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  1. the guy was informing people that the guy selling it had given the previous owner a story about it being his dream boat etc. and had only paid $9500 for it. apparently this person must have known the original owner/seller, given the details. wasn't happy about an 80-something year old man being taken advantage of (in his eyes).
  2. Reviving old planer board line

    did you get a particular size or finish?
  3. someone isn't too pleased about it... https://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/boa/d/1998-crestliner-eagle-2360/6501812763.html
  4. for sale on craigslist in detroit area, with a significant increase in price. https://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/boa/d/1998-crestliner-23-eagle-1/6474754316.html
  5. Crestliner Eagle Wobbly Hardtop

    tubing is all stainless.
  6. Crestliner Eagle Wobbly Hardtop

    some custom bent stainless tubing...
  7. Crestliner Eagle Wobbly Hardtop

    that's an option. looking at other models for reference purposes. the hard part would be keeping it clean looking and unobtrusive so it doesn't block too much visually.
  8. Crestliner Eagle Wobbly Hardtop

    thanks todd.
  9. Crestliner Eagle Wobbly Hardtop

    thanks, i'll do that. if i had designed this, it definitely would've had some cross bracing in the mix (along with some other stuff). just common sense. but alas, they didn't request my presence with the design team.
  10. Starcraft Fishmaster 196

  11. Crestliner Eagle Wobbly Hardtop

    i may end up going that route, or something similar. i'm going to try beefing up the backing plates up front first, then see how the rear mounts look, and go from there. i really don't want to add more tubing to it if i don't have to. $$$.
  12. Crestliner Eagle Wobbly Hardtop

    i've had that thought as well. been trying to visualize some way of adding supplemental left/right bracing without it being too obtrusive. oh, no glass on this rig. it's all aluminum.
  13. Crestliner Eagle Wobbly Hardtop

    i see what you're saying. i don't have any pics of the roof attachments, and she's still shrink wrapped for her long winter's nap. when it shakes side to side, i can see the aluminum dashboard (the black area) flex. i'm guessing that the setup itself is very top heavy, causing excessive movement in the mounts.
  14. Starcraft Fishmaster 196

    i had a 2012 superfisherman that had tracks on it from the factory. before i used them, i made sure they were solid. i'm glad i checked... they were only screwed to the gunwales. not bolted, and no backer plates or washers. if yours came with tracks from the factory, check em first!