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  1. Last year we shot a 7 man limit of Canvasbacks on Cayuga, all drakes, we shot a Canvasback Redhead hybrid that day and after talking with a friend who is a ECO he said we could count it towards either our Can or Redhead limit. We counted it towards our Redhead limit. A day I will never forget. We gave the bird to a friend who mounts nothing but birds. It is only the second such hybrid I have ever seen. Last week, my brother and his son and daughter shot a banded Can, it was banded in northern Saskatchewan in 2005 as an adult. Very cool.
  2. Great couple of days on the Finger Lakes. Mixed bag including a wood duck, redheads, blue bills, whistlers, buffle heads, mallards and a couple mergansers (the dogs told us to) LOL. JUST MY OPINION, we have been waiting a long time for season dates like this. We have been wanting to hunt the whole month of December for over 30 years and finally get a chance to. The divers started showing up the 24th of October (like always) and have been building in numbers ever since. There seems to be a good amount of mallards this year. Good luck and safe hunting!
  3. Had a great day today. I took my son and 3 of his friends to the lake and killed 10 mallards, a drake bluebill and a goose. My lab cut his pad on a zebra mussel so we had to pull the plug early. His pads were just healing from our trip to Nebraska. We had a great time, the weather took a turn on us on Tuesday, but we made the most of it. If you have never been to either the central or Mississippi flyway to hunt, you don't know what you're missing. Been out there 9 times now and can't wait to do it again.
  4. 6 months old and killing birds over him is a great sign. I have always put my pups on birds when they were young, there is still a lot of time to work with them. Obedience is huge, having the ability to command your dog to sit, stay, come and heel is crucial. Not trying to sound like I have all the answers because every dog teaches me something new, but if I had to choose between any other hunting and bird hunting, bird hunting would be it. I am taking my son and his friend to Nebraska next week for 6 days of hunting. This will be my 8th trip out west chasing birds and I hope to do it for a long time to come. Don't get discouraged, the dog is still young and the two of you have a lot to learn together!
  5. Awesome! I have owned Britts my whole life until we got a lab a year and half ago and they are great dogs. Don't be afraid to hunt ducks and geese with your dog, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. My Britts were great waterfowl dogs. Good luck and safe hunting!
  6. Great start to my 4 week vacation. Started off with 2 roosters Thursday, ducks on Cayuga Friday and I took my son and 3 of his friends goose hunting today. New birds are showing up daily and that is providing lots of work for my lab. Hunting birds, birds and more birds until next Saturday, then more birds until we leave for Nebraska on the 21st. Good luck to all and safe hunting!
  7. Had a great couple of days. Yesterday I took my Lab Hank off the IR and killed 2 roosters over him. He did great and his eye is back to normal. Today we shot a 4 man limit of ducks which included mallards, blacks, widgeon, gadwalls and a pintail. Saw several other kinds of ducks also. Good luck to everyone chasing geese tomorrow and safe hunting!
  8. Very nice! We didn't end up hunting Oneida today, took the old Brittany pheasant hunting instead and killed 2 more roosters. The lab's eye is looking great, still gonna rest him this week to make sure he's ok for the trip. Safe hunting!
  9. Well the 12 year old Brittany has still got it. Killed 2 roosters this morning. The Lab's eye is looking better every day so hopefully he is on the mend. Gotta work the next 3 days but plan on hunting Oneida on Sunday for the opening weekend of goose and the last day of early duck. Good luck and safe hunting!
  10. Nice mixed bag today on Cayuga. 3 hunters, 11 ducks, Mallards, Blacks, Ringneck, Woody's, Widgeon and a Greenwing. Took my son and his friend out for the youth Pheasant and they killed 3 roosters on Saturday and 3 on Sunday over my Lab. Hunting Pheasants tomorrow with my Brittany because the Lab has an eye infection I want cleared up before our trip to Nebraska in 4 weeks for Pheasants, Quail, Ducks and Geese. I killed another deer with the bow so its all about the birds now. Good luck and safe hunting!
  11. What a great weekend. Had a great hunt yesterday with my son during the youth waterfowl opener and then again this morning with my son and his friend. Also managed to kill a buck last night on some state land. Cant wait for this weekend- youth pheasant and youth rifle for deer. All the training I did with my year and a half old Lab is really paying off, he shows promise to be a great retriever.
  12. Great end to the September season today. Hunted Cayuga Lake 3X, Owasco Lake 2X, Oneida Lake 3X, Oneida River 2X, a flooded muck and a State Land pond during the season and killed geese everywhere. Had 1 good field shoot also. Looking forward now to Youth Waterfowl, Youth Pheasant and the early season openers, including a trip to Nebraska in November. Good luck to all and safe hunting.
  13. $4 in, $4 out, still a deal for a great launch
  14. fished Braddocks yesterday before the rain began at 930, just a little west, 50 fow, landed 4 kings, lost 1, 1 laker, surface temp was 46, all spoon bite no deeper than 30 down,seasick waddler or similar color, 1 king came on the rigger, 1 on lead core and the other on torpedo weights off the boards
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