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  1. I use mine at Sandy Hook, NJ during Striper season. You can go online to Navionics.com create routes and save them to your account. you then can download them to a card and transfer the routes to the Sonar nit. if you use HDS units you can watch the video on how to to so. I do not recommend creating long routes on the HDS unit as i have experienced where the route cut across land and i didn't see it on the small display. Lowrance recommends doing them online. I have created routes from wave points while marking bait balls and fish. I would troll around looking for markings and create wave points for them when i think i have enough i create a route and when it asks to use the wave points i select the ones i created save it as some name. i can use that route to troll all day forward and reverse. you can setup s turns zig zags and spiral circles if you wish. It makes fishing so much easier alone, or even better with the in experienced passengers. I can set 8 lines and sit back and wait for the rods to pop off. when stripers would hit i stop navigation and just select hold heading to keep tension on the lines. someone always watches for traffic and if you need to disengage quickly there is a oh Sh_t button the dash its RED you hold it and your back in command! If you have the Lowrance HDS unit and i think the TI gen 2 models or Simrad units this is the bomb. If you have any questions feel free to ask attached are Images of the new dashboard and installation of the auto pilot unit. you will have to open the back wall a bit and i just built a 3 inch extension around it then mounted all the electronic boxes and NMEA network there. If you know basic wiring and can follow instruction you can install this all yourself save a bunch of money. The image of the fish was that girls first Striper and I attribute that to the electronics we chased these beasts for 5 years and tis year we were on them! Thank You Lowrance
  2. I have the exact same model. I love it. i lost a cylinder head this year but other than that she sips fuel and runs well. I recently added new electronics and Autopilot. With the NMEA network I can monitor trim tabs, fuel rate and tank level from my HDS Carbon unit. Just replaced head liner in Cuddy replaces all wiring and fuses to new blade style. I had this out on the ocean in some wicked waves and it did well
  3. They doo offer a tilt add on look for NAVICO and you should be able to find it. I installed the cable version over Winter because as many mention when you ask someone to steer you end up with a mess of tangled lined I bought ming for $1299.00 in addition to a build a boat kit which had 2 HDS9 Carbon units sound system and speakers along with external GPS antenna( not needed autopilot has one in the kit) and NMEA 2000 network starter kit. I can say I love it i can go out alone to the ocean and hit a button to hold heading set my lines and once complete set routes to troll . All you have to do is watch for others! I installed it on an 89 Penn Yan Tour 212
  4. Check out Lowrance Website they have 2 models. I have the Cable version, there is also a hydraulic for those with equipped steering.Works with HDS and [email protected] models. Onece you get one you will not be disappointed! https://www.lowrance.com/globalassets/lowrance/about-us/2019-lowrance-catalog-us.pdf
  5. dbitting

    Unknown Leak!

    support the boat on the trailer and fill it with water. support to handle the water load while testing. I found each rivet that caused water to enter my boat this way
  6. For those who may have known this boat while it was traveling the waters of Lake Ontario I wanted to share the updates and changes made to it since its new inland home. I have since learned to sew. I completely created a new enclosure. Replaced all the gauges and installed 2 Lowrance HDS Carbon 9 displays while also teaching myself AutoCad to lay out the dash. Replaced all the switches added Lowrance Autopilot and sound system. The Bennett trim tabs are now monitored through the Lowrance display. Pinpoint Compass / GPS antenna for more accurate navigation. i installed an IPod/ Phone DOC for music and out of the weather. Re-carpeted the cuddy with burgundy automotive carpeting (WIP). removed one Cannon Downrigger and added Scotty mounts and Triple holders. Sadly some of my photos were not compatible for uploading. If i can correct this i will resend them. I just ordered Stainless Steel tubing to make a semi hard top enclosure so now i have to work on my TIG skills. Aside of losing a cylinder head this year this has been a very good boat for me great on fuel runs like a champ and even handled a wave over the bow and up over the bimini top to crash on the deck. It was enough to turn us and the boat following around and head back to the dock to fish another day. I hope you enjoy! I am looking to get back up there and do some fishing this Summer if anyone know the area well enough to join me on a weekend trip you are more than welcome to come aboard. IMG_0504.mov IMG_0506.MOV IMG_0547.mov IMG_0548.mov IMG_0572.mov IMG_0575.mov IMG_0640.mov
  7. Good Morning Everyone, Since I am 4+ hours from the Lake I wanted to reach out and see what are the MOST productive lures to fish the lake this time of year. Last year i purchase a 21" PennYan all setup to fish the lake and the seller had included some rods in the deal. I have the riggers and a wire spooled rod some great electronics installed along with all the tackle i use locally for striper and catfish. We are looking to make a trip up to the lake however it will be based on the weather here. If the rivers and ocean are too messed up locally we are going to shoot for a trip to Oswego and try our luck there. It looks like this weekend will be as bad here as up there o id like to get the gear ready for possible next weekend. Remember I am not a local so be gentle
  8. I have a 19ft Seaswirl Striper with 2 cannon lake troll riggers 90 hp with 40 gallon fuel capacity. i have trolling rods etc. not sure of the tackle though most i have is for the smaller trout species so i will have to look into what may be needed for this area. Thank You,
  9. Looking for some tips and tactics, tackle for fishing the lake for trout / salmon in the Oswego area. I have fished the lake for small mouth years back. I was up to Rochester last year for some training and while i was there we chartered a boat for some evening lake trout fishing. Though it was an evening 4 hour trip the captain maid it very productive for us. I am looking to try for a trip up there in the next couple weeks. just to inform you I am green when it comes to fishing the lake so be gental. Thank You
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