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  1. that's what i'm thinking.. in the assembly line, they'd install whichever config was called for. i imagine that they're the same, they would just install either the windshield or the hardtop. it's just an unknown that would be good to know before taking on the project. i'm hoping someone out there may know the answer. cortland huh? my ex in-laws live there, on brook drive.
  2. right. i'm just wondering what the differences are between the two.
  3. do you have any knowledge of how they're physically attached? if the hardtop uses the same mounting points, or has more mounting points?
  4. Starcraft Islander Top Swap has anyone seen or know of a successful top swap on an islander? specifically, taking a factory hardtop from a donor islander and installing it on a soft top model islander. i'm wondering if this is feasible.. i'm sure could be done, but don't have any idea how easy or difficult it would be. probably depends on how they're mounted, the differences between the two models, if they attach the same way or if they're even close. visually comparing the two, it looks as though they both attach to the same spot on top of the cabin "cap" if you will. any thoughts?
  5. no worries buddy. i appreciate the thought nonetheless. i must have seen 4 or 5 last year that i would've bought but couldn't for one reason or another. so far this year, i haven't seen any. and now that i'm boatless, it makes it that much worse!
  6. thanks, but not interested in a soft top.
  7. simply put, i don't want something that old.
  8. the 87? too old. 1995 or newer is what i'm looking for.
  9. my budget is mid to upper teens, nowhere near what those cost i'm sure. i just sold my boat to get rid of the loan/payment so buying new isn't going to happen. the next one will be bought and paid for without any loans. that phantom is a nice rig, but i'm done with soft tops. one like this is what i would really like to find.
  10. probably not. i'd get it shrink wrapped and stored.
  11. thanks, seen that too. an outboard would be nice, but I don't want a bimini soft top anymore.