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  1. "Behind closed door meetings" That anyone or organization can set up anytime --- I have done it many times personally & with Genesee charter boat assoc. meetings & Great Lakes Fisheries events/dinners & on Bi-National calls/meetings ETC.... OR MANY recent public meetings in the US & Canada that VERY FEW if any people attend.........The later is worse.. Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  2. Some of us do take the time and expense to attend most every Great Lakes Fishery Commission Regional & National meetings both in US & Canada. And keep in constant contact with every agency involved personaly ever since. Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  3. Lucky, I think you are confusing me with other peoples ideas/observations. I know this is not a budget matter because all the expenses remain constant , except for some less food when we cut stocking #'s. There is virtually NO help to the budget. And some members of this LOU community has raised funds for new pumps donated to Altmar Hatchery already in the past. Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  4. Here is another announcement of same meetings The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation will hold three public meetings to discuss the 2018 Chinook Salmon and Lake Trout stocking levels in Lake Ontario. In 2016, Lake Ontario fisheries management agencies were concerned about declining numbers of Alewife due to poor Alewife production in 2013 and 2014. As a result, the Lake Ontario Committee (New York State Department of Environmental Conservation [DEC] and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry [OMNRF]) announced that Chinook Salmon and Lake Trout stocking levels would be adjusted down 20% in 2017. The lakewide spring Alewife survey showed record numbers of age-1 Alewife in 2017. This represents a strong first step toward recovery, but additional years of strong Alewife reproduction and survival are needed to rebuild the adult population, which is currently made up of primarily age 2 and 5 Alewife. New York State and the Province of Ontario will maintain 2018 stocking levels at the adjusted 2017 targets while continuing to monitor the status of the fishery. Chinook Salmon fishing has been excellent in 2017 and Lake Ontario should continue to provide a world class fishery supported by stocking and significant wild Chinook Salmon production. More detailed information can be found in the attached document (also available at The dates and locations for each public meeting are listed below. Staff from DEC will present information and the audience will have ample time to ask questions. We look forward to seeing an hearing from you. Monday, September 11: 6:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. at the Donald Schleiter Lodge and Pavillion, 199 East Manitou Road in Braddock Bay Park, Rochester, Monroe County. Tuesday, September 12: 6:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. at the Pulaski High School auditorium, 4624 Salina Street, Pulaski, Oswego County. Wednesday, September 13: 6:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. at the Cornell Cooperative Extension Building, 4487 Lake Avenue, Lockport, Niagara County. Christopher Legard Lake Ontario Unit Leader 541 East Broadway PO Box 292 Cape Vincent, NY 13618 315-654-2147 Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  5. When can I introduce you to my wife and closest friends ????????? That's a Quote none of them are familiar with hearing.......... Thanks .... Just be at the Braddock Bay meeting Monday Sept. 11th Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  6. That is reason enuff to buy it, let me know, as I live for cut bait (even on my winter time pizza gets the freezer left over cut bait) !!!! Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  7. Sorry I was talking about the whole Canadian bait you have been buying/cutting and brining this year. I thought it was a take off of that. Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  8. Agreed on this meeting needs public participation. And good Idea to get MCFAB at meeting to comment on "Positive Perception " Suggestion Remember I am one of the most Conservative members on the Bi-National teams AND that is saying ALOT when you Consider 12 members are Canadian !!!!!!!!!! A 3% or 5% increase has little to no effect when you consider ALL the major variables that make up a specific Year's class of salmon produced/stocked in ANY given 1 year Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  9. The "Newer" product Paul is talking about is a very good-Proven product (Canadian tournament teams have been using for awhile) I have been using it and have LARGE quantities currently and will have more at the beginning of 2018 start of Canadian tournament season in April. Familiar bite product is equally as good, and Tom Allen/Atomic cut bait is great quality also. A little late to distribute the newer product this year, but I would recommend getting a pack or 2 this winter and practice "cutting Bait". I am thinking of having some Trial 2-fish packs available for practice cutting/try before you buy samples this winter/spring if interested. Jerry RUNNIN REBEL This would be the product
  10. Thank you for putting this out here. This will be very interesting to see if The decision makers will compromise some ---even the slightest degree to positive after Bi-national talks and upcoming public input meetings or is decision already done deal as some have suggested..... Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  11. Meeting Dates and Locations Monday Sept 11th at Braddock Bay park from 6pm-9pm Tuesday Sept 12th in Pulaski ? From 6pm-9pm Wednesday Sept 13th in Lockport 4H building from 6pm-9pm Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  12. Vince, I was able to purchase raffle tickets from Steph ahead of time. Can myself and anyone else purchase tickets also, especially if they cannot attend actual function But want to donate/support it ? Thanks for all of you & SPECIAL thanks to Steph for the time and effort. Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  13. Kaho vessel was at oak orchard yesterday then headed west. Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  14. Lucky you are correct, it is that larger/spawning populations of alewife in the Lake now that the salmon seem to be searching for in their current diet. The Billions and Billions of 1 year old alewife that are currently in the lake seem to be getting devoured by every species except the mature kings. I will post my last long segment to this when people have caught up on this reading project. Jerry RUNNIN REBEL
  15. Sorry about the "Long read" BUT I want to put out information that points out where we are today, Like how " But not all Pacific salmon follow this three-year plan in their native saltwater. Sometimes a handful of cohos, if conditions are right, will get big enough to sexually mature and return to spawn after just one summer in open water.This is exactly what happened on Lake Michigan in fall 1966. Fishermen pulled hundreds of coho from waters near where they had been planted just several months earlier. Some were already a whopping 7 pounds, approaching full size for an adult coho in its native Pacific waters. More remarkably, in the ocean these early returners, referred to as "jacks," are almost always males." " Tanner and his colleagues always knew Pacific salmon might figure out how to reproduce in Great Lakes tributaries, most likely in the cold, clear streams of Canada. And in the first decades of the stocking program it was known that some salmon had done just that. But nobody knew to what extent." ETC... Jerry RUNNIN REBEL WARNING: I still have more to post on this lesson. .