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  1. After a morning goose hunt, I took Hank pheasant hunting. We walked over 5 miles and killed 1 rooster. Just a beautiful day for a walk with my lab. Good luck and safe hunting
  2. Hunted ducks this am. We killed 11, 6 different species, and a goose. People are ice fishing in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta already, and the duck migration shows it. Bluebills started showing up in the Finger Lakes last week and we killed Redheads today. Good luck and safe hunting.
  3. I have been posting my pheasant hunting results in the waterfowl topic and decided to start a new one. Since I was a kid, I have always loved to hunt birds. Waterfowl and upland birds take up most of my time. Since I returned from our Maine moose trip, I have hunted pheasants for the last 5 days. In that time, me and some friends have been fortunate to harvest 13 roosters over my lab Hank. He is wiped out from all the hunting and is well deserving of the next 3 days off as my vacation ends and work begins again. Sunday will find us sharing a goose blind with close family and my brothers lab Raider. Good luck and safe hunting
  4. LOL It is funny how many people have dropped little hints about helping me out with freezer space. On the menu for tonight is grilled moose tenderloin, mallard and pheasant breast. I can't say this enough, but I am soooo blessed.
  5. Killed 2 more roosters over Hank today in a field that has been hunted hard all weekend with no birds put in it since Saturday morning. I say killed 2, Hank caught one, a wounded bird with a broken wing. With freezers full of moose meat, I plan on hunting Hank every day I am not working for anything with wings. Good luck and safe hunting.
  6. Went to our spot in Sterling only to find 2 guys saying they had permission too. My friend who has permission called the owner later in the day and found out we are the only ones that can hunt there. I hope to run in to those two again . This morning I killed 2 pheasants over Hank. I am blessed to have such a good, well rounded dog. Good luck and safe hunting
  7. Thanks to all who have replied. I am blessed in so many ways. Non-residents have an opportunity that residents don't in the fact that we can buy chances in blocks of 10. Not saying that means you will get picked, but it helps and is a money maker for the state.
  8. I drew a moose tag in Maine for last week in zone 8. My 16 year old son was my subpermitee. On Tuesday morning we killed a 36 inch wide, 704 pound bull. We had the best time together. This was our 3rd trip together and I wouldn't trade trade these experiences for the world. I have been fortunate enough to take many trips with my dad and want to show my son other opportunities that are available outside New York. The outfitter was first class and would recommend him to anyone.
  9. We ended the September season with just over 80 birds. We never hunted a field, but split our hunts up between 6 different bodies of water. We killed 3 bands, one neck collar on opening day that was banded on Long Island. The dogs got lots of work and I spent a lot of quality time with family and friends. Looking forward to the Northern opener this Saturday. Good luck and safe hunting.
  10. I am looking for goose chairs. PM if you have any you want to get rid of and a price. Thanks
  11. Thank you for all the info
  12. A friend of mine has family coming into town July 17 thru 19 and needs recommendations for charter boats on Cayuga. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. I fished Skinny last Sunday morning and Wednesday morning with my son and his friend. We kept 11 smallmouth, a dozen huge perch and 2 big rockies Wednesday and I kept 5 smallies and a bunch of big perch on Sunday. I like throwing a pumpkinseed Slider, but anything imitating a crab will catch fish. I start fishing a little after 5am and concentrate in 10ft of water of water or less. The smallmouth are excellent eating out of that lake. Good luck
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