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  1. how warm are those suits?
  2. pm inbound. do you happen to have a pic of the controller?
  3. lms unit and structurescan module are now on ebay.
  4. lms unit still available. structurescan module still available. stereo face plate cover still available.
  5. year? make? model? length?
  6. antenna mount is sold. antenna is gone. lms unit sold pending funds. structurescan module and stereo face plate are still available.
  7. i'll take em if you'll do $25 shipped.
  8. Shakespeare vhf antenna mount, stainless. $10 SPF
  9. Misc. boat stuff lowrance lms-335c df with mounting bracket/knobs, cover, lowrance gps antenna (spud mount), power cord and some network cables. no transducer. $100 marine stereo faceplate/cover, black. $5 Shakespeare vhf antenna mount, stainless. $10. Sold Shakespeare 8' vhf antenna. taped around the base, cable has been cut so no plug on the end, but a new plug can be spliced on. Free. Gone lowrance structurescan hd module with power cord. no transducer. $100
  10. yeah i'd hate to see that baby cut up... don't do it! someone will bring her back to life.
  11. the starcraft forum section on iboats.com has a ton of guys doing and looking for projects.
  12. ok, sounds good. shoot me a pm when you get a chance and i'll send you my paypal info.