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  1. thejigger

    Pheasant opener

    The coop is located on rt 90 just north of King Ferry. This year they have 9 areas open for pheasant hunting. You need to call at 1 o'clock the day before you want to hunt to reserve an area. It can be tough to get an area depending on the number of people calling. They stock birds 2 times a week in each area.
  2. thejigger

    Pheasant opener

    Another successful pheasant opener. I hunted the Tompkins Cayuga County co-op on stand-by and killed 2 roosters. I was hunting with my 11 year old Brittany and my 8 month old lab puppy. The Brittany Started the birds, which were together, and after 2 shots the lab retrieved them to me. The puppy is doing awesome and has a master bird hunter to follow around the field and learn from. Tomorrow I will be hunting with my son and we are both looking forward to spending time together. Good luck to everyone chasing game and be safe.
  3. I took my 14 year old son waterfowl and pheasant hunting this weekend. The spot we hunted dicks and geese yesterday was full of birds 2 days before, but the hunting yesterday was slow. I brought him and 2 friends to the Cayuga Tompkins County CO-OP today. The DEC and Falcons Sportsman Club stock birds in the morning. We put 11 roosters up over my 12 year old Brittany and the kids killed 5. 12 kids total hunted and everyone had a great time hunting on a beautiful day. With hunting numbers declining, it is great to see young hunters taking advantage of the opportunities provided by sportsman clubs and other organizations.
  4. thejigger

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    My 14 year old son killed his first deer Saturday night during the youth hunt. The buck, a 2 1/2 year old spike, was 140 yards away coming to the doe decoy we had out. He pulled a beautiful shot with a Savage 243 and the deer only went 50 yards. I killed my first deer with the bow at age 14 and have been hunting deer 34 years, killed bucks in 4 different states along with countless deer in New York. Nothing compares to what I experienced watching my son kill his first deer. It was 74 degrees when we got him home and I was never so happy to have a fridge in the garage to put the meat in. Take a kid hunting and fishing, it is amazing what you can learn from them.
  5. The fish on the left is a coho, the anal fin is a dead giveaway
  6. thejigger

    Amped up for honker season!

    We only hunt the water in September and tend to see smaller flocks returning due to either being shot at in the fields or taking off from the fields at different times.
  7. thejigger

    Amped up for honker season!

    Bring it on! Seeing geese everywhere.
  8. Awesome story! Congratulations!
  9. thejigger

    Owasco and Sandy Pond 5/7 and 5/8

    Fished Owasco on 5/7, dropped a walleye behind the boat and boated one around 6lbs. The fish came on Rapala glass shad raps in black and perch pattern trolling the east shore. Fished Sandy Pond on 5/8, caught 2 walleyes early trolling Rapalas, black and silver and haymaker pattern, then picked another one up slow trolling spinners and worms in 14 ft.
  10. Fished solo this morning. Put in at the Park and went west. Went 9 for 11 in 5 hours, all the fish were browns and were released. 36 to 37 degree water, Stinger NBK and A.S.S Chart Alewife were the spoons and JR Thunderstick, pink with a green back and also perch pattern. Fun fun fun
  11. thejigger

    Mallard limit

    According to HIP records, the number of waterfowl hunters in New York, as well as other states in the flyway, has been decreasing for some time now. It is troubling to think that the number of Mallards continue to decline with fewer and fewer hunters out there to hunt them. The eastern mallard no longer greatly outnumber black ducks. Core breeding areas for the black duck and mallards are different. We generally see more mallards than black ducks, especially later in the season, because the black ducks prefer to move to coastal salt marshes.
  12. thejigger

    Mallard limit

    The official news release is different than the paperwork given to the task force from the Atlantic Flyway Council. It reads "Mallard populations in eastern North America have steadily declined approximately 20% since 1998. Over the same period, mallard harvest in the U.S portion of the Atlantic Flyway has decreased by 40%." As far as the limit on hens go, "The Atlantic Flyway Council and USFWS have not adopted a formal recommendation for a hen restriction with the change to a 2 bird bag limit. Biologists are assessing biological and scientific data (hunter diary data, harvest surveys, banding data, etc) as well as gathering input from hunters before making a final decision. A final decision on whether to continue a hen restriction will be made during the Fall of 2018 to be implemented during the 2019-2020 hunting season."
  13. thejigger

    Mallard limit

    They did not comment on the limit changing in Canada. The population in Eastern Canada has not remained stable, the population across the entire flyway has been decreasing steadily for the past 10 years. Longspurs, the questionnaire you were sent represents the way the season setting process is going to change. Yesterday was the last task force meeting for the next 5 years. Beginning in 2019 the seasons will be chosen by hunters who are sent a questionnaire with different season dates to choose from. As far as your comment on Finger Lakes clubs crying about divers, look at the addresses of the task force members and notice that there are only 2 that live in the Finger Lakes. When setting the season in the western zone, many factors come in to play because of its size, and it is impossible to make everyone happy.
  14. thejigger

    Mallard limit

    It is across the entire Atlantic flyway
  15. thejigger

    Mallard limit

    No reason was given why this is not taking effect this year. Based on the data, the Atlantic Flyway Council and USGWS figured the eastern mallards cannot support a 60 day, 4 bird bag limit. They reduced the bag limit rather than reduce the season length.