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  1. Thanks Sk8man and jig stick. Believe it or not, my number 1 spoon for summer steelies has been the NBK. I do great on the kings and browns but struggle with summer steelies.
  2. Can never go wrong with green glow day or night, bright or cloudy out!!
  3. Thanks for all the info guys! I haven't had much success with free sliders for some reason. But i know when the thermocline is set up around 100' down and i'm seeing Marks on the sonar from 60 to 70' down that those are usually steelhead. I have had some success with the fourth down rigger parked just above the high marks but not as many as I should be hitting. Just curious if anyone else targets those higher marks.
  4. He is sold out of the meat but still has the meat rigs available. Most of the bait shops have meat all summer long but just not the quality that atommik sells.
  5. Atommik meat rigs are the best by far. Its all I use. He also sells meat in late spring but sells out fast. Check out his web page.
  6. I have 4 down riggers on my boat. During the summer 3 are always dedicated to fishing for kings. But the 4th i usually dedicate to steelhead down around 70 feet or where ever i'm seeing the higher sonar marks where the steelies usually hang out. Does anyone else do this and if so, how far behind the down rigger weight do you run your lure??? I have had luck at anywhere from 10' behind the weight to 50', but nothing is consistent.
  7. Orange belly, you would need an older power cord to fit this one. Let me look around my cellar. I might have a spare one somewhere.
  8. Same two weeks that we will be there! We will see you then
  9. LCX 112C Head Unit large 10.4 inch display 2 card slots In excellent condition. Low hours of use. $350 or BO LCX 25C Head Unit good shape 1 card slot $150 or BO 200/50 MGZ transducer never out of the box $100
  10. Anyone have any interest in buying an older LCX 25 and or a LCX112C?? Just curious if anyone out there is looking for either one of these units. I have one 50/200 transducer but do not have the power cable for them. Lowrance still sells them. B/O
  11. Thanks Finders Keepers. I just purchased the unit. Its back ordered a few weeks. Cant wait to use it. Of course we need safe ice first!
  12. Has anyone tried this unit that came out last year?? Im thinking about buying one for ice fishing then mounting it on my boat in the summer just for GPS/mapping.
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