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  1. Does anyone have a pic of the glow Roy Boy? I have heard a lot about this spoon lately but can't find one.
  2. Ditto for me to except I use a small Boggs grip attached to the fish tied off to the boat. I let them swim behind the boat for a few minutes until they are shaking their head. Then I let them go. Very rarely does a fish not swim off in good shape. No floaters.
  3. Late start this morning. Out at 07:30. Fished 150-250. 3 for 7. Had the dropsies on the meat Riggs. Atommik stud meat rig took most off the shots. Very surprised at the mostly blank screen with very little bait around and very few marks. I had 50 degrees down 80’. Called it quits at noon due to the heat. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Green dot white spinny fires all day from dark to sunset. It always works. match it with an Atommik Stud fly, UV190 or Kevin special and thats all you usually need to be successful for the day.
  5. Agree 100%. this time of the year (summer time) we are usually fishing down around 100', i keep mine 10' back at the longest. If I'm above 75' fishing depth, then i let them back a little further.
  6. Chrome spinny with chartreuse dots White spinny with green dots Jacks pretty girl Basically in the bright sun, anything with chrome, green, or chartreuse will always work. But I have also had a ton of luck with double green glow in the sun too. That flasher will always work dark or bright out.
  7. Also Try putting a little Kosher salt in the meat container you keep them in on the boat. It toughens up the skin and they last longer. Especially if your having a slow day.
  8. Thanks for the info guys!! Ill check them all out!
  9. Whats everyone using for the latest and greatest Salmon down rigger rod reels?? I have been using Daiwa Accudepth 57 line counters for the last 25 years and they are finally wearing out. I'm Looking to upgrade. Thanks for any info!!
  10. Well I'm not an ANGRY maga supporter, but I am tired of dealing with COVID19 and all the death and family destruction it has brought, and of those people who think its a joke and a super secret goverment plot against them. Your comment fit right in with many others I have read.
  11. Well apparently I wasn't the only one who missed your sarcasm. But if it was just sarcasm, my apologies then.
  12. Well in my line of work, I dealt with and treated many, many who had the hoax and died from it. Just because it dosent happen to you, dosent mean its a hoax!!
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