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  1. thanks. looks like a nice rig, too old though.
  2. sold, it's an old ad. thank you though.
  3. somewhere out there is a guy with a really nice hardtop islander who is looking to go to a bigger boat!
  4. i'd appreciate that, thank you. we don't see very many of those around here in new england so most likely i'll have to travel some to get one, but that's ok. i'll go wherever for the right one. that was a smokin deal for a 2001!!
  5. yup, i missed that one by 1 day last year. someone put a deposit down on it the day before i called. i really wish i could've bought that one, great deal at under 12k. but that's exactly what i'm looking for though. the newer the better, but would go back as far as 1995-ish. most of the ads right now are all old, last year or the year before.
  6. got a link bud? odds are i've seen it, but ya never know.
  7. the guy buying it said it's his retirement present to himself
  8. WTB: Starcraft Islander Hardtop I'm looking for a mid to late 90s (94 or newer) to 2001 model year starcraft islander hardtop. Hard top Islanders only please, I'm not interested in a soft top. Must be in good condition or better, no project boats please. Have cash, will travel within reasonable distance for the right deal.
  9. that's a 2004? it's got graphics of a '95 model.