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  1. Last DEC Public meeting TONIGHT

    L-13 Thanks for the contribution and insight passed along here as well . Getting a word in , is well , another voice heard if it's not on deaf ears . Your pal , HT Rich
  2. Last DEC Public meeting TONIGHT

    Personally , I think they are putting to many eggs in the basket for natural reproduction . It's only my opinion which means little in theirs Rich
  3. Where is everyone?

    West is expensive , not that I didn't throw a bunch of $$$ and tackle into the east . It's a 3.5 hr drive after I leave work ion a Friday in Albany , NY to get to Mexico . Not sure if I could stay awake driving further I don't disagree , just kinda not logical to drive past sodus ($$$) for me
  4. Where is everyone?

    Not having a dedicated crew this year and possibly in the future really put crimp in my season . I caught more Fish of the dock last week then out on the lake all season , a few bass, 3 pike , bunch of dink perch and a walleye of all things . I truly enjoy the area as I have for about 40 years but the lake is really kicked my azz this year . If I do return , I will be bringing my 14' Jon boat and really focus once again on the warm water species as well as joining the atv club so the lake fishing would be secondary . Good luck out there Phil and maybe see you on the mighty muddy Hudson in the spring Rich
  5. Where is everyone?

    I'm done .. Pulled boat outta Mexico last weds after a totally frustrating season , only one mature salmon caught in 28 days on the water from June - sept . Even last year was far better for me 10 fold then this season . Seriously having deep thoughts about not coming back as a seasonal dock but I hate to see the boat just sit idle in the driveway after our striped bass depart back to the sea . I don't know , some hard decisions will have to be made over the winter . As for such , I'm currently getting my game face on for hunting and ice fishing . At least they never let me down Rich
  6. motor issues

    Along with filling the transom , you are raising the bow and losing steering control of the craft . My boat would take off like an airplane and I had worries about control . It was dangerous
  7. motor issues

    I had a long shaft motor on a short transom once . Very dangerous and unstable . Your motor should be sized to your transom
  8. Hard water can come anytime

    Weathers to warm to hunt and leaves to thick . I could take some cold walks across frozen leafless hills and swamp bottoms about now
  9. I have seen very clear video of fish and matts of mussels in 110 Fow . Is the lake clearer then in the past ?
  10. Hard water can come anytime

    Boat is out , washed and ready for bed . Ice can come anytime now
  11. I still think NR is a push as contributor on stocking reduction . For the first time , the door is cracked open .
  12. Here is my thoughts . If you keep pushing the natural reproduction card, it will justify the reduced stocking . Reducing the stocking means cutting costs . Now by mo means am I educated enough on the system but I think it's difficult to say there is that much NR without proof to back this up . Without the fin clip or the nose chip study being calculated , other then he said , she said , it's just a guesstimate and not proof from physical data . Now my question is , where are all these " extra " salmon ? We didn't see them in the tribs ( well at leas myself ) and if I recall , folks here were saying last season on the lake was terrible aside from 2 year old salmon . Well others might have had a good season this year but myself , I am truly disgusted at the fishing this season . Should I blame the fishery ? Well in part I can only blame myself but in reading through the forums " how was your season , slowest ever " it seems I'm not alone . As many say , it's the alewives that suffered over the 2013-14 harsh winters . In the history of the lake , it's 2 seasons and a ( guesstimate NR ) that are just now causing these issues ? Honestly I think it has started way before now , this is just a way of pushing the NR and reduce stocking levels . Weren't the steelhead suffering from feeding primarily on alewives ? What happened there that it just went away or less publicity ? Sorry folks , I think there is going to be an all time low in the fishery for quite a few upcoming years . If there are so " many " salmon now , I hate to see what less will bring if the game changer is NR . The only way this could possibly reverse is if the salmon reach an all time low and the alewives an all time high , then it may be reconsidered to increase the stocking levels . I fear we are in for 6-8 years ove tough fishing ahead for salmon . On that note , maybe the lake trout may take the brunt of the harvest which is what I'm reading folks say needs to happen anyway . Good luck at the meetings and happy fishing Rich
  13. 35 year trib fisher , 3 year lake fisher . Thought about moving western lake but it's beyond my means . Thinking it's over for me as well . . I'm still trolling around in a Dead Sea out here . Granted there is no other fish like a king but there are other many great fisheries in New York State . IMO , trolling is my least favorite fishing style . Wish you well wolfman Rich
  14. Ran 100 , 150 and 40 off ball today . Guess it's just the skunk on the boat that keeps the fish away
  15. Humm . You got me thinking about length . I was running 30-40' off the ball and would see streakers come off the bottom to look then drop back down. I figured they were looking at the ball and not seeing the lures so I shortened up to 8-10' lead. Neither worked so I have nothing to compare and still searching Rich