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  1. Pete Collin

    Boat name?

  2. Pete Collin

    Cheap Chineese Kicker

    Thanks everybody for your advice.
  3. Pete Collin

    Cheap Chineese Kicker

    More like six years. I haven't been out much the last couple.
  4. Pete Collin

    Cheap Chineese Kicker

    Hello All, Back in 2010 I bought a new Coleman 5 hp outboard to be used as a trolling motor. "A thousand bucks! Free shipping! What a bargain!" Well here I am 8 years later and I am told it is toast. It gets 75 pounds of compression, I am told it should be 130 or something like that. Silver Lake Marine refused to even look at it, not a good sign. So I am wondering if you gearheads can tell me - what makes a motor not worth doing a cylinder bore/piston ring job on? Is it that the engine block is so light that it will inevitably warp again? One thing makes me wonder about this defect - when I first bought the motor, it didn't seem to have good flow of cooling water at slow speeds. It would make sneezing sounds out of the water exhaust- telling me taht it was reaching boiling point. So I called the company and they sent me a new water pump impeller. Thing is, the new impeller was shaped differently than the original one. Which tells me that they necessarily changed the design, or they put the wrong one in the first time around. Not a good sign. Either way I wondered if the cooling water running hot that first season contributed to my cylinder blowing so quickly. So if I did rebore the cylinder, at least the water pump is working correctly now. Would I get twice as much life out of it this time? My last kicker was a 1975 Johnson 6 hp Seahorse that I wish I had rebored. That was a nice little motor. Pete
  5. Pete Collin

    Jigging for trout

    If you are having trouble getting down, try big 2 oz hopkins-style spoons. They'll get you down there. 1 oz is too light most of the time. I run 1 1/2 oz roundheads.
  6. Pete Collin

    Jigging for trout

    A couple of years ago I did a tutorial on lake trout jigging. It was filmed on Lake Ontario but the technique is the same. The only difference is that a fast crank works on the finger lakes, rarely does on LO.
  7. Pete Collin

    Tying the Firetiger Trolling Streamer

    theyre deadly behind a spin doctor.
  8. Pete Collin

    Tying the Firetiger Trolling Streamer

    Fisher dude, i haven't in years. I'm such a slow tier that I could never earn enough to make it worthwhile.
  9. Hello All, I love the New England-style tandem hooked trolling flies. Here is a tutorial of one I made for the Finger Lakes.
  10. Pete Collin

    Blue Deer Pee?

    Hello All, This winter I have seen something in the woods that I have never noticed before. In a couple of locations, there was deer urine-soaked snow that was tinted blue. I mean real, windex-shaded blue. Made me wonder if deer get porphyria like King George III. What might cause this? Do they sell salt licks with dye so you can track them somehow? Pete Collin
  11. Pete Collin

    Rather disturbing info

    A great, and pertinent, old Joe Jackson number.
  12. Pete Collin

    Video: Forest Basal Area

    Hello All, I imagine many of you hunters own your own woodlots. I made this video to assist my clients in the 480-a tax program, and want to do their own timber stand improvement work. Maybe it will be useful to some of you.
  13. Pete Collin

    Tying Mark's Carpet Fly

    I once wrote a shaggy dog story that had to do with your only choices of hiring a guide on Oak Orchard were either Jay Peck or Pennsylvanians with peg legs. The punchline was that the tourist brochures, under fishing guides, said "Pick a Peck or crippled Muppers".
  14. Pete Collin

    Tying Mark's Carpet Fly

    Somebody from Pennsylvania! 'Mupper for the weekend!
  15. Pete Collin

    Tying Mark's Carpet Fly

    That ad I show at the beginning of the video is the one you're talking about! Here is one of my favorite stories of his: Mark had plans to meet some friends to go down to the river and fish together. He got impatient waiting for them at his house, so he left them a note letting them know he would be down on the water. Mark wanted them to know that the day before, the fishing was amazing and he had caught a jillion. His way of doing that was that his note included a signed confession to mass murder. Now, here is the thing that could ONLY happen to Mark. The police had found a dead body in the river, and just so happened to be knocking on doors asking if anybody in the neighborhood had seen anything. That's when they happened across his note! The cops waited around, and when Mark's wife came home from work, they were very terse with her, asking if everything was ok at home. His wife noticed they were acting strangely and asked what they were getting at. That's when they showed her the signed confession to mass murder - and she burst out laughing!