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  1. Well I really hate to do this but family issues have recently come up and Im forced to let this u go. This unit is aprox 4 years old but rarely used, only a few weekends per season. Its in great shape and works perfectly. I am missing the brake away cannonball lead, A quick search on http://store.fishhawkelectronics.com/categories/replacement-parts.html has it for $11.00 I believe I left it in my boat when it sold but everything else is here and in great shape. Im in Norther NJ but can ship the unit. Either cash in person or PayPal preferred. $425. Shipped to your door. If shipping is needed I will ship within 24 hours or same day depending on time payment is made. Located in West Milford, NJ Price $425. Shipped Please call or text, 973-248-2081 Thanks for looking, Jeff
  2. That's what I was told when I bought them. Either way they are manual cannon down riggers. If your not interested then just move along.
  3. I am selling these awesome rods and reels. The reels are Quantum IR4CW, wide spool with bait clicker, 4 SS bearings, centrifugal brake, 5.2:1 gear ratio. Rods are Shimano Triton Down Rigger Rods. These are great set ups for riggers. $325. for all four shipped. I accept Paypal or will meet within reasonable distance of NJ zip 07480. Please call or text 973-248-2081
  4. Selling 4 Okuma rod/reel combos. All in good shape. I broke 1 tip last summer, only an inch, has new tip works perfect. Reels have line counters, all have 50# braided line. I used these with dipsies and riggers. $275. Shipped. I accept Paypal or can meet within reasonable distance. Im in NJ zip code 07480 call or text 973-248-2081 Jeff
  5. Selling this pair of down riggers. Both in good shape. Comes with bases and weight retrieval devices, and 2 blacks releases. One of the riggers has new 200' of cable the other has 150' but I do have a brand new 200' spool of cable as well Ill include. Im in NJ and will ship for $275. shipping included. Paypal or can meet within a reasonable distance of zip 07480. Feel free to call or text 973-248-2081
  6. Im down in northern NJ and this week it seems like the rut is in full swing. Def earlier then usual. Im tagged out but right now is the time to be in the woods. My son and I were just in the yard and I grabbed my grunt tube and a bleat can and I hit the grunt about 3 times and tipped the can a few times and about 5 min later I hear the distinct sound of a deer hooves on dry leaves. Then a decent 8 comes walking right out of my quad trail on to my lawn. I love this time of year. Scrapes popping up all over this week too. I suspect in about a week or two the bucks will be locked down with the girls. Best time to sit all day is right now while they are on their feet. Good luck all!
  7. That's a slammer Nice job and congrats!!!
  8. Great looking buck! Scouting can make all the difference in the world Congrats!
  9. Beautiful Moose! Congrats!!
  10. Fantastic! Congrats to you and lily!!!!!!
  11. Play the wind and use it to your advantage. Im seeing more and more scrapes opening up this week. Id set a cam up near one that you could get a clear shot at. Don't touch the scape or branch. Be extremely careful and as scent free as possible.. Always be careful going in to the spot, try to stay quiet because until you have a cam or a visual you don't know when the bucks are checking it. If you don't bump him he will check it often. And once there is a hot doe its time to sit all day if you need to. I totally disagree about negative comments on setting up a cam. They are invaluable and if placed right there is a very good chance you can kill that buck. Also, one advantage to having a cam is you may be hunting a spike or a slingshot buck, The deer you suspect is making the scrapes may very well not be making them. It is very common for the scrub bucks to start making scrapes early. Once things start heating up the bigger bucks will take those scrapes over. Get a cam and see what your hunting for.
  12. Great Buck and big body! Congrats that is awesome!!!!
  13. Congrats! Great looking buck with nice mass!
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