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  1. Has a down payment on it as of today.
  2. I do not have hour counters on either motor. Boat has been used about 3 weeks a year fishing for kings on lake Ontario. Kicker motor has very low hours as I just use it for Massachusetts lakes that have to be 20 HP or less. With out trying to sound like a scam or bad salesman, they are both in great shape, well maintained and have low usage. Every year preventive maintenance is done on both.
  3. Thank you! It took many years for me to get it fully outfitted. I hate to see her go but I lost one fishing partner and my other fishing partner is headed to college soon. I'm downgrading to a smaller boat I can launch by myself at my area lakes.
  4. For sale fully loaded 2005 Star Craft Islander and trailer $20,000 Purchased in 2006 new as a left over. I/O 135 hp 3.0 Mercruiser Lower unit taken out and fully serviced in 2019 9.9 4 stroke Mercury kicker purchased in 2008 (low hours) Used in freshwater only 32 Gallon livewell 34 gallon fuel tank Dual batteries with power board and dual battery switch 4 electric Big Jon Captains pak down riggers fully refurbished in 2018 Great Lakes Planners charter captain deluxe rod holder system with docking spot lights and planner board reels. (2 Big Jon otter boards included) Marine radio Blue tooth stereo system Porta potty in cuddy 2 sonar units Humminbird Helix 10 chirp SI GPS G2N Huminbird Helix 7 All season chirp GPS G2N (all season model can also be used ice fishing). Fish Hawke X4D with 2 probes. 2 Big Jon Heavy duty dipsy rod holders Full Canvas replaced in 2019 Swim step with ladder Many extra will go with this boat There are a few minor scratches and dings on the boat from battling king salmon on Lake Ontario. *** King salmon down rigger, dipsy, and copper rod and reel combos available separately if interested. Lake Ontario trolling weights and other tackle also available separately. *** Boat will be available May 1st after I get her out of winter storage. *** PM me here if your interested. Serious inquiries only please.
  5. Mexico! Fish getting ready to run the salmon river are now staging between Mexico and Port Ontario
  6. Yes it pretty easy to operate. Like any unit, you need to learn it but the good thing about Humminbird is that there are a ton of you tube videos that go in depth on how the settings work. I'm not the smartest guy in the world, but it only took me one time out playing with all the settings to get use to it. Its fairly simple. Check it out on you tube!
  7. Frogger, I do run a fish Hawk and have had no issues with any interference from it. I have been using the both of them now for over three years and they both work great together.
  8. I have the Helix 10 with chirp, Mega SI Gen 3 for $2000. But if you don't want all the bells and whistles. You can get a Helix 10 that is just sonar and mapping for $1200. I honestly don't use all the side and down scanning when fishing for kings. We just have it to look at the bottom of the lakes we fish to see whats there. At home in Massachusetts, we fish off of the back of my boat with small shiners and a single split shot while anchored. The helix 10 has a jigging mode that is extra sensitive. I can see the shiner and small split shot clear as day down 30' and watch the trout swim up to it and hit it. Its truly an amazing song unit!! Well worth the money. And they have awesome costumer service. And I just use the stock sonar transducer, its all you need. https://humminbird.johnsonoutdoors.com/fish-finders/helix/helix-10-chirp-mega-si-gps-g3n-cho?_ga=2.110792576.424990104.1598706607-1293592427.1528753537 The picture below is the Helix 10 in Jigging mode. The wavy lines are a tiny pin head shiner with two tiny split shots above it. The straight lines under it are 15 inch trout swimming up the bait to check it out. Thats how sensitive this unit is. My Son said it was like playing a video game. LOL
  9. The Humminbird Helix is an awesome unit. I get that same detail when we are out in 600' of water fishing 125' down. I can watch the fish streak up to one of my three riggers on the screen and point to it and tell my crew that the rigger is about to fire. Its truly amazing. I was always a Lowrance guy until about 4 years ago. Lowrance sonar is way behind Humminbird technology wise. The Helix is well worth the money.
  10. We were very happy to catch a couple big adults. Especially With the current conditions and most of the charter boats struggling to find adults. Luck was on our side for a change!! Frogger, this was the screen we had at first light in the same area. We could not get a single hit from that squadron of fish. I threw everything at them and came at them from every direction at every speed possible. They were definitely not interested as not one would streak into the riggers. As soon as the sun came up, they sunk to the bottom. But man, as soon as 5pm came they would shoot up off the bottom and streak through the riggers and hit. It was very weird, I have been fishing the same area and the same time frame for the last 20 years and it was always the opposite, early morning was always a crush fest and the evenings were slow.
  11. Well, we were supposed to be up for a full week of fishing but mother nature had other plans. We got out all day Sunday and Monday but then the winds came and with the rest of the weeks forecast looking bad, we headed home Wednesday. Sadly, the number of targets on the sonar were few and far between and most of the charter boats were only taking a few here and there. Even the boats from Mexico to Port Ontario were all slow. Early on we found a pod of fish in shallow and on the bottom in a 110' of water east of the river. Luckily we choose to stay on those fish a work them hard. It payed off because not many adults were caught by others while we were there in other depths. For some odd reason they would only hit in the evening. Atommik live lime hammer fly in the sun and a Kevin Davis special in the low light. We pounded those fish at first light and all day with nothing happening. Then they would turn on around 5pm and start streaking through the riggers. We ended up landing 7 adults with the biggest being 25.5 pounds. They also wanted the flies faster than I'm use to running them. Down speed of 2.5 to 2.9 was the key. All the eggs were small and tight so I think it will be a while before they start to run. Hopefully more fish start showing up, otherwise its going to be a slooooow river season. Also one other note, the currents are crazy strong right now. Be careful on turns with dipsies and copper out. I run 16 pound torpedos on my riggers and they were being pushed in all kind of different directions with the strong currents.
  12. Does anyone have a pic of the glow Roy Boy? I have heard a lot about this spoon lately but can't find one.
  13. Ditto for me to except I use a small Boggs grip attached to the fish tied off to the boat. I let them swim behind the boat for a few minutes until they are shaking their head. Then I let them go. Very rarely does a fish not swim off in good shape. No floaters.
  14. Late start this morning. Out at 07:30. Fished 150-250. 3 for 7. Had the dropsies on the meat Riggs. Atommik stud meat rig took most off the shots. Very surprised at the mostly blank screen with very little bait around and very few marks. I had 50 degrees down 80’. Called it quits at noon due to the heat. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  15. Green dot white spinny fires all day from dark to sunset. It always works. match it with an Atommik Stud fly, UV190 or Kevin special and thats all you usually need to be successful for the day.
  16. Agree 100%. this time of the year (summer time) we are usually fishing down around 100', i keep mine 10' back at the longest. If I'm above 75' fishing depth, then i let them back a little further.
  17. Chrome spinny with chartreuse dots White spinny with green dots Jacks pretty girl Basically in the bright sun, anything with chrome, green, or chartreuse will always work. But I have also had a ton of luck with double green glow in the sun too. That flasher will always work dark or bright out.
  18. Also Try putting a little Kosher salt in the meat container you keep them in on the boat. It toughens up the skin and they last longer. Especially if your having a slow day.
  19. Thanks for the info guys!! Ill check them all out!
  20. Whats everyone using for the latest and greatest Salmon down rigger rod reels?? I have been using Daiwa Accudepth 57 line counters for the last 25 years and they are finally wearing out. I'm Looking to upgrade. Thanks for any info!!
  21. Well I'm not an ANGRY maga supporter, but I am tired of dealing with COVID19 and all the death and family destruction it has brought, and of those people who think its a joke and a super secret goverment plot against them. Your comment fit right in with many others I have read.
  22. Well apparently I wasn't the only one who missed your sarcasm. But if it was just sarcasm, my apologies then.
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