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  1. Thanks for the info Kevin Farrell and Paige386. I appreciate it!!
  2. Just curious about the water level in Fairhaven Bay. Is the water still really high and all the private docks under water again? and did they lift the no wake law from last year? Thanks!
  3. 2.3 to 2.5 has been my go to speed for the last 15 years. However, after a tip from a charter boat I cut my rigger leads in half. Kept them at 10' both low light and high light (bright afternoons) and I doubled my rigger hits this year. Before I was running 20 to 40' leads (40' in bright sun) Im now sold that the rigger torpedoes attract fish and you don't need long leads in bright sun light.
  4. one spoon has over produced for me all summer and now again last week. I could not keep this spoon in the water the other day when we were out in 600' of water. I had this parked 40 feet above an Atommik stud meat rig and it took 14 hits and we boated 8 adults on it. Not sure what its called but fat nancys has them. Make sure you get the one that has the glow stripe on the bottom. There are several variations of this spoon but this one has the glow stripe on the bottom and out fishes all of them. It even out fished all of my true "go to" spoons this year. Since your going to Fairhaven, I fished out of there the second and third week of July and this spoon was on fire there too!!
  5. Finished up 5 days of fishing out of Oswego. Fish are all out deep. From 450 to 600’ with 600 being the best. Very few in shallower and even fewer staging out front. Meat and spoons were the ticket. Temp is at 70’ down. Many meat bites coming on the deep rigger parked at 100 with many spoon bites coming on the high rigger at 65’. Our biggest king was 24 pounds with most in the high teens. Seems the fish are a few weeks behind schedule as they are still out deep feeding.
  6. Been fishing out of Oswego the last 3 days. Fish are scattered from 200-500 feet of water. There also coming from the ice water. Meat in 42 degree water has taken 90 % of our fish. A couple spoon bites.. Can’t buy a flasher fly bite. Nothing big yet for kings. All about the same in the high teens and low 20’s. Not seeing any staging fish yet. We will get 1 more day in tomorrow before the big cold front comes through with big NW winds tomorrow evening and big waves Thursday and Friday.
  7. Thanks Gambler. Will be out tomorrow and all week out of Oswego. Ill post what we do.
  8. Gambler, is it time to start putting a J-plug or two out in the marks out of temp??
  9. I will be up Sunday to fish the week as well between Oz and Fairhaven. I’ll post findings as well. Have heard fish are scattered from 200 all the way out to 500 feet. Hopefully the upcoming SW wind will help
  10. I hope so. Im up all next week fishing out of Oswego. River guys are all excited, Douglaston posted that a few fish have bean caught the last couple morning. Maybe they are starting to stage early this year?? Going back to a South West wind by the weekend.
  11. Started fishing in 325’ of water and only managed a couple small steelhead. Trolled back in to the 200-250’ foot range and started marking small pods of bait with fish in them up high in the 50’ range. Put a rigger and spoon at 55’ down and we started catching kings. We went 12 for 14 all on spoons. Temp at 55’ was 63 degrees. They were out of temp at the top of the bait pods feeding. Nothing huge for kings, all in the mid to high teens. But we had a blast.
  12. Was out tonight off of fairhaven. Had 50 degree water down 70 feet so temp did come up a little.
  13. I don’t think so. Last evening I had 50 degrees down 85 feet. 2nd day of the northeast wind.
  14. Wow. Any specific meat rig?? I’ve been running green glow in the morning and the stud meat rig in bright sun with limited success.
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