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  1. Exactly,,, let the problem happen or crisis and take our freedoms..like a false flag attack..
  2. Our government at work,,, who are these people? The current Bill (NDAA Bill) also allows The president to detain imprison, any american indefinitely without due process. Obama Signs 2013 NDAA: May Still Arrest, Detain Citizens Without ... Bad news,,, what is the end game? 85 % PERCENT of Americans have no clue what this Billi is as a whole... This addition of the bill is a money kick back to the powers that be.. You think the average american cares about our great lakes when there constitutional rights have been demolished by the bill in the first place?
  3. Great report and great job. Fished it myself won biggest steelie, and won loc during proam in oswego.. lots of fun congratulations.
  4. I think u missed understood my post,,,take the stocking out of lake o,, I also had a great fall for perch,,, referring to on the lake,, for the record I have won loc Eslo derbies fished pro am's won many tournaments. Exclude stocking was the point
  5. So guys is it bait related to mussels or poltical? Or the ecosystem failing? One thing is certain as of right now take the stocking program out of the equation lake o is pretty dead..the smallmouth perch walleye fishing is bad,, not referring to east end for walleye but the lake as a whole isn't really diversified. Assuming the decline is related to food for alwife caused by zebra mussels and such why wouldn't lake O have the same destiny as MICHIGAN and HURRON?
  6. Long as we have zebra mussels we have a grave problem. ZOOPlankton is key for the alwife. ...they need to eat it's that simple.
  7. If your going to try it guys the best time is usually 2 hours past sundown.
  8. In fisherman did a series on night time kings,. They Caught a ton so I gave it try very effective with glow. It's really crazy hearing your line screaming in darkness.
  9. What a mess,, dam shame A- Lure good read . The future looks bleak to be honest.
  10. I suspect we are destined for the same fate. Perch are limited bass smallmouth way down,, no walleye ... meanwhile gobies and muscles destroying and eating the food for bait,,, No balance...
  11. Done that been there more times than I would like to admit. It happens quick Scan the weather on Vhf Know your boat watch for the signs......Glad you guys made it back safe.
  12. drrambo


    Prchmike,,, spoke to a guy yesterday at the river who said the same thing... Did you fish the river???? if so what was the bait. I herd Niagara Minnows.
  13. drrambo


    plus federal and state charges on a boat,,,
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