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  1. Cornelius, Just letting you know that today I finally got everything back together. It seems to work, but I have to bring it to Silver Lake and drive around to be sure. Thanks for all your coaching. Like most projects I tackle, it was tougher than I thought it would be!
  2. Hello All, So this project began last November. With no mechanic experience, I redid the seals on my lower unit, and did the water pump while I was in there. now that I'm ready to reattach everything, I am stymied by how to re-attach the coupling for the shifter rod. I had to pull off a bunch of stuff to detach it, but now i find I just can't get in there to fit the pieces back together. Here is a picture of the space I have to work in. I imagine I have to remove the carburetor that is in my way? Was hoping I don't have to , for fear of buggering that up (the linkage for the choke valve looks delicate). None of the youtube videos I watched had this tight a space to work in. Pete
  3. Thanks, Cornelius. I'll let you know how it goes.
  4. Hello All, Last fall I used the last warm day to attempt removing the lower unit of my 1995 70 hp Joohnson 2 cycle. I hit a snag when, after detaching the linkage and removing every bolt, I found that the lower unit wouldn't budge. Not wiggle, not even crack a line in the paint at the joint. I got a suggestion from rolmops to heat it up, and I waited for a nice warm spring day to try that. Using a heat gun, I went around the joint and tapped it with a wooden mallet. Won't budge. At this point I'm stymied. I defy anybody to locate a fastener that I overlooked! The only thing I can think of is that there is a crust of a limestone-like mineral on the trolling plate and at the edges of the joint. Does the hard water that we typically fish in get in there and cement everything together? There isn't any shop in western NY who will take it. Pete
  5. Maybe this summer I'll make a video of catching billions and billions of trout!
  6. Because Morgan Freeman is still alive!
  7. For some woods, you just have to grab your camera.
  8. Hello All, I got some excellent advice from this group about how to decouple the shifter rod from my lower unit, so that I can remove it to replace the seals. Now that everything is undone, I can't get the lower unit to budge! I undid the 6 bolts from underneath (including the one hidden by the trim tab). But giving it some good taps with a wooden mallet won't get it to budge. Not even a little crack is opening between the lower unit and the shaft. I want to ask if there is somethign I may be overlooking before I really whale on it. What could be keeping it on there now?
  9. That sounds almost too easy! I'll let you know how it goes.
  10. Thanks everyone for the advice. I'll wait for the next warm day to work on it!
  11. I believe it is a '91. I monkeyed around all afternoon, removing the cowling and spent an hour turning one stubborn nut that I thought would release everything. When I went to drop the lower unit, it wouldn't go, so there must be a pin I can't see or get to. Fun fun fun.
  12. On mine, the starting motor isn't anywhere near the shifter linkage.
  13. Hello All, I am using this warm day to take apart my boat motor. I need to drop the lower unit. The shifter rod is buried in there pretty good. It looks like the carburetor is in the way. Removing it looks like a fair bit of business. Is this a normal thing, to remove the carb to get at the shifter rod release? The how-to videos I watched weren't my exact motor. (Johnson 70 horse)
  14. Hello All, I need to replace the seals on my lower unit. It's a '91 Johnson. Called the local fix-it place and they said they don't work on old Johnsons. Can't get parts, I'm told. Gave me the name of somebody pretty far away. So I looked first online and found a seal kit for my motor within a few minutes. Does that mean the parts are likely no good, or did the shop tell me they can't get parts just because they don't like working on older motors? Should I buy the kit and ask them to put it in? I watched a Youtube video of replacing the lower unit seals, looks within my skills and aptitude. Should I just go for it and do the repair myself?
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