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  1. So on the 13 pc packs, if I order 5, how many packages will have 7 PCs w/tails?
  2. Interested in 6,4,2 color combos if you still have them. Not far from Pen Argyl could pick up.
  3. Hi I sent a message Tuesday and haven’t heard back yet. I would like to purchase this if I can use it in my bow seat mount. Let me know. I’m In Jersey but heading up to Mexico next weekend. If it’s what I’m looking for, I’ll take it.
  4. Interested if it is a long shaft. Looking for a kicker for my 18’ Tracker this would be perfect. Let me know if available and if it’s a long shaft.
  5. jayb57

    Sold / Closed Lund 1900 - Pro Sport (2000)

    Is this boat still available?
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