time before they aligned the whole flyway with the 1 bird limit. Just a recommendation for now, but it will likely come out as final ward soon. Canada has NEVER paid attention to American waterfowl regulations, in any flyway. September is still the time to get your goose fix. Not sure about the South 5 bird limit changing, I will find that out soon.
  10. Delaware also has a 1 bird limit. I remember the closed season in the early 90s. If the limit does go to 1 bird, it won't stop me from hunting geese, may even mean way less competition and a good time to add decoys to the spread. I have a couple contacts I will talk to and try to find out more info. Sent from my SM-J737U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. One day its a rumor and the next day its a done deal? Maryland has had a 1 bird limit the last 2 years, I won't be surprised if it happens here too.
  12. Hunted deer on Sunday morning on state land and saw nothing. Decided to hunt pheasants in the afternoon and killed 1 rooster. Went pheasant hunting this morning and on the drive in to the area, in the dark, I saw a rooster along the road. I tried to flush it into the area I can hunt but it flew across the road instead. Hank and I walked to one of our favorite fields, but saw nothing. On the way out I decided to hunt the field I saw the bird next to on the drive in. We didnt make it 100 yards in and Hank put up 2 roosters that were together. I pulled a double, killing one bird and breaking a wing on the other. Hank was hot on his trail and tracked him down in no time. Looking forward to duck season re-opening this Saturday. Good luck and safe hunting.
  13. I had something very cool happen yesterday. I went in to some state land with my climber and Doereen (my doe decoy), got in and settled at 640. At 645, i started a short grunting session. I followed that up with about 1.5 minutes of aggressive rattling, set the antlers down for about 2 minutes, then rattled again for about a minute. I followed that up with some more grunting and before I could put the grunt call in my pocket, I had a small buck running right at me. He came into about 20 yards, saw Doereen, and I ended up shooting him at 12 yards. He went about 60 yards and fell over.. It happened that fast. Its the last deer the bow I have will harvest because I plan on buying a new one this year. Good luck and safe hunting.
  14. I hunted Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for pheasants. Monday I killed one and Hank caught one, another wing broke bird. Tuesday I hunted with my brother and nephew and we killed 6 birds. I killed a buck on state land yesterday, over a decoy, and then killed 2 pheasants over Hank in the afternoon. It was a very busy 3 days and I enjoyed every minute. Good luck and safe hunting.
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