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  1. just checked...one i have is different style....sorry
  2. if your anywhere near pulaski area i have a whole rigger you can have
  3. hummingbird ice 55.....cover and charger.....300,00 located near pulaski
  4. on my 22' crestliner....after owning it for a year from date of purchase all i needed was a hull vin #
  5. was a larvo in pulaski....just up from the riverhouse restaraunt
  6. No Sent from my SM-J260A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. try danny colville at colville custom tackle......he over buffalo way or don christmas at west river rods
  8. 1 year old 500.00 pick up pulaski /mexico area working in cazenovia this week if it helps with meeting up
  9. 4 fish yesterday over 290 fow...weighed one for the 1k derby....little light 7 fish today over 380 fow all flasher/fly bite for us.....greens mostly
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