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  1. I have a 2012 superfisherman with an etec 115ho i'm looking to sell as well.
  2. i have a 2012 superfisherman 186 for sale. http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing-hunting/topic/58369-2012-starcraft-superfisherman-186/?hl=superfisherman
  3. found another rig I'd like to pursue. $28k without the hds, or $27k without the hds and fishing equipment. I would leave the power cord and xducer in place so all you would need is any hds head unit.
  4. all winterized for the season and tucked away for hibernation.
  5. i'm going to be winterizing and putting her to bed in the next week or 2. if anyone wants to check it out before then, please let me know.
  6. yes, 6" brace height. here's the specs.. Specs Brace Height 6" IBO Speed 360 fps Draw Weight 50, 60, 70 Effective Let-Off 80% Draw Length 24-30" Kinetic Energy 100.7 ft-lbs Axle to Axle 31" Mass Weight 4.4 MSRP $999
  7. yup.. "or, will sell bare bow with just the loop, peep and kisser button for $525."
  8. 2014 rpm 360, 50-60 lb limbs (set at 60), 28.5" draw (easily adjusted without mods or a press), right handed, with aftermarket grips (also have the stock grip). excellent shape. fast, smooth shooting bow. will sell as pictured for $675 with a tight spot quiver, trophy ridge react 5 pin sight, trophy ridge revolution 2 drop away rest, octane stabilizer, string loop, kisser button, and peep sight. or, will sell bare bow with just the loop, peep and kisser button for $525. this bow was super tuned at brian's archery in barrington nh last year and still shoots like a laser. paypal only please. prices are tyd.
  9. probably the most common reason, looking to go bigger. but also want a hardtop. looking for a late 90s to 2002 22' islander hardtop or a campion explorer 672 hardtop.
  10. bump.. i'll also include a riviera planer board mast with kachman automatic reels, and a set of amish outfitter boards with shock cords. the hds 8 in the pics died so i sent it in to lowrance for replacement. i opted to upgrade to an hds 9 gen 3 which i just got. i really like this unit and i'd like to keep it, but i suppose it could be negotiated. I just got it though and really like it, ideally i'd like to put it in the next boat. riggers and mounts along with the rod holders could be worked out as well (mixture of berts and traxstech mounts and rod holders. riggers are just cannon ez troll manuals).