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  1. You can fish out of Bald Eagle AND Oak Orchard AND Sandy Creek... Sounds good Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  2. That is what it is all about..... Thanks Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  3. BUFFALO, NY-- A warning has been issued for WNY boaters due to the high water levels on Lake Ontario. Customs and Border Protection is suspending some of the videophone stations where small boats can go to report that they've returned from Canada. The Dunkirk, Erie Basin Marina, North Tonawanda, Youngstown, Wilson, Olcott, and Point Breeze videophones are impacted. For now -- boaters returning from Canada will need to call 1-800-827-2851. You will need the following information: 1) Name, Date of Birth, and Citizenship of the master and all passengers 2) Name of the vessel and State-issued registration number 3) Home Port and Current Location *If vessel is 30 feet or longer, U.S. Decal number Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
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  6. Scott, There is enuff "material at this place, you don't need alcohol, But I believe they have an alcohol permit for their dockside gas shack to sell wine coolers, DIRRECTLY next to the RUNNIN REBEL ....How Ironic, the ONLY non-drinking boat on the lake. Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  7. I am glad to see the humor is spreading down there now. Me and Katie will rule there with sarcastic humor ALL DAY LONG.................. Jeraldo RUNNIN REBEL
  8. Thank you Susie, That is a very fair deal you are offering and much appreciated. BUT, Please DO NOT rent out dock# D8 while I am up in Wilson NY fishing a tournament this weekend............ Jerry RUNNIN REBEL ----Permanent owner of dock# D8
  9. Hi.  We have temporary slips available the rate is 100.00 per week. 



      GREAT OFFER...Some of my buddies are calling me already

  10. Yup............TEMPORARILY Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  11. . It's getting tuff to describe the situation out there now....... Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Scott, your temporary dock is already for you at Bald Eagle Marina.... Next to Lake runner charters/ Capt. Paul Nau. Tell Capt. Gary Begy/Freedom charters there is a temporary dock for him too. Jerry RUNNIN REBHEL
  13. Town of Hamlin may be closing and putting "Jersey type" concrete/non-movable barriers at Sandy Creek public launch as early as today. Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  14. AGREED !!!!!!!!!! Latest news/talk I forgot to mention while in Olcott sunday was the Dam at 18 mile creek/Olcott was getting concerns about overflows or worse........ Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  15. Wilson/Tuscarora state launch was closed Sunday, BUT out of towners needing to launch for upcoming tournament moved the barriers and launched...Olcott had Scott and crew installing "doubled up wood pallets" on each other then faced it with plywood on the main launch ramp to keep above water level (well done I might add) and Niagara I skipped . Jerry RUNNIN REBEL