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  1. Seneca dead fish

    Will be interesting to see the results from the DEC 2017 Seneca Lake fish diaries. I sent mine in a couple weeks ago. I for one cut way down on my trips to Seneca because of the decrease in the lake trout catch.
  2. Keuka Jigging 12/2

    Think time of year is important. Have had good results in the same area in December in past years.
  3. Keuka Jigging 12/2

    Had similar results jigging at the Branchport end. Lots and lots of lakers showing up on both the east and west sides.
  4. Keuka FLTA 9/24

    Along with the hard winters, a major flood hit Keuka in mid May, 2014. It turned the lake to chocolate brown, especially the shallower areas where the sawbellies spawn. Several heavy rain events occurred after that which kept the lake from clearing up. I remember thinking to myself at the time that the super muddy water would have to affect the fishing somehow. Possibly the combination of two hard winters and super dirty water at spawning time was a knock out punch for the sawbellies?? Who knows?
  5. Seneca noob

    Really anywhere north of Roys in 90-120 fow has worked for me jigging lakers in the past. Probably south also but I launch at the north end. Look for laker marks on your ff below 60 feet. but note that 75% of lakers are right on the bottom and you do not see them until you drop your jig down to them. If you google "The Cayuga Fisher" you will find a tutorial on jigging done by Hermit on this site. Also I buy all my jigs (super sharp) and paddletails from him. Good luck.
  6. Seneca noob

    Jigging is a blast. Cast a 1 oz (sharp) jig with Chartreuse Lunker City Shaker downwind while you drift. Watch your ff. As a laker comes off the bottom, start reeling just before he gets to your jig and hold on.
  7. Seneca lake new marina

    At the Chamber site, even a porti potty would be nice. I switched to the state park. They have facilities open most of the time. Us old guys need that.
  8. I marinate my lakers in Lemon Garlicious marinade (State Fair) I get at Tops and charcoal grill within 2-3 days after catching. Have had a lot of people say "Man, that is some good fish". Think it is key to put them on ice right after catching them.
  9. Used scaffolding?

    Just looking for metal frames. Will make a floor myself.
  10. Used scaffolding?

    Used scaffolding? The White Pine I have my favorite tree stand in broke off this spring and took out my stand (glad I was not in it). Have shot at a pile of deer from that location so I want to replace it. Thus am looking for some used scaffolding. Any thoughts where i might get some in the Finger Lakes area?. New stuff is pretty pricey.
  11. Maple Syrup on grilled lake trout

    I grill my Finger Lakes lakers after marinating them in Lemon Garlicious marinade I buy at Tops. I have yet to hear anyone say they did not like them and some say they taste great. I put them on ice in a cooler as soon as I catch them and gut them before I leave the lake. I try to eat them within two to three days after i catch them. If I freeze them I eat them within 3 weeks. Just my experience.
  12. Beautiful evening on Keuka

    Had same results yesterday but used black jig with green paddletail.
  13. Keuka meeting According to the Keuka Lake Association web site there will be a DEC meeting at Keuka College at 6:30 on June 12 concerning the Keuka Lake fishery. Alewife die off and fisheries health will be discussed. Should be interesting.
  14. Sorry for the late report but did manage to boat 6 lakers (lost a couple more) about 2 weeks ago at the Branchport end in 55-70 fow on black painted 1.25 oz jig with green paddle tail. There was a good number of marks on the ff. Stopped at the park yesterday and saw a lot of brown water in that area so maybe the lakers have moved to cleaner water. Also note post on a June Keuka Lake meeting.
  15. Anyone know the date of the Keuka Lake DEC meeting that is supposed to be held in June?