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  1. dt5150

    TROPHY Boat recommendations

    i worry more about people falling out, not so much about waves come in. my daughter fell out of my old boat some years back. wasn't leaning against the side, but a wake rolled through causing her to lose her balance and stumble a bit. in doing so, it moved her up against the port side, then the 2nd wake/wave rolled the boat and over she went. that was a tracker pro guide v-16 sc. gunnels were knee high on me. also knew of a local guy who went overboard while leaning over the side hooking up a downrigger. same scenario.. wave came by, swimmin.
  2. dt5150

    TROPHY Boat recommendations

    i bought a crestliner eagle 2450. i want to say it's 36 or 38" deep on the inside, i can't remember exactly. when i lean against the side, it hits me high thigh, just about ball level, and i'm 6' tall. when i lean over the transom, it's belt buckle high. you almost can't fall out of that thing, you'd have to jump. the 2 things i didn't like about the trophy were the inside depth and the stock seats were terribly uncomfortable. if that boat had been deeper on the inside, i likely would've bought it and just put better seats in it. the ones i looked at were early to mid 2000s models. those and the stripers were almost the same boats really. extremely similar. i don't have a pic of myself, but for reference this is my uncle who is about 5'9. the sides hit him at about the belt buckle when he leans against them.
  3. dt5150

    TROPHY Boat recommendations

    i looked at a couple trophys and a seaswirl striper before i bought my current rig. there were things i liked about them but in the end i just didn't like how shallow they were, or how low the gunnels were. when i lean up against the sides or back of my boat, i want it to hit me at about mid-thigh or higher. both the trophy and the striper hit me just about at the top of my knee caps. i didn't like that at all. i really like the higher sides, which is one of the reasons i bought my current rig, super deep on the inside.
  4. how about a 28' baha for 8k? https://glensfalls.craigslist.org/boa/d/1987-baha-cruiser/6708948794.html
  5. dt5150

    Crestliner Eagle Owners.. Fuel Sending Unit

    interesting.. thanks for the tip. i'll definitely give em a good look while i have it apart.
  6. dt5150

    Crestliner Eagle Owners.. Fuel Sending Unit

    thanks relaxer. so if i understand right, the vent hose was just sagging, kind of drooped, and all you did was make the hose more taught?
  7. dt5150

    Crestliner Eagle Owners.. Fuel Sending Unit

    thanks sylvan. no access panel on mine unfortunately.. gonna have to pull the floor. i'm gonna have it winterized first before i start the tear down, i don't know how long the job is going to take me to finish so i figure i'll get that done first in case it takes me a while. deer season is here so i tend to blow things off to go hunting mine's a pain to gas up.. have to trickle the fuel in so it doesn't come out of the vent or erupt out of the filler neck. takes forever. i'd love to fix that problem too while i have it apart.. but i don't know what the fix is.
  8. i'd be interested in the itroll if you decide to separate.
  9. i opened the box, there is a filter in there already installed on the housing. there is also 2 more brass fittings (straight) for a total of 6 fittings. so you'll get the housing with filter, and new spare filter, and 6 brass fittings. all brand new, never installed.
  10. racor 120r-rac-01 fuel/water separator with an extra filter element (assuming it comes with one inside the box, i've never opened it) and some brass fittings. $70 tyd, paypal only.