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  1. hopefully bathrooms will re-open in the near future! jetsled
  2. hopefully open by August or sooner........ thanks!
  3. why is fish cleaning station are closed? ??? thanks!
  4. Simrad Go7 XSE w/ total scan and chip was 499 on sale month ago from West Marine. Watch for sale(s)....
  5. multiple days of south/south-east winds predicted. oswego & mexico going to be cold water infused.....
  6. Gambler, with teasers or with just meat head? thanks, jetsled
  7. Gents, looking to get into meat rigs this year. looking at A-TOM-MIK'S Meat Rigs. so far i'm liking below: 11" Pro Troll/A-TOM-MIK Combo's Complete Cannonball Rig 11" Pro Troll/A-TOM-MIK Combo's 2-Face / Stud http://atommik.com/11-pro-troll-meat-rig-combos/ will picking up STUD fly's too... never ran meat before... recommendations? thanks, jetsled
  8. EXACTLY. love my 94 255 Intruder!
  9. Ton of other stuff, just snoop around!
  10. http://www.michigansportsman.com/Tips_n_Trix/Science_of_Rigger_Releases.htm
  11. Exactly what i do everyday before fishing. Multiple bouy's & wind forecast sites thou... Listen to NOAA radio for area too. jetsled
  12. Anybody know of a bulk ICE seller in Oswego? Other than basic 8 or 16lb bags? thanks, jetsled
  13. Warm surface water will go North to Canada & cold water will back fill the South shore of LO. jetsled
  14. yup. happy wife, happy fishing life! great video! FishHawk & Simrad all mounted up & ready for sea-trial this weekend. Luckily existing transom hole was already 1" in diameter. Little silicon & some 5200...
  15. NOTE: only 1 screw holding new totalscan for mock-up...
  16. Spoke with Simrad. Recommend starboard side due to clockwise prop of out-drive. So started removing old transducer & doing a basic mock-up. Leveled the boat on trailer. Using level as straight edge the new total scan is either slightly tilled up or down, but only by 3/16". I have a transducer board for the port side ready to go for FishHawk. See below pics. Starboard side backer board will need to be carefully thought-out....
  17. copy that. going to re-think it. youtube videos show installation on both sides thou. thanks!
  18. Yup. Got them for upgrade. Thanks! Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  19. Yes, I'd mount the simrad transducer on the port side! I'd mount the FishHawk on the opposite side as I have heard rumors of chirp causing interference. that is my game plan. big thanks!
  20. Copy that! mounting mine this weekend along with simrad transducer. got a transducer question in the "this old boat" section on port side vs. starboard side. check it out & tell what u think.... thanks, jetsled
  21. Great video. Fish Hawk display mounted on port side downrigger? Not on dash to monitor & adjust speed? thanks, jetsled
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