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  1. State of the Lake meetings

    . Pretty quiet meeting. Well run and Plenty of Opportunity to ask questions. Here are some stocking numbers. Jerry RUNNIN REBEL Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. State of the Lake meetings

    That is why we are picking up a RIT Alumni ------Chad tonight on the way. Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  3. State of the Lake meetings

    That's right on. Lake Level is just under 246' Which is about 8"-10" Inches above normal this time of year. DAILEY OBSERVATIONS: At this 246' level there is virtually No shoreline damage occurring (Shore Ice is Gone) During the high NW or NE winds we had the past 4 weeks. We had 3 days straight of VERY high due North winds with minimal splash over. So far holding up, BUT lets see next coming weeks. I Have 200++ Sand bags ready !!!!! Also This highest catch Salmon Quality fishing & highest catch rate ever in 2017 was done with the lowest angler effort ever recorded on the Lake. Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  4. NYS DEC looking for help collecting Coho heads

    If he is OK with that then yes. Check it out and let me know. THANKS. I need a drop off spot for my collections from various USA & CANDIAN Tournaments Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  5. NYS DEC looking for help collecting Coho heads

    I will also be available to take collections or pick up if needed. I am docked at Bald eagle marina or PM me here or leave message 585-964-2106 Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  6. NYS DEC looking for help collecting Coho heads

    Request for Assistance with Coho Salmon Head Collection The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) and Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (OMNRF) requests your help with recovering heads from Coho Salmon caught in Lake Ontario beginning in 2018. Each year, NYSDEC stocks Coho Salmon as fall fingerlings at six sites along the New York shoreline and as spring yearlings at the Salmon River; and Metro East Anglers in cooperation with OMNRF, stock Coho fall fingerlings at the Credit River. As part of a continuing effort to evaluate the effectiveness of stocking programs, we are comparing Coho Salmon stocking strategies by mass marking and/or tagging all stocked Coho Salmon in 2016-2018. Tags are 1 mm long pieces of coded wire inserted into the snouts of fish prior to stocking. Tags are invisible to the naked eye, and undetectable without specialized equipment; therefore we need to collect the heads to retrieve the tags. Some portion of the Coho Salmon caught in Lake Ontario may also come from natural reproduction instead of hatcheries. Although some streams are known to produce wild Coho smolts, the relative contribution of wild and hatchery Coho Salmon to the Lake Ontario fishery is unknown. This information is important for fisheries managers to understand trends in Coho Salmon catch rates. To determine the proportion of wild Coho Salmon in the Lake Ontario fishery, the adipose fin of all Coho Salmon stocked by NYSDEC and OMNRF will be clipped in 2016-2018, including the fall fingerlings stocked by Metro East Anglers at the Credit River. Anglers can help by noting whether their Coho is clipped or not and include that data with the head along with noting collection date, location, and fish length on a label. See attached instructions. Recovery of mark and tag data is ongoing until 2021. We are asking volunteers to collect heads and data from Coho Salmon harvested in Lake Ontario and tributaries and place them in freezers located at sites from the Niagara River to Oswego (see below). Bags and labels will be available at freezer locations, and instructions for collections are provided below. We would like your help. Please be on the lookout for Coho Salmon when fishing. For all harvested Coho Salmon, please cut off its head, toss it in a bag, label, and put it in a freezer. If you are willing to collect Coho Salmon heads and store them in your personal freezer, we will happily come pick them up. Arrangements can be made by emailing [email protected] Each year, NYSDEC and OMNRF relies on the cooperation of anglers like you for collecting valuable data used to inform fisheries management and science in Lake Ontario. If you have any questions regarding collection instructions or the mass marking program, please contact Michael Connerton at 315-654-2147 or [email protected] by email. Thank you very much for your assistance. Freezer Locations for Depositing Coho Salmon Heads (starting April 1, 2018) Location Latitude Longitude Fort Niagara State Park Cleaning Station 43° 15.630' N 79° 3.501' W Wilson Tuscarora State Park Cleaning Station (near bathroom) 43° 18.776' N 78° 50.712' W Wilson Boat Yard (Freezer available only in April/May at this location) 43° 18'59.21' N 78° 50'1.43 W Town of Newfane Marina Cleaning Station, Olcott 43° 20.176' N 43.064' W * Lake Breeze Marina near launch, Point Breeze 43° 22.080'N 78° 11.521' W Shumway Marina Gas Dock, Rochester 43° 15.103'N 36.517' W Bayside Marina Cleaning Station, Fairhaven 43° 18.890'N 76° 43.141' W * Wrights Landing Cleaning Station, Oswego 43° 27.724'N, 76° 31.071'W 43° 27.724'N 76° 31.071'W * Access to starred locations pending Instructions for Coho Salmon Sample Collection Cut the whole head off and place it in a bag. Note capture location, date, whether it has an adipose clip (Yes/No), fish length and the collector's name on the bag label. Note: If you did not note the presence of a clip or its length at capture, please leave that data blank. Use pencil if possible. Quick Coho Salmon Identification Tips A downloadable Salmon and Trout visual identification guide (link leaves DEC's website) is available at the New York Sea Grant website. Illustrations provided by New York Sea Grant, Artwork by Peter Thompson
  7. State of the Lake meetings

    DEC Announces Record High Chinook Salmon Fishing on Lake Ontario in 2017 Boat Angler Survey Finds 2017 Chinook Salmon Catch Rates Highest in More Than 30 Years New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Basil Seggos today announced that Lake Ontario Chinook salmon fishing quality in 2017 was the highest recorded in more than 30 years. "The New York State waters of Lake Ontario provide a world famous recreational fishery for trout and salmon, and our numbers show that fishing success is as good as it's been in decades," Commissioner Seggos said. "Lake Ontario consistently ranks as the most heavily fished water in the state and provides some of the best angling opportunities in North America. I encourage all anglers to fish this magnificent waterbody for large trout and salmon in 2018." As part of the State's fisheries management efforts, DEC has surveyed Lake Ontario boat anglers to estimate fishing quality and fish harvest annually since 1985. Chinook salmon fishing has been exceptional since 2003, and survey results reveal that anglers experienced the highest catch rate ever recorded during the 2017 fishing season. DEC estimates that Lake Ontario boat anglers caught 96,226 and harvested 53,871 Chinook salmon in 2017. Chinook or "king" salmon are the largest and most sought-after Pacific salmon in the Great Lakes and are an excellent fighting fish. Lake Ontario produces some of the largest Chinook salmon in the Great Lakes, with many fish exceeding 30 pounds or more. The fishery is currently supported by both stocked and naturally reproduced fish. Excellent Chinook salmon fishing in Lake Ontario is expected to continue to in 2018, and anglers are encouraged to head out on the water for a chance to catch the "king" of the Great Lakes. Senator Tom O'Mara, Chair of the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee, said, "It has been my great pleasure, throughout my life, to fish trout and salmon on Lake Ontario. It is one of the world's great angling experiences and for those of us who can't wait to return, we certainly value everything New York State invests to protect its integrity and quality." Lake Ontario and its embayments and tributaries support thriving populations of fish, including a variety of salmon, trout, bass, walleye, yellow perch, and panfish. New York's Lake Ontario waters comprise more than 2.7 million acres. A recent statewide angler survey estimated more than 2.6 million angler days were spent on Lake Ontario and major tributaries. The estimated value of these fisheries exceeded $112 million annually to local economies. Under the 2018-19 Executive Budget Proposal, Governor Cuomo's NY Open for Fishing and Hunting Initiative provides $19.5 million for state land access projects and $4 million for fish and wildlife infrastructure. A little preview of the upcoming state of the lake meetings. PLEASE try to attend if possible. Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  8. "Two employees of Dick's Sporting Goods recently resigned after the company's CEO responded to the Florida school shooting by raising the minimum required age to purchase a long gun. One of the men, 20-year-old Alexander DeGarmo, told Neil Cavuto he had no qualms with the company until Dick's chief Edward Stack sent out the directive. DeGarmo said Stack's decision meant he could not buy the same items he sold as an employee of Dick's. "Until Edward Stack came out with these absolutely arbitrary and insane rules I had no issue [working there]," DeGarmo said. Molly Henneberg reported that another man, 20-year-old hunter Griffin McCullar, resigned under similar circumstances." They have a point of selling something that they cannot buy........Some business model there.... Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  9. Gun sales plunge for Smith & Wesson owner by Aaron Smith @AaronSmithCNN March 1, 2018: 6:29 PM ET American Outdoor Brands posted lousy earnings Thursday, as the gun industry continues to suffer. The company, which owns the famous Smith & Wesson brand, reported a 33% year-over-year decline in quarterly net sales, and profits that sank 65%. Shares plunged 18% in after-hours trading, and are down 26% year-to-date. Powered by Disclosures Related: A cloud hangs over the gun industry American Outdoor Brands (AOBC) makes and sells a variety of guns, including a popular line of handguns and military-style semiautomatic rifles. These AR-15-style rifles are referred to as assault rifles by gun control advocates, but the industry calls them modern sporting rifles. The company also said Thursday that it's eliminated 200 jobs last quarter. On the earnings call, Chief Executive Officer James Debney addressed the Parkland shooting, saying "we share our nation's grief." But he added that the decision announced Wednesday by Dick's Sporting Goods (DKS) to stop selling modern sporting rifles will have an "extremely small" impact on the company's sales. Walmart (WMT) stopped selling these kinds of guns in 2015. Related: Who's still selling assault-style rifles? Walmart, Dick's and the Fred Meyer stores, which are a unit of the Kroger (KR) grocery, all said this week that they will no longer sell guns to anyone under 21. But gunmakers were struggling even before the latest backlash. Sturm Ruger, (RGR) which makes a variety of firearms including semiautomatic rifles, recently reported double-digit declines in sales and profits and has laid off hundreds of workers in the last year. Vista Outdoor (VSTO), which makes ammunition and also the Savage Arms brand of semiautomatic rifles, also reported dismal earnings earlier this year. Remington, which makes the Bushmaster rifle used in the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, recently said it's preparing to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Les you may be correct, Fire arms & ammunition and Sports stores are all experiencing down turns along with bad publicity. Many layoffs already and more still to come. Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  10. NYS DEC looking for help collecting Coho heads

    In process of getting freezers at Oak Orchard and Bald Eagle Marina. I am also willing to pick up Plastic bags/heads In and around Wayne/Monroe/Orleans/Niagara/Genesee/Livingston & Ontario counties in my weekly travels if that helps fisherman collect & stock pile a few samples. THANKS Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  11. FALL 2017 ILION, NY — Remington Arms Co. has laid off 55 workers at its Ilion plant, Ilion Mayor Terry Leonard said Thursday. He received a call from the plant manager, who told him that people were being notified Thursday as they began their shifts. ″(The layoffs) are due to market turndown, industry-wide,” Leonard said. “It is not due to them moving jobs to another site, it’s not that situation at all. It’s simply a reaction to the market trends over the past quarter.” Remington did not return a request for comment Thursday afternoon. This is the second round of layoffs this year. In March, 122 were laid off, which included about 110 members of the United Mine Workers of America Local 717. While many people are concerned that eventually Remington will move its operations out of Ilion completely, Leonard said he believes that, for now, things are safe. August 2014: 105 Remington employees learn they’ve lost their jobs as a result of the consolidation November 2014: 126 more Ilion employees are laid off. March 2017: 122 more in Ilion are laid off. Sept. 7, 2017: 55 in Ilion laid off. This was the beginning of the end last fall Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  12. TONIGHT--ALL SHORELINE RESIDENTS ARE INVITED!!! 7pm on Tuesday 2/13/18 at Greece Town Hall. The lake level meeting, which was originally a Grand View Beach Association tri-annual meeting but now looks to be more focused on flooding issues, is on for tonight at the Greece Community Center multi-purpose room (on the Greece Town Hall campus). 7pm. Bill Reillich and Senator Joe Robach will be speaking, and Assemblyman Peter Lawrence is expected to show up. No confirmation yet on Dan O’Hara of NYS Office of Emergency Management, but still possible. Possible TV news coverage. Hope you can make it! Please spread the word, more people would be better for our cause. Anyone with Lake Ontario water level concerns/Questions should attend. Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  13. U.S. firearm manufacturer, Remington Outdoor Company, said it will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, but stay in business throughout the process. "Difficult industry conditions make today's agreement prudent," said Jim Geisler, Remington's executive chairman, in a statement released by the company on Monday. The company has been dogged by falling sales after one of its rifles was used in the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre of 2012. The restructuring will help the company to cut its debt by around $700 million and inject $145 million in new capital into its different units. What a shame............ Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  14. Legacy- 2017 Deer Season

    Bill, Your sons buck was aged tonight by DEC before we dropped off Todd,s buck. It is going to make a great European mount for your son The lady there loved how he told her he was gonna let him walk.......Did you see the spike horn there with 8-10 points at base ? Jerry
  15. Legacy- 2017 Deer Season

    Nice deer guys. Billy your kids can make "deer horn chandeliers" with all the horns they get now. Tboo------Todd Nice one.......Can't wait to see it at farm soon HOLY CRAP Rob that is a wild Buck you got there BIG CONGRATS to you and Hunter !!!!!!!!!!! Jerry