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    All Atommiks always Kevin's secret Hammer lime live Stud fly
  2. I also bought a Helix 10 with all the bells and whistles this summer and it blows my Lowrance units out of the water. While trolling I can see all 4 downrigger weights in the water column. I can watch the fish arches move in real time towards the downrigger weights. But the most impressive thing to me is the 3rd picture i posted. We were jigging two rods with tiny shiners and a single 1 ounce weight on it for suspended trout in one of my local lakes. You could make out the weight and the shiner and watch the trout swim right up to the shiner and hit it. It was amazing. We caught a couple dozen trout doing this. It was like playing a video game!!
  3. West troll we were doing 3.5 to 4.0 to maintain 2.3 down speed. East troll for us we kept the motor at an idle because the current was pushing us 2.5 to 3 all on its own. A North -South troll was best and easy to maintain our 2.3 we like troll at.
  4. Luckily no. But i heard on the radio while out trolling that someone at the dock had their boat broken into. The city is happy to take your money but now they are cutting all the extras like security and fish cleaning.
  5. Oswego 8/20-8/23 Oswego fishing was awesome before the cold front went through. The mother load of salmon was out there from 90' to 120' of water. Atommik meat on the Atommik stud meat rig in the sun or the atomic meat rig in glow green in low light was on fire. Also white green dot spinny with stud fly in the sun and glow hammer and glow green flies on a glow green spinny in low light was also on fire. Could not buy a bite on a spoon. 500 copper with meat was best rig for us. Sonar pic below was basically how it was both days we could get out before the front came through. We lost a couple bruisers at the boat. both. Its to bad this front messed the fishing up but thats Lady O for you. Oh, and also love my new hummingbird sonar. It absolutely kicks my Lowrances butt with picture quality and live tracking of targets. We could watch the fish swim up to the rigger torpedoes and watch them hit!! Two thumbs down to the city of Oswego for getting rid of security for the docks and not hiring a full time fish cleaner at the fish cleaning station this year.
  6. J-Plugs

    Thanks tuffishooker. Im up fishing all next week. I will deffinetly be putting on out in the spread
  7. Looks like a "squadron" of kings on your sonar pic. Its only going to get better as the kings head home! Ill be up for all of next week. Can't wait!!
  8. J-Plugs

    Oh ok. Thanks
  9. J-Plugs

    Yankee troller, Whats the best size for this time of the year?? I know there are 3 different sizes to j plugs, i'm just never sure what size to run.
  10. Bout Time, Still mostly a meat bite or are flies starting to work better yet?? Two weeks ago it was mostly a meat bite for us.
  11. Fairhaven Been fishing out of Fairhaven the last week and a half and fishing has been fantastic. If your looking for kings, east or west of port from 300' out to 500'. Start any shallower and fishing is spotty. I have been a fly guy for the last 10 plus years but let me tell you meat is definitely the way to go right now. Meat out fished flies and spoons on my boat 6 to 1. However flies (atommik stud fly) did take my two biggest kings this week at 25 and 26 pounds. It took a while but I think I finally have the meat Riggs tuned in. Unfortunately there is a big north wind blow forecasted for the next two days so ice water is on its way in from Canada. Last evening I had 50 degrees down 60 feet over 300 feet of water. Browns are also plentiful in shallower water.
  12. Wind!

    Temp was at 60' over 350' today.
  13. Launch at turtle cove. I launched there last week. It's high, but it's a safe launch.
  14. Shout out to Bay Side Marina in Fairhaven Just wanted to give a shout out to Scott and Dave at Bayside Marina. Very nice people willing to help fix a seized up alternator as fast as possible so as not to loose vacation and fishing time. If you ever need boat repairs stop and see them. They will take good care of you!!
  15. Thanks guys. I'm at Bayside marina. They have been great to work with. Turns out i have a hard to find altenator. I have been all over Lake Ontario trying to find the correct replacement. Finally found one at West Marine in Rochester. Drove out and picked it up this morning. Hopefully back on the water Monday.