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  1. Are you guys up there this summer for your usual trip??
  2. LCX 112C Head Unit large 10.4 inch display 2 card slots In excellent condition. Low hours of use. $350 or BO LCX 25C Head Unit good shape 1 card slot $150 or BO 200/50 MGZ transducer never out of the box $100
  3. Anyone have any interest in buying an older LCX 25 and or a LCX112C?? Just curious if anyone out there is looking for either one of these units. I have one 50/200 transducer but do not have the power cable for them. Lowrance still sells them. B/O
  4. steelfire

    Huminbird Helix 7 ice fishing unit

    Thanks Finders Keepers. I just purchased the unit. Its back ordered a few weeks. Cant wait to use it. Of course we need safe ice first!
  5. Has anyone tried this unit that came out last year?? Im thinking about buying one for ice fishing then mounting it on my boat in the summer just for GPS/mapping.
  6. steelfire

    What do you consider a trophy steelhead?

    Mine and my Wifes personal best Steelhead. Caught way back in 1995 with Kevin Davis. My wife caught the male Steelie (top fish) that was just shy of 21 pounds. Then I caught the female (bottom fish) that was 20 pounds. Both on egg sacks both from the same hole on the Oswego River. Both fish caught about 20 minutes apart. Only two Steelhead I have ever kept in 29 years of fishing Lake Ontario. That was back in the days of true giant Steelies. I have yet to see any or hook any close to that size on the Lake or in the Rivers.
  7. steelfire

    Fish finder recommendations

    Look at the Hummingbird Helix series. I changed over from Lowrance to Humminbird two years ago and it was the smartest thing I have done in years. My Humminbird Helix 10 sees everything and you will wish you had gotten rid of your Lowrance years ago. Theres no comparison. And no, I don't work for Humminbird. LOL
  8. steelfire


    Sorry for the lack of reports. While I was up there I stopped fishing as my good friend, fishing guide Kevin Davis passed away from a long battle with cancer. It has shaken me to the core. So to answer the above questions, the lake did flip while were there on Tuesday. Temp was 45 degrees down 40 feet. We did fish the inside water and found mature kings and browns in 40' of water. After 2.5 days of fishing we boated 12 kings and 8 Browns and missed a bunch more. All the Kings we caught were cookie cutter 18-20 pounders. Nothing big. Meat was on fire for the Kings and Stingers in natural colors took the Browns and 2 kings. Down speed on the meat was nothing faster than 2.3. I left today and I know many of the charter boats boxed out for kings this morning in 2 hours. Waves were to big for us to fish. The big west wind has blown the mother load of kings into the Oswego area. You guys fishing this weekend should have an awesome trip. Atommik Stud fly meat rig, Atommik hammer time meat rig and the cannon ball meat rig were all working good. Also took a couple shots on the hammer live lime fly and glow stud fly behind a white green dot spinny. Good luck guys this weekend!!!
  9. steelfire


    Unfortunately We are leaving Friday We leave earlier on Thursday. This big blow coming tonight may last through Thursday. Now. Fishing was really good for us last evening as we boxed out in 400 feet of water. Meat was the ticket. This morning we got blown off early as we had 20 + mph off shore winds We had 41 degrees water down 60 feet.
  10. steelfire


    Out today at 05:30. Weather forecast was wrong. Sustained winds 15 to 20 south east. Out In 300 feet of water we had 3 footers with occasional 4’s throw. In. To one 20 pound king on a flasher fly. Got tired of being beat up and went in and caught and released a doz. Browns. Ack out this afternoon. Weather looks bad for the next 2 days.
  11. steelfire


    Excellent!! Thanks for the report. Heading up tomorrow for the week.
  12. steelfire


    Awesome. Thanks!! Ill post live updates next week when I'm up.
  13. steelfire


    Excellent!! Thanks P3434
  14. Sounds like a lot of guys struggled this weekend. It can only get better!