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  1. Went to the spillway yesterday. Wanted to show my son (and grandson) where it was. Spillway had very little water in it (as pictured above-thanks for picture ) so no fish there. There were 5 or 6 nice size pike in the deeper water close to the parking lot. Also 4 or 5 walleyes near the same area. Dozens of red finned rudds were up and down the stream. Grandson got a kick out of those. Quite the unique area. Hopefully there will be more water next year.
  2. Wondering if pike/walleye are running yet. Like to take my grandson to see them. Saw for first time last year and it was pretty cool. Thanks.
  3. Jigged up 15 small but tasty lakers yesterday. In the morning got some at the Branchport end and in the afternoon near the end of the bluff. Most from 60 - 75 fow. They liked a small 3" paddletail on a 3/4 oz jig retrieved just before the fish and jig met according to the view on my fish finder. Still can not figure out what they are actually eating. Their stomach is filled with these small mosquito looking objects which I believe are some sort of insect but I can not figure out what they are. Any thoughts? Definitely no sawbellies.- Al
  4. I imagine DEC had a good reason why they built the spillway the way they did but the pike did not seem to have any trouble swimming up the concrete apron until they hit the foot high dam. Seems like if the apron was a foot higher and on the same slope all the pike would have made it up into the massive wetland.The concrete apron would have to be extended downstream until it got to the proper elevation but that would not seem to be a huge construction project. Just a thought. Again I imagine there is a good reason why it was built the way it was. Just my 2 cents worth.
  5. Great place to take kids for a biology home school course. Wonder how much longer the spectacle will last. Anyone know? Reminded me of our once in a life time Alaska cruise last year (glad we didn't schedule for this year) where we saw thousands of salmon on a spawning run up a tiny creek in Ketchican.
  6. My wife and I stopped there a couple days ago. Really cool to see all the pike trying to get over the foot high dam. At least when we were there only saw one little pike make it over the dam. Was wondering if the pike do actually get over the dam or do they spawn somewhere between the dam and the main lake. There is a huge wetland which would be prime spawn area above the dam. Just curious.
  7. People fishing at Penn Yan end Thursday afternoon. One group out fairly far.
  8. guff

    Keuka Keuka jigging

    It is a baitfish that DEC said they would stock to help replace the sawbellies that seem to have dropped in number
  9. guff

    Keuka Keuka jigging

    Got one 6 pounder full of eggs.
  10. Lots and lots of hungry lakers near the state park launch Wednesday.80 to 130 fow. Hope they did not stock the ciscos (sign by launch) in that area.
  11. guff

    Keuka Keuka jigging

    Hi Sk8 - In the process of gutting them on the lake I saw quite a bit of digested material in the stomach. I did not take the time to check it out more closely so not sure what it was. Definitely not sawbellies. Have seen tiny shrimp in them in the past. Will check it out next week more thoroughly. Just my opinion but my theory is that because Keuka lakers do not eat sawbellies they are less oily and top notch eating. Just my thought, probably wrong. Did find sawbellies in stomachs once this winter in the west branch but have not seen any since.
  12. Well finally some good news. Boated 5 lakers and lost one at the boat. Also 4 or 5 bumps yesterday at the Penn Yan end of the lake (70 - 90 fow).They liked white or green tube. Impressive number of laker blips on my ff. Also good number of small bait balls. Lot of suspended laker blips just under the thermocline. Normal size lakers for Keuka (less than 22 inches ) but will be some good eating tomorrow after marinate in lemongarlicious and charcoal grill. Do not normally fish the east branch but looks like I need to hit it more often.
  13. A week or so after my above report I hit the same area and zero luck. Really feeling Keuka is in a real down mode. I love to fish there. 15 minutes from home and super tasty lakers but also like to get some fish. Switching to north end of Seneca now. Hope to do better there.
  14. Had almost the exact same experience Friday out of Long Point as PCPete. Good news was that based on my ff there are a lot of lake trout north of the point, just not cooperative.
  15. Got 6 jigging and had bumps from 2 more Thursday am on a solo trip. They took a limetreuse tube jig I make up with a 1oz trolling sinker up inside it and sharp treble hook at the back end. Talked to a guy that was trolling right over the spot where i just hooked one. Said he had fished for 3 days and no trout. Bite really dropped off at noon. Also they were deep for the most part. 110 to 140 fow.
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