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  1. One thing I noticed about landlocks...their scales are looser and some tend to come off when they are handled.
  2. I think I saw you because we were the only two boats out there. You did considerably better than I did but I didn't get there early. Was so cold when I got up, figured I'd let the day warm up some. I did get one nice 5 pound brown. After 5 fishless months, I'll take it!
  3. In the spring, guys generally troll their streamers fast. 2.5 mph or better.
  4. I tie and fish with the traditional New England tandem-hooked streamers. When tied properly they don't twist. When trolled up high, sometimes you may out a split shot a yard above the fly to make sure it doesn't skip across the surface. You can also troll them deep behind a flasher or spin doctor. I have some favorites, but you can catch fish on nearly anything on the right day. You just have to figure out if they want bright or dark, colorful or pale.
  5. Cornelius, I am just now reading this post. I am very sorry to hear of your loss. I'm glad you were able to care for her at home, my dad had similar hospice care during his final days.
  6. I used to have wicked, debilitating hayfever seasonally. But it went away as I got older. Nice to know some things improve. But Gator, I hear you about the alcohol. One time I went to dinner and bought a beer "flight", sampling a small amount of several kinds of beer. I was hardly drunk, but was sick all the next day. From then on I cut myself off after 2 drinks. Not a big deal, but nobody warned me that about getting older!
  7. They aren't mine but just wanted to say you're a good man.
  8. Small world. My family owned a camp on Long Lake from the mid-70's up to just a few years ago. Want to know something funny? I never caught a trout or salmon out of LL. We didn't have a boat, and on the north end where our beach was, you could wade out 100 yards and still only be waist deep. So we caught minnows, perch, and the occasional whitefish. When you're a kid that is just as fun.
  9. Dan, thank you so much for the offer. Rolmpos offered to give me one too...and he lives much closer! But I am originally from Fort Kent. Nice to hear from a fellow Maine-iac.
  10. Les, My boat does have a kicker. But I find that with a tailwind I can't get it slow enough that the fish sometimes want it to be. In the past I used a "blow-troll" method where the wind was perfect to give me the right speed. The trolling plate kept the boat at the right attitude, bow-downwind. One thing that occurs to me is my electric motor has two batteries. On windy days I could troll downwind with that. I've done it before in the old boat. It's nice, really quiet and no exhaust fumes. i got 2 hours per battery per charge back then. The new boat seems to do better. I jigged all day off the spot lock feature and it only took the charge halfway down.
  11. Hello All, I have a Happy Troller plate for the main prop. I want to put it on my new boat, but it formed a crack because of the many times I accidentally gave it full throttle while the plate was down. Is it possible to just buy some brazing rods and fix it that way? Or do you really have to know what you're doing?
  12. Gator, I didn't forget you. But I had the busiest year ever! By this fall I decided to replace my old boat. So I'm equipped for next year whether it's your boat or mine. Looking forward to it.
  13. Most of the dead trees were aspen (popple). There were not many ash in this woods. It was oak, soft maple, black birch, some pine and hemlock, a little of this and a little of that.
  14. Outdoor Lover, I don't know if they determined that. I sent this video to some DEC foresters. Mark Gooding out of the AVON office said their guys are investigating.
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