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  1. Hank and I hunted pheasants today. We killed one and he put another up on the other side of a group of trees, offering no shot. Looking forward to the waterfowl opener this Saturday. Sent from my SM-G990U1 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Made it home Thursday from a 12 day trip to Nebraska with my brother and our dogs. We made the most of every day hunting waterfowl, pheasants and mule deer. I killed this buck on opening day and my brother killed his first muley on Monday. His buck was wounded and he was happy to harvest it rather than feed the coyotes. Lots of great meat and a boat load of memories. Sent from my SM-G990U1 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. End of day 2 in NE. Tired dogs. We shot widgeon, gadwalls, mallards and a spoony today. One of those days when circumstances prevented us from shooting geese. Hunting pheasants tomorrow. Take a bird Hunting trip out west, you won't regret it. Sent from my SM-G990U1 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Hunted Wednesday thru yesterday with Hank. Wednesday was hot by the time we started. Hank put up 2 roosters off the area we had to hunt so no shots. My brother killed 2 over his dog Raider. Hank is jet black and I am deathly afraid of him over heating so we went back to the truck after about an hour of hunting. Thursday was a great day. I shot 6 green wings in the morning and 2 roosters in the afternoon. I had one tired lab at the end of the day. We killed 2 roosters Friday and drew a blank yesterday. I am working the next 4 days and leave for Nebraska early Thursday morning.
  5. My son came home from college yesterday. We decided to hunt pheasants this morning and had the best day. Hank put up 5 birds and we killed 4. That capped off a very special week. 4 years ago my brother suffered a spinal cord injury which left him partially paralyzed. He recently got a track chair and it has been a game changer. We shot pheasants together Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday last week. He shot 2 pheasants yesterday on his own. We leave for Nebraska next Thursday for 13 days of bird and mule deer hunting. So blessed.
  6. That's great. The dog work is what it's all about. I had to work this weekend but have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to hunt. Good luck!
  7. We had another youth pheasant hunt today. Hank put up 9 roosters and the two kids that were with me killed one. Hank caught 2 birds. I had a girl with me today. It was her first time hunting pheasants. She only shot at 2 birds and watched the others fly away. If you decide to take kids hunting, it is so much fun, just make sure they get some practice in before. Hank was unbelievable today, a pleasure to hunt over. Good luck! Sent from my SM-G990U1 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Hank and I started the pheasant season yesterday with a northern zone youth pheasant hunt put on by the CNY chapter of PF. After Hank decided to run all the way to the other end of the field on his own, he settled down and we were able to get the 3 kids with me their birds. After that, there was a kid that had shot only 1 bird and we took him out and got him anther one. I look forward to the youth hunts all year. Its great to see the kids out in the field and not on their phones. I have 2 more youth hunts for the western zone and can't wait. We are heading to Nebraska again this November and the more birds over Hank the better. Good luck!
  9. Fixed cheaters with spoons are great. We run a 6 foot leader. We wrap a rubber band around the rigger wire to hold it. We run duo snaps and run the main line (from the rod) thru the inner part of the snap and hook the rubber band to the outer part. Make sure BOTH snaps are beefy and have fun!
  10. I got word today that counting/banding will take place this year on the breeding grounds for the first time since 2019. 120 GPS collars will be fitted on geese to track their migration. I will have more info in July/August.
  11. We fished Sandy yesterday. We boated 11 kings. Kept 3 between 11 and 18lbs, 1 shaker that came in dead and released 7 shakers that swam away healthy. Riggers were at 90 to 105 ft, dipseys out 250 at 2 setting, had 1 fish on 300 copper with 12oz torpedo in front of it. All on spoons, Magnums seemed to do it the best. Good luck!
  12. The goose decoys are sold
  13. I have 2 Lucky Duck goose flappers and a Cabelas Instinct mallard flapper. All come with remotes, chargers, stands and bags. They might need new batteries. $150 for all 3, $50 a piece. Pick up only. PM me for contact info. Sent from my SM-J737U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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