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  1. Only available item remaining: Avery folding floating shotgun case, pattern is KillerWeed $25 for the shotgun case, all other items have been sold.. Absolutely no shipping, local pick up or delivery in Monroe and surrounding counties (NY).
  2. spinfly

    New bird dog puppy

    Very nice !
  3. spinfly

    Pheasant opener

    Check the DEC website, they post a list of pheasant stocking sites across the state.
  4. spinfly

    Bass ripped off the beds

    The number is 1-800-847-7332 (1-800-TIPP-DEC). I keep it programmed in my cell, have called it in the past.
  5. spinfly

    Lake Ontario outdoors magazine

    Sister publication was Adirondack Outdoors magazine, I messaged them last year after couldn't find it at the store anymore ( used to pick up Lake Ontario Outdoors too). They said they were in process of selling, and hoped it would be published again in the future, obviously hasn't happened yet.
  6. Just like the Trace Adkins song "Just Fishin' ". My daughter is 22, still get out time to time with her , isn't just about the catching.
  7. spinfly

    canoe for lake ontario

    I'm sure they are pretty reliable. Take a ride over to Oak Orchard Canoe since you are not far away, they can point you towards what you want, get to test paddle any number of kayaks.
  8. Make any casts around Pike or Hugenot Islands ?
  9. spinfly

    Two Teens Missing On Lake Ontario

    Updated info. is that their bodies have been recovered.
  10. spinfly

    Mono for pike

    It would work but overkill in my opinion, unless you mean 8 lb. test. I usually run 8lb. Maxima Ultragreen while fishing the 1000 Islands for pike/bass with no issues.
  11. spinfly

    Conesus Inlet ?

    Made a quick trip this early PM. Some fish are in, but not in great numbers or size.
  12. spinfly

    Conesus Inlet ?

    Conesus Inlet ? That time of year again, has anyone been down recently to take a look ? Was there about 2 weeks ago, was probably too early and water was high and cloudy. May make the trip again tomorrow to have a peak.
  13. spinfly

    QDM Good vs Bad

    Has anyone heard if the antler restriction portion was passed with the state budget? I can't seem to find any results mentioned. Even if not, I believe there are still bills in the Senate and Assembly to be acted on.