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  1. i'd be interested in the itroll if you decide to separate.
  2. i opened the box, there is a filter in there already installed on the housing. there is also 2 more brass fittings (straight) for a total of 6 fittings. so you'll get the housing with filter, and new spare filter, and 6 brass fittings. all brand new, never installed.
  3. racor 120r-rac-01 fuel/water separator with an extra filter element (assuming it comes with one inside the box, i've never opened it) and some brass fittings. $70 tyd, paypal only.
  4. dt5150

    Removing hardtop

    that one is for sale here locally and i remembered seeing that picture. i was thinking that the OP was referring to one of these. if it were me, i'd sell it any buy something else without that weird step-down/up. too much time and money and potential for problems messing with that hardtop. if you're a yan-fan, maybe an outrage or similar model?
  5. dt5150

    Removing hardtop

    is it one of these?
  6. pm's returned. holsters sold net holders sold berts drink holder sold