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  1. Jetsled

    Fishfinder advise

    Simrad Go7 XSE w/ total scan and chip was 499 on sale month ago from West Marine. Watch for sale(s)....
  2. Jetsled


    multiple days of south/south-east winds predicted. oswego & mexico going to be cold water infused.....
  3. Jetsled

    A-TOM-MIK Meat rigs???

    Gambler, with teasers or with just meat head? thanks, jetsled
  4. Gents, looking to get into meat rigs this year. looking at A-TOM-MIK'S Meat Rigs. so far i'm liking below: 11" Pro Troll/A-TOM-MIK Combo's Complete Cannonball Rig 11" Pro Troll/A-TOM-MIK Combo's 2-Face / Stud http://atommik.com/11-pro-troll-meat-rig-combos/ will picking up STUD fly's too... never ran meat before... recommendations? thanks, jetsled
  5. Jetsled

    Removing hardtop

    EXACTLY. love my 94 255 Intruder!
  6. Jetsled

    Rubber Bands

    Ton of other stuff, just snoop around!
  7. Jetsled

    Rubber Bands

  8. copy that. will check them out. thanks!
  9. Jetsled

    Wind Forecast Saturday 7/21

    Exactly what i do everyday before fishing. Multiple bouy's & wind forecast sites thou... Listen to NOAA radio for area too. jetsled
  10. Anybody know of a bulk ICE seller in Oswego? Other than basic 8 or 16lb bags? thanks, jetsled
  11. Jetsled

    Next weeks forcast

    Warm surface water will go North to Canada & cold water will back fill the South shore of LO. jetsled
  12. who/whom made u r "top secret" shirts up?
  13. yup. happy wife, happy fishing life! great video! FishHawk & Simrad all mounted up & ready for sea-trial this weekend. Luckily existing transom hole was already 1" in diameter. Little silicon & some 5200...
  14. spray painting black rods pink? that is the secret eh!