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  1. Live in Verona, spend a great deal of time in the summer near Wellington. Fish Lake Ontario & Bay of Quinte.
  2. We went out after the fog lifted some, fished at Salmon Point south side caught a 15lb Chinook and a 8lb steelhead. We did not go out today as thought it was going to be rough. Listening to the VHF and seeing some from our camp that ventured out it seems we missed a good day of fishing.
  3. I rather be at the bonnet, today we got 15lb Chinook in front of the bonnet. Did see another Chinook caught just west of Palon banks, looked much bigger than ours. The other nice think about the bonnet with a south west or west wind you can continue to troll to the harbour for several hours and still good fishing. By the way our fish was caught on a Rac Michael Jackson down 65ft. also heard on the vhf another salmon caught with the same lure.
  4. Not familiar with launch's at Brighton, but I do know if launching at Wellington you can get to Scotch Bonnet no problem. What I like 90% of the time if the wind does come up around noon it is usually out of the south west or west which puts it in your back on your return trip to Wellington. I strongly suggest going in the morning as early as possible as Lake is usually quiet. If it is not quiet and is rolling there is a good chance it will roll all day. Good luck on your decision, most boats monitor 71 and our boat's name is traveller if you happen to be out there, we hope to fish the next four days.
  5. We use Bravo it is sold for horses, but I've used it on my ankles and it works and I'm still alive and healthy.I have sprayed on cotton towels and put in corners at the back of the boat it seems to work there as well. We call them heel flies and it works very well.
  6. If I was staying in Brighton, I would go to Scotch Bonnet area. There was a 27 lber plus caught there this week. In fact it is leading the Toronto Sun derby. If you have a GPS for Lake Ontario it would sure help as it as been a bit foggyat times plus there is quite a bit of structure to work with I can see fishing getting real good here for the next couple weeks.
  7. The leader of the Toronto Sun Derby was weighed in at Wellington yesterday, fish weighed over 27 lbs.
  8. If you had a Trophy boat I believe I met you on our way into the harbour. There was a boat fishing in that depth right around noon yesterday.
  9. Yes I did enter the tournament, we just got Lake Trout not heavy enough to win so put them back. It was decided if there was a large one caught early to tell the other boaters the weight. They did not want the large trout wasted, if they weigh over 10 lbs probably not a desired or healthy fish for you to eat, if you do don't make it regular habit so they claim. With what I've seen and hearing the Lake Trout are doing very well, certainly more caught in our area than usual.
  10. There was eighteen teams and some salmon were caught, but lake trout out numbered them by a great deal. The winning salmon catch of four fish weighed 53 lbs. The biggest lake trout weighed 22 lbs. The feeling is that it will be at least another week before the salmon are here enough for good fishing.
  11. I purchased nine of these lures recently found they really work for lake trout. Anxious to give them a shot with salmon when they return. I agree great folks to work with had them shipped across the border with no problems,
  12. I presume your meaning Salmon Point out of Wellington. Yes the salmon are just starting the past few days. There is a local tournament here this weekend with probably over 20 boats entered, will have better idea if it is worth the trip to come here to fish now. Will post results on Monday, if this is the area you were asking about.
  13. I would not go out of Kingston to fish at Main Ducks unless you have a 24ft. boat or larger. I have fished there, but had a scary 22 mile adventure back to Kingston. It was dead calm going out, but it can get ugly in a hurry I would strongly suggest going to Wellington (Prince Edward County) amd fish Scotch Bonnet or Salmon Point area. Both are less than 10 miles away. I believe if your fishing for Salmon I too suggest meat if you can purchase it, a lot of the fellows use Mikey Rockets in place of meat and work just as well or better. Regardless where you go for good luck and be safe.
  14. I presume the Crotch Lake your are referring to is in Ontario. Canada if not ignore my reply. I'm not sure where you live so not sure of your direction getting to Crotch Lake. There is a grocery store & beer & Liquor store in Sharbot Lake. I suspect the lodge would know whether there areTopo maps for Crotch Lake, I suspect there is as it a fairly large lake. I seriously check whether bass fishing would be legal as I live in area 18 which is the same as Crotch Lake and bass season doesn't open until the 3rd Saturday in June. Again; I would check the fishing regulations. The MNR patrol that Lake pretty reguarly and they have don't allow even fishing bass and releasing them. I've only fished Crotch Lake once, but i hear good things about fishing and at one time it was a great Walleye Lake, I suspect it still. They would be totally legal as season opens the second Saturday in May. I do believe there is a slot size there though. If I can be more help let me know.
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