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  1. Rather disturbing info

    A great, and pertinent, old Joe Jackson number.
  2. Video: Forest Basal Area

    Hello All, I imagine many of you hunters own your own woodlots. I made this video to assist my clients in the 480-a tax program, and want to do their own timber stand improvement work. Maybe it will be useful to some of you.
  3. Tying Mark's Carpet Fly

    I once wrote a shaggy dog story that had to do with your only choices of hiring a guide on Oak Orchard were either Jay Peck or Pennsylvanians with peg legs. The punchline was that the tourist brochures, under fishing guides, said "Pick a Peck or crippled Muppers".
  4. Tying Mark's Carpet Fly

    Somebody from Pennsylvania! 'Mupper for the weekend!
  5. Tying Mark's Carpet Fly

    That ad I show at the beginning of the video is the one you're talking about! Here is one of my favorite stories of his: Mark had plans to meet some friends to go down to the river and fish together. He got impatient waiting for them at his house, so he left them a note letting them know he would be down on the water. Mark wanted them to know that the day before, the fishing was amazing and he had caught a jillion. His way of doing that was that his note included a signed confession to mass murder. Now, here is the thing that could ONLY happen to Mark. The police had found a dead body in the river, and just so happened to be knocking on doors asking if anybody in the neighborhood had seen anything. That's when they happened across his note! The cops waited around, and when Mark's wife came home from work, they were very terse with her, asking if everything was ok at home. His wife noticed they were acting strangely and asked what they were getting at. That's when they showed her the signed confession to mass murder - and she burst out laughing!
  6. Tying Mark's Carpet Fly

    I used to practically live on the OO in the spring and fall from the late 90s to about 10 years ago. The increased crowds and diminished runs of fish have kept me away. In the old days, when the fishing was no good you'd go hang out with Mark and see what kind of outrageous stories he'd have.
  7. Tying Mark's Carpet Fly

    Hello All, I did another fly tying video. new camera, had to try it out. Wanted to commemorate an old friend who has been gone for 14 years now.
  8. Deer Hunting on Horseback

    Deer Hunting on Horseback Hello All, I have a young friend who has made a YouTube channel for his hunting adventures. I have known Louis' family for years - he was just a little tyke when I first met him. Well he has been hunting hard as long as he could hoist a gun or bow, and already has a huge amount of experience. I just watched one of his videos and am impressed at how professional a job he did. Here is a link - have a look and you will likely be very entertained!
  9. Hunting Leases- WNY

    Hunting Leases- WNY Hello. I have posted these two large hunting leases in the past. The landowner has come down substantially in price, so I am relisting. Both are on the Cattaraugus/Allegany County line. One is in the Town of New Hudson, 287.5 acres of field, woods, and hills. Good crop of oak timber to supply food for deer and turkey. $5,060 per year for exclusive hunting rights for all game seasons. The second is in the Town of Lyndon, Cattaraugus County, NY. 426 acres. It has an excellent swampland for waterfowl hunting, as well as cropland, and wooded hills. There is also a good deal of oak timber that would supply acorns for the game. There is a derelict cabin on the property - I haven't seen it in a while. Let me know if you would want to make use of it. $6,390 per year for all game animals. You may have as many hunters on the lease as you like, but all hunters must sign the lease. Only commercially made tree stands may be used. ATVs may be used only for deployment of tree stands or retrieval of downed game. If interested, email me and I will send you maps. You can go at your convenience to have a look, and only then will I take your call to discuss a signed agreement. First party to come through with a check and signature will get it - I can not hold it for anybody. I am a professional forester. These are the only leases I have available. My website is at:
  10. Eclipse Fishing 8.21.17 Canandaigua Lake

    Mike, nice to see you out there again! Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  11. Did the Atlantic give you any jumps? they are known for that.
  12. Book Review - "Big Trout!" by Ray Johnson

    Mark, thanks for the info! I put that same article on a Utah fishing message board and got some chatter. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  13. bannanas

    First time I heard of the superstition was in a Pat McManus story called The Claw of the Sea Puss. He had such a bad experience on a charter boat that he mutinied by eating a banana. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  14. Fly Tying Video

    Fly Tying Video Hello All, I did a vid of my favorite mayfly hatch.
  15. Wanted Sign ? Custom made!

    I made one for my own business. It has carved lettering.