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  1. I did send it to you. Let me know if it went through.
  2. I live near the southern end of Letchworth Park. By the Portageville entrance, there are a few big apple trees. When they bear fruit, you will see deer day and night under them in full view of the road. It's comical watching them take a whole apple in their mouth, and make gagging motions as they pulp them with their back teeth.
  3. Just to be contrary.....A trolling plate doesn't need to be stored, and you don't have anything hanging off the stern when you bring a fish in to be netted. It will last the life of your boat, won't dry rot or rip.
  4. Ok, you got me! And for the record I don't row across the lake either.
  5. The thing about using stuff like a FishHawk is that it isn't in the spirit of this low-tech, 19th century way of fishing!
  6. I deliberately bounce bottom and rarely snag. If you want your bottom leader to be, say, 100 feet down, you troll at your target speed in 100 feet of water. Let out enough line to bounce bottom. Mark your wire with the yarn like I show in the video. Then drive out in the middle and troll the thermocline.
  7. Bigfoot, some guys count passes of the reel's level wind as well.
  8. You let the lines partway down, get in your depth, then lower them the rest of the way. You can skip that step if there's two of you. One guy can steer and keep it in your depth while the other sets out the lines.
  9. After a few hours' fishing, you will find which 2 leaders are getting all the hits. So you can reduce it to 2 leaders per rod, simplifying everything.
  10. Always gets crazy when you have two fish on one rod! I think it was you who wrote on the Sanders board that you used to troll right down the middle of Cayuga, never bothering with bottom bouncing.
  11. Hello All, I found that on YouTube there was no mention of Seth Green rigs at all. There's a few showing copper line tutorials, but no Seth Green videos that didn't involve the Austin Powers guy. I had to represent for my home state - folks ought to know about this locally-grown method! Maybe this comes in time to help some of you this season - we have at least a month of good fishing left in the Fingers!
  12. The salmon are getting ready to head upstream. My buddy jay made this video showing some chinook salmon fishing highlights
  13. Hello. I have three hunting leases available for sale. The first is 29 acres in the Town of Wirt, Allegany County, NY. It is mostly a grove of acorn-bearing oak trees. We are asking $590 per year. The second is 250 acres in the Town of Lyndon, Cattaraugus County, NY, It is woods and fields right behind the main farm, has been posted and patrolled for years, has not been hunted in over a decade. We are asking $4,500 per year. The third is 426 acres in the Town of Lyndon, Cattaraugus County, NY. It is woods and fields, swamp, contains a grove of acorn-bearing oak trees. It has a cabin that you may use, but it is derelict and has no electricity. We are asking $7,242 per year. I am a professional forester, working on behalf of the owner. My website is at www.pcforestry.com. You may email me at [email protected] if interested. I will send you maps of the properties, you may inspect them, and can phone me if you are ready to sign a lease for one of them. These are all the leases I have. A lease gives you exclusive rights for all wild game hunting seasons for one calendar year. (excluding fur trapping). You may put up tree stands, but only commercially made ones that do not put screws or nails into the trees. We are managing intensively for sawtimber, so we don't allow cutting of shooting lanes or making feed plots. No camping is allowed on the 2 leases that don't have the cabin on them. ATVs are allowed only for deploying or retrieving tree stands, or for retrieving downed game. I have never hunted these properties, but have a long working experience on all three and can attest that deer and turkey are abundant on all three.
  14. https://13wham.com/news/local/second-floating-island-discovered-on-lake-ontario-coast-guard-monitoring-land-mass?fbclid=IwAR2TA2g2ucI_0jn2QpfxPzzgPX5Z53gYDaN_wE9enO7mAoLY-xh36sSrtFY
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