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  1. I'm fishing salmon river everyday since work shut down....see a few boats including mine...mostly rec guys or guides with their families...if you don't know what's happening don't start bashing people Sent from my SM-J260A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Selkirk state park has a pier....mexico point boat launch has a rock wall....out at the cut near association island in henderson.....off the dock in dexter Sent from my SM-J260A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. On the high seas....sorry Sent from my SM-J260A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. you take paypal ? estimate the shipping to 13083
  5. i have pulled many kinds of boards from homemade to triple super skis and never had an issue their equipment is top notch
  6. I was getting browns a week ago 55 down over 260 fow…...out of mexico point
  7. hope they follow thru on the steelhead AND the brown trout changes
  8. all depends on weather and waterflow I fish mostly the top of the river....altmar to pineville but will drift down to 2A if the bite is better mid river
  9. steelhead will be in the river all winter.....colder it gets the more finess it takes to catch em browns will be in and out thru the winter
  10. I added a fuel separator to mine.....inexpensive and works fine
  11. in the spring im ordering a new one if ya want to wait be selling my 2001 hyde high side 16'
  12. on facebook….look up steve bowman he selling his hyde
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