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  1. Yes indeed after taking to several people around the launch coming in and going out, felt very grateful and thankful to have caught some browns. Especially first time DIY trip. Very addicting waters out there. All came on variants of green colored stingers. Planer off each side and 2 lines straight off the back. 100-115 feet. Basically what i picked up off watching bill saiffs videos on YouTube. Haha true story. Here’s a picture of my girlfriend with biggest one of trip. 11 lbs. two were both 7 lbs. and the 4 th one we through back was about 16”
  2. Hello new to this website first timer. A guy at the Mexico boat launched who seemed like a local turned me onto it. (Thanks) We drove from southern Vermont and fished Fri,Sat, and half the day today before returning 3.5 hrs home. 0 fish Friday in the rain. 4 browns Sat. And 0 fish again today. This was our first trip to Ontario and was fishing out of a 16.6 star weld. Little rough but we enjoyed the new adventure. Going to try another trip back in next few weekends
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