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  1. Coming up near the end of August and staying in Pulaski for a few days. Where is the best spot to launch with a 21ft deep V boat? Willing to travel and pay for a nice launch. Never been to the area. Thanks! Eric
  2. I think i am going to run 2 riggers w/ 30# mono, 2 dipsys w/ 30# wire, and 2 boards with copper. What is recommended for wire on boards? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the Info. Really appreciate it! really looking forward to this trip.
  4. Thank you for the info! I would like to keep the 30# braid for the dipsys since that is what ill be running on Erie during the Summer. I am thinking ill run a rigger and 2 dipsys on each side of the boat. I think i will upgrade my aux battery to a 31 and call it good. Can always fire up the big motor to keep things running if the kicker cant keep up.
  5. Thank you! I am expecting this to be more than a 1 time deal. Think I will go with the Cannon Magnum 10 STX's Eric
  6. First timer heading up to Pulaski NY next Summer around Labor day. Can anyone give any tips? I troll Erie for Walleye with dipsys and boards often. I do not currently have downriggers but they can be added. Can I get away with running just 6 mag dipsys or will the downriggers be a must have? If riggers are required, electric or will manual do? If elecrtic, do you run them off a dedicated battery or do the not drain the battery to bad? Baits.... Spoons, flys, stick baits, etc...?? For line I was going to run 30# power pro braid with 400ft before I hit backing (is that enough?). Looking for any advice that is willing to be given. My current set up is a 2075 Tyee, 250 for the main and 15hp kicker. Troll master, Ulterra 112 w/ ipilot, cisco tube rod holders, Lowrance hds's, Thanks in advance. Eric
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