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  1. You won't be disappointed with Swan's.
  2. Looks similar to my CZ Upland Ultralight, that's why I asked, checks in at just under 6 lbs. Same here, didn't spend a lot, still a decent gun, and not afraid to mark it up.
  3. Very nice, is that a CZ you are shooting?
  4. The fish and game club I belong to is doing a pheasant tower shoot tomorrow March 23rd at Fetherquest in LeRoy. We need 1 more shooter to round out our numbers to 24, after several people have backed out. Cost is $175 for the full day. Message me for details if interested . Thanks.
  5. Cleaning out the basement, have the following for sale: 1) St Croix Rod Fishing Team soft sided insulated cooler, made by Koozie. Measures 14" x 12" x 9". Has a carry strap, 2 outside mesh sleeves, 1 nylon sleeve, 1 small insulated pocket and main compartment with easy access zip top- asking $15 All items are local pickup or delivery in Monroe and surrounding counties (NY). No shipping offered.
  6. I couldn't get the link to work, but all details are at DEC press releases now.
  7. I use St. Croix Premier rods, one a 5'6" UL matched with a Shimano Spirex as my trout and panfish rod., but have landed most other species with it too.Have used it for years, but put together these days will be over your budget by about $50. You may be able to find the rod on sale somewhere, and a used reel should get you close. Have read good reviews about the Shimano Syncopate which can be had for $30, which gets you closer to your limit.
  8. Only available item remaining: Avery folding floating shotgun case, pattern is KillerWeed $25 for the shotgun case, all other items have been sold.. Absolutely no shipping, local pick up or delivery in Monroe and surrounding counties (NY).
  9. Check the DEC website, they post a list of pheasant stocking sites across the state.
  10. The number is 1-800-847-7332 (1-800-TIPP-DEC). I keep it programmed in my cell, have called it in the past.
  11. Sister publication was Adirondack Outdoors magazine, I messaged them last year after couldn't find it at the store anymore ( used to pick up Lake Ontario Outdoors too). They said they were in process of selling, and hoped it would be published again in the future, obviously hasn't happened yet.
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