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  1. Thanks to everyone here calling and PM'S to me to help out at benefit and your donations for the raffles. I will pick up anything you can donate. Thanks Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  2. Vince those were great times in Olcott "Pro-Am WEEK !!!!!!!!!!! We were walking to bowling alley bar at ERMA'S then to that corner bar for EVERY steam clam they had in house....... Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  3. Have a Heart for Tommy
  4. I am giving you advice that i have given to many on here in person for over last 30++++ years I have been chartering. 1: Chartering is NOT for retirement = you don't charter your income building years to build up a retirement fund AND Retirement is for chartering (Think of this on so many levels----tax brackets @ different ages/income brackets ---Paying into social security for 30 years on the books 1st. ---Cash income in life when certain income limits are in play---winters off OR down south working boats in tourist locations ETC........... 2: There are 2 goals in a business model ---INCOME (earn Highest possible for your area and situation) & EXPENSES (Lower them "at ALL costs") 3: Make sure it is always FUN. "A fun job is not a job at all" Once it becomes a job and income driven then you have passed the point of diminishing returns !!!!!!!! = YOUR Time spent(lost) has more value than $$$ earned 4: You must have a good Accountant & good Lawyer & a GREAT SPOUSE....... 5: Learn all you can from others----- Walk a dock/make contacts and ask questions---you will learn quickly business tips both good & bad (BOTH tips have Equal value in a business model) Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  5. Heard there was a fairly large turn out at round table last night. Any comments/observations, as I was at the state of the Lake meeting in Lockport last night. Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  6. GREAT To see the local support for this Tournament. ALL you guy's are doing a great job on this. Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  7. Rob, EXACTLY.....You should get a government job....... You ready for a Michigan road trip this March ? This time I am serious..... Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  8. That is the best way I can describe Wisconsin Immediately cutting Lake Trout stocking and Michigan now wanting to grab those "cuts" and stock them in Michigan waters. On a map it looks like the same-only 1 Lake Michigan........ Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  9. Well I guess it turns out that the "Fire ball" that crashed into Wisconsin waters of Lake Michigan Was actually a 5000 gallon tank/drum launched from the State of Michigan ACROSS the lake to Wisconsin shoreline filled with Lake trout Fry..........On the outside of the 5000 gallon tank/drum was painted " Wisconsin you ARE getting Lake Trout this year" Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  10. Matt, ???????? A sunrise pic in the middle of Lake Ontario...... That is a picture From Sheboygan, Wisconsin of Lake Michigan 1 month ago looking North East.... EXACTLY where the Fire ball hit Lake Michigan.
  11. . Russell, how cool would the view have been from here ? You were nano seconds away from SHEBOY GONE , Wisconsin !!!!!!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  12. A Fireball Landed in Lake Michigan This Morning
  13. . The geese and ducks are here for good they will not leave Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  14. . Call here or go online very cool shop towards Whitby Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  15. From Braddocks Bay area East to Webster park/Ginna Plant area is most consistent , But Heavy pressure. Henderson Harbor on down south had good brown fishing a few years in a row, But has seemed to be missing the last couple springs. I realize this well east of your Sodus targeted area. Bigger browns on average to the numbers caught would be Golden hill State Park West to Niagara. Always structure-water color and more consistant Temps. and BAIT (Niagara River influence). Brown trout water with less pressure = Growth ALL 3 of these spots have the Lake Trout Option also that you asked for. Jerry RUNNIN REBEL