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  1. Thanks but I could only buy two and I don't know of anyone that would be interested in the third. Best of luck selling them.
  2. Rick, Are these the computer controlled units? Would you sell 2 of 3?
  3. waterlogged

    1977 starcraft super sport 18

    Boat and trailer only - no equipment?
  4. Thanks to all for the help. It is greatly appreciated.
  5. Recently read a post about replacing wing nuts with lock, & flat washers and a nut on the battery terminals. Gonna do this as a loose connection just cost me $400 to replace the regulator on my 90 h.p. Johnson outboard. My question is..... do you need stainless or is regular hardware ok. Worrying about battery terminal material reacting with nuts & washers - opposite amterial cousing corrosion????
  6. waterlogged

    Spoonfed-2 Thanks to Hank

    Glen, I don' tfrequent the board to often any more. Glad you love your new ride. Looks sweet. Best wishes for success in the charter business. Your a great fisherman who can put 'em in the boat.
  7. waterlogged

    Wire set up

    In the fresh water of the Great Lakes ONE WORD - FLEAS!!!!! Spiny water fleas will collect less on the wire than the braid.
  8. waterlogged

    Boat wanders all over at troll speed

    Dumb Question - wouldn't trolling bags help this??? It would mean higher RPM's thinking that it would result in less wandering??
  9. waterlogged

    Best fillet knife

    X2 on that the 12" Forschner makes short work of those IG salmon. But use a smaller one on the smaller fish.
  10. waterlogged

    Oswego Boat Storage in between weekend trips?

    I've heard of a place just on the outskirts of Oswego ( Head south on Rte 48 I think) called "The Farm" where people used to store their boats for a "nominal" charge. Don't know if this is still an option. Can anyone else add to this information?
  11. Nice Vid - gets the blood boiling. Can't wait for more action
  12. Tim, Glad you and the boat are safe and sound. That is a scary one for sure.
  13. waterlogged

    Intermittent Tachometer

    Our tach seems to be VERY intermittent. Most times it doesn't work at all. Suspect a loose wire but don't have a clue on where to begin looking - we are no mechanics here. Anyone have any suggestions? Should have stated it is a 90 h.p. Johnson outboard
  14. waterlogged

    Planer board releases

    For my money Lauvrick
  15. waterlogged

    I think there's something on that dipsy....

    WIRE !!!! WIRE !!!! WIRE !!!!!