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  1. Nice!! We will be up a week later than usual this year, 7/22 to 8/5. Last spring I did really well on Browns about 4 miles East of the bay towards Oswego. There are a couple small creeks that come in down there and they stained the water green. Find the green water and you will find the Browns. Every time we went through the green water we would have 5 or 6 fish on. We also bumped into a couple spring kings down there. Keep that area in mind if your out looking for Browns.
  2. Will you guys be up again this summer??
  3. yup. it worked now. probably my computer having issues on my end. Thanks for doing the super bowl pool!!
  4. Yes I meant the 50/50. I clicked on the first post on the 50/50 and nothing happened. Thank you for doing this. I'm running the Go fund me page for Kevin, so if anyone has any question about the go fund page you can me ask me here. Thank you everyone!!!
  5. where is the link???
  6. Hi Guys. Not sure if this allowed on here or not but I posted it anyways. This is a go fund me link for Oswego guide Kevin Davis to help him battle stage 4 colon cancer. Kevin is well known and one of the best river and lake trout and salmon guides on lake Ontario. Please click on the link and all the info is there. Also please feel free to share!! Thanks!!
  7. Rigging tracks on Starcraft Islander

    Its a 9.9 Mercury 4 stroke. I Can't remember the name of the mounting bracket as its been on for 10 years. The marina installed it for me. sorry. 9.9 pushes it up to 6 mph at full throttle
  8. WHY!!! Fishing certian color flasher

    Do you ever mix your flashers? Run a couple spin doctors and a couple Chips in the same pattern or do you run all of the same kind?
  9. WHY!!! Fishing certian color flasher

    Yes sir!! white green dot is always out in my pattern. I even used it with meat rigs this summer and that was on fire too!! Also white green dot and the regular and glow stud fly took 65% of my kings this year. Cant wait for this summer because I feel I now have definite go to flasher fly/meat rigs I can run anytime with full confidence!!
  10. WHY!!! Fishing certian color flasher

    Not sure if anyone else has had luck with this but, the White green dot crush glow with glow flys was really hot for me the last two years in the mid day bright sun. Anyone else have luck with glows in bright sun??
  11. Rigging tracks on Starcraft Islander

    Heres mine. I run 4 big Jon riggers, 4 big Jon dipsy rod holders and the Great Lakes Planers Charter Captains deluxe rod rack system with lights and two planner board reels

    All Atommiks always Kevin's secret Hammer lime live Stud fly
  13. I also bought a Helix 10 with all the bells and whistles this summer and it blows my Lowrance units out of the water. While trolling I can see all 4 downrigger weights in the water column. I can watch the fish arches move in real time towards the downrigger weights. But the most impressive thing to me is the 3rd picture i posted. We were jigging two rods with tiny shiners and a single 1 ounce weight on it for suspended trout in one of my local lakes. You could make out the weight and the shiner and watch the trout swim right up to the shiner and hit it. It was amazing. We caught a couple dozen trout doing this. It was like playing a video game!!
  14. West troll we were doing 3.5 to 4.0 to maintain 2.3 down speed. East troll for us we kept the motor at an idle because the current was pushing us 2.5 to 3 all on its own. A North -South troll was best and easy to maintain our 2.3 we like troll at.
  15. Luckily no. But i heard on the radio while out trolling that someone at the dock had their boat broken into. The city is happy to take your money but now they are cutting all the extras like security and fish cleaning.