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  1. thanks for the input. I was thinking the cutting board underneath would provide a wide stable base to bolt the feet to as well as give me a little surface area to put utensils on while cooking. thanks for the info on the bracket, sounds like it's made good n solid.
  2. good idea. do you leave them in the foil at all or just put em on the grill? i've had the grill for a while and have never used it. figured it'd be great for the boat. everything tastes better outdoors for some reason
  3. thanks magill. my plan was to buy 1 or 2 cutting boards (depending on thickness) big enough to fit the grill on, bolt the feet of the grill to the board, and then attach the board to that universal bracket that goes in the tracks. pretty simple and should work well i would think. how do you make your bfast burritos?
  4. Track mounted BBQ grill i have a weber q series grill that i would like to mount using the tracks on my gunnels. i was thinking of buying one of the traxstech universal brackets to use as the track mount, then attaching a large cutting board to it for the grill to sit on (feet bolted through the cutting board). seems like it would work well.. just wondering if anyone else had done something similar or has any other ideas. thanks! traxstech universal bracket http://shop.traxstech.com/Universal-bracket-RWL-100.htm
  5. thanks guys. rusty, sent you a pm.
  6. WTB: Otter Boats looking for a pair of otter boats if anyone has some they'd be willing to part with. would most likely need to have them shipped since i live in nh. thanks!
  7. i'll take them if they're not already sold, and if you'll ship.
  8. regardless of make, the throttle controllers are worth their weight in gold!
  9. thanks guys. I need to close this thread, I ended up buying a crestliner eagle a few weeks ago. I appreciate the heads up though!
  10. just found these berts pulleys. these might work, depending on how long the bolt shank is (if its long enough to go through the hardtop). cheap enough... http://berts-tackle.shptron.com/p/pulley-kit?pp=8
  11. WTB: Planer board pulleys looking for a pair of clamp-on planer board pulleys. brand doesn't matter.
  12. I've had all 3 brands, itroll makes the best unit hands down.