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  1. I'm sorry , I didn't notice you stated the end of August. Mexico is still and would be my first launch choice. As for depth , sonar and temp, nothing is hard fast and true but typically the fish are in a staging pattern Temps might not be so important unless you are going offshore in real deep water. Sonar is kind of the better indicator if your doing 80-120 fow. We usually see them stacked and very close to the bottom. Getting them to bite is the challenge because you will see tons of boats following the same depth , it sometimes gives them lock jaw . Changing lures, speed and trolling patterns seems to be more a key than anything . When we cant buy a bite but mark lots of fish in these situations , we head deeper and fish the thermocline . As stated above, the lake can get VERY ANGRY this time of year as hurricane season is near.. Good luck.
  2. my 1989 is 52 gallon. it was listed on the tag on tank
  3. I have a 22.5 foot hard top starcraft islander and have launched in all 3 locations. These are MY order of preference 1. Mexico state launch : the launch is top notch that can do 4 boats at a time with a holding dock for about 6 in the water. Plenty of parking and ease of use right at the break wall to the lake. Con: Its a big bay, we typically don't drop lines until 3-4 miles out. Sometimes we run 12 miles plus . Salmon river mouth is about 4 miles, Oswego about 6. It can be challenging in rough seas. Worst case, you fish upstream in the river (little salmon ) for bass , pike, gills, crappie and perch. Quite good fishing. 2. Pine Grove state launch : the launch is basically sandy but gradual . It will do 2 boats at once if people cooperate in backing in. It is located on the salmon river and the same opportunities for river fishing exist if being blown off the lake.. About a 10 minute putt to the break wall will put you about 1-2 miles into setting lines on the lake. Cons: it sometimes gets busy and crazy . It's very shallow and weedy at the launch. The 10 minute ride to the lake seems to take forever.. 3: lighthouse marina : It's right at the break wall to the lake. Quick access . Cons : I dislike this launch Last time I was there its single use. VERY steep and a drop at the end of ramp that you wonder if your getting out. Very little dock space to tie up. Good luck and catch a bunch Edit: Dans chicken shack right at intersection to mexico launch is awesome
  4. If this is happening it's a disgrace to the state of NY fish and game. I've had many friends and family involved in the ECO and every officer does a great service to our state environmental and game laws, state or private lands. Sadly I hope its not about $$$, Private sectors pay fines. A 30 million salary is nothing for the service they provide compared to the money the state spends on buying more land for nobody to oversee. as for the decline in hunting : It's kinda 2 fold. Younger kids 30 years ago lost interest in many ways. 2 working parents became normal, advancement in modern technology peaked kids interests.. Yes Some land was lost due to the ever increasing housing development but there is only so much space on this planet and people outnumber space in areas that were open.. Personally, I think there is a resurgence in hunting and fishing. The youth programs are great.. The state (bite my lip ) is providing more opportunities for these activities .
  5. L-13 Thanks for the contribution and insight passed along here as well . Getting a word in , is well , another voice heard if it's not on deaf ears . Your pal , HT Rich
  6. Personally , I think they are putting to many eggs in the basket for natural reproduction . It's only my opinion which means little in theirs Rich
  7. West is expensive , not that I didn't throw a bunch of $$$ and tackle into the east . It's a 3.5 hr drive after I leave work ion a Friday in Albany , NY to get to Mexico . Not sure if I could stay awake driving further I don't disagree , just kinda not logical to drive past sodus ($$$) for me
  8. Not having a dedicated crew this year and possibly in the future really put crimp in my season . I caught more Fish of the dock last week then out on the lake all season , a few bass, 3 pike , bunch of dink perch and a walleye of all things . I truly enjoy the area as I have for about 40 years but the lake is really kicked my azz this year . If I do return , I will be bringing my 14' Jon boat and really focus once again on the warm water species as well as joining the atv club so the lake fishing would be secondary . Good luck out there Phil and maybe see you on the mighty muddy Hudson in the spring Rich
  9. I'm done .. Pulled boat outta Mexico last weds after a totally frustrating season , only one mature salmon caught in 28 days on the water from June - sept . Even last year was far better for me 10 fold then this season . Seriously having deep thoughts about not coming back as a seasonal dock but I hate to see the boat just sit idle in the driveway after our striped bass depart back to the sea . I don't know , some hard decisions will have to be made over the winter . As for such , I'm currently getting my game face on for hunting and ice fishing . At least they never let me down Rich
  10. Along with filling the transom , you are raising the bow and losing steering control of the craft . My boat would take off like an airplane and I had worries about control . It was dangerous
  11. I had a long shaft motor on a short transom once . Very dangerous and unstable . Your motor should be sized to your transom
  12. Weathers to warm to hunt and leaves to thick . I could take some cold walks across frozen leafless hills and swamp bottoms about now
  13. I have seen very clear video of fish and matts of mussels in 110 Fow . Is the lake clearer then in the past ?
  14. Boat is out , washed and ready for bed . Ice can come anytime now
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