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  1. I can't Thank Jerry enough for selling me some spare rod holder posts he had laying around!!! A very fair price and offered to ship them but he went out of his way and dropped them off....You don't find or me people like Jerry anymore!

  2. luv2rappala "Does your basement contain any Penn manual rigger mounts - the small rectangular ones? luv2rapala" Unfortunately I don't have any Penn rigger parts. mostly Cannon parts Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  3. Nickihoyboy, I checked my basement and found a brand new never used Garmin power/data cable for a 205-210-220 models.Not sure if this is the one you need. I also found a brand new in package Garmin Data transfer cable. PM sent Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  4. Kilroy, I checked my basement and found 5 rear mount posts only. Brand New never used. PM Sent Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  5. Congrats Joe and to your Dad. That is truly awesome. Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  6. 14 ‘ old HEAVEY aluminum deep “V” boat with 12’ black 1984 Calkins trailer. Boat and trailer NOT A MATCH. comes with 3 ratchet straps....... Duck negotiable......$350.00 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. DEC Announces New Law that Permanently Allows Use of Additional Hunting Implements for Big Game Seasons in Orleans County and Portions of Broome County The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) today announced that Governor Andrew M. Cuomo recently signed a law permanently adding rifles to the list of implements authorized for big game hunting in Orleans County and a portion of Broome County west of the Susquehanna River. Rifle hunting for big game in these areas was operating under a law set to expire on Oct. 1, 2019, but the recent legislation now makes it permanent. The newly signed law allows pistols, rifles, crossbows, longbows, muzzle-loaded firearms, and shotguns to be used during the big game hunting regular season in these areas of the Southern Zone, which takes place between Nov. 16 and Dec. 8 this year. The new law continues helpful reforms taking place to support Governor Cuomo's NY Open for Fishing and Hunting Initiative that aims to improve recreational opportunities for hunters and anglers and to boost tourism activities throughout the state. This includes streamlining fishing and hunting licenses, reducing license fees, improving access for fishing, and increasing hunting opportunities in the state. The number of hunting-related incidents have declined dramatically in the last several decades, and every incident that does happen can be avoided if hunters follow the laws and basic rules of hunting safety. DEC encourages hunters to use common sense this season and remember what they were taught in their DEC Hunter Education Course. Firearms Safety: Point your gun in a safe direction; Treat every gun as if it were loaded; Be sure of your target and beyond; and Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  8. King Hunter you are spot on here. While the Canadian side is Documenting, studying, and has clipping King project (Port Credit-Ganaraska experiment study) ECT ECT ECT...….. The USA side continues to discuss and hypothesize about predator/prey ratios and what is happening to our king sizes here and what actions to take or not take. With technically just over half the kings in Lake O naturally produced, The Canadian side is the Unofficial production grounds. The Naturals are protected in Canada every season with hefty fines and a culture of everyday sportsman and woman watching over this. Also not much if any bickering between Stream guy's and lake guy's. They are a united front, please google ONTARIO FEDERATION OF ANGLERS & HUNTERS. Over 100,000 members strong !!! Strength and $$$ & VOTES are in numbers. With over 700+ stream-rivers-creeks on Lake O, over 400 are in Canada. " Most of the north shore rivers and creeks get a run of salmon; some of them produce naturals" AND "They run up all the tributaries without any dams, right into the headwaters which are always cold, clean and flowing" these King Hunter statements sum it up. Now YES there is natural production on the US side but with a more of a "pay to play" combo free for all style on our waters .On the USA side here are just some example of the OVERWELMING majority of potential waters and their potential limitations to producing major Natural contributions consistently, other than the proven Salmon river Niagara river= Niagara Falls... 18 mile = Burt dam.. Oak Orchard = Dam... Genesee River= Falls.. ECT Heck most years we can only pen rear our salmon for just a few weeks because of the non conducive high water temps at some pen sites in early spring time. More meetings/conference call discussions are taking place to come up with a plan/direction of this fishery. I would like to start another topic and get everyones feed back on what we should recommend on King #'s for 2020 stocking numbers 1 stay status quo 1 more year (wait and see current data) 2 get some/certain % back 3 Restore most if not all of the -%20 & -%20 Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  9. . BUT, if you did want GENETIC ARMY “ Darkies” this was me and the wives two years back on Yankee Troller for fun. Jerry. RUNNIN REBEL Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. . Here is your NY STATE “ dumpster fire” complete front page news , with tax increase section. Jerry RUNNIN REBEL Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. . Sandbag party my house next week or two.. sign up on here. .Pizza/ beverages & a brown trout/perch/ goby casting & float fishing derby if calm lake. Jerry RUNNIN REBEL Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. I would ask on here "what does beaver taste like" But we all know what kind of response that would encourage, So I am NOT even curious what beaver tastes like to you. Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  13. One “unhappy beaver” if their access from Lake gets closed off to the fresh grass Jerry RUNNIN REBEL Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. I stock piled extra stone in case boat ramp access to Lake would ever need to be protected again ...... BUT JUST 1 YEAR LATER ALREADY !!! Stones and "Lake Lumber" pushed into yard yesterday for the 1st time this year Jerry RUNNIN REBEL !. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. I was up in Canada for the last 4 days in fishing Tournament and this “Highwater “ increasing situation dominates the news. Jerry RUNNIN REBEL . Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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