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  1. fishinfreak

    Wire dipsy reels

    What wire do I buy . It has been years and I forgot what to buy and how to put it on . Thanks to all
  2. fishinfreak

    Wire dipsy reels

    Wire dipsy reels Hi guys I have been out of the game for 3 or 4 years now due to work . I need some now wire dipsy reels . I don't want to spend ato bot I am looking at the peen linecounters for about 109 . Any info or advice would be great . Thanks to all .
  3. fishinfreak

    found a minnow bucket today

    Found a minnow bucket on side of 88w past Belden Hill exit today . Bait was still flopping around so I was hoping the owner was not to far ahead but no luck . If it is yours please PM me and tell me what style and brand so I can get it back to you .
  4. fishinfreak

    RV help

    Looking to buy a new travel trailer and I am looking for advice . I want something about 30 foot with a bunk house . I am reading some bad reviews on Heartland Prowler the one I was looking at . I am also looking at keystone hideout . Any info or reviews would be great .
  5. fishinfreak


    Nothing about Otisco is easy .
  6. fishinfreak

    nav chip for whitney point reservoir .

    Thank you I will . Do you use bouncers with the worm rigs or flat line with weights ?
  7. fishinfreak

    nav chip for whitney point reservoir .

    I will keep at it thanks again to all .
  8. fishinfreak

    nav chip for whitney point reservoir .

    It is not on the list but Lakemaster chips has it . Have you ever use Lakemaster ?
  9. fishinfreak

    nav chip for whitney point reservoir .

    Having a very tough time fishing this place . I think if I stay in the channel I would do better . Do any of the chips have the res on them . Thanks to all .
  10. fishinfreak

    Lost my boy yesterday

    So sorry for your loss . I lost my buddy [ Tater ] last fall . He was a great bird dog . I think of him everyday and even though 6 months have passed I still get sad. It does get easier but I will never forget him as he was my first bird dog. I have hung up my upland gear as well, but someday I hope to get it out again with a new pup. I hope you and your families pain lasts a short time, and I wish you the best. It is truly amazing how something who can't even talk become such a huge part of you. I would give anything for one more day with my bud {Tater}. My situation was very sudden and unexpected as well. So I know and feel your pain.
  11. fishinfreak

    LOU Otisco Walleye Event

    Thank you for the report . I am hopeing to get out next weekend .
  12. fishinfreak

    LOU Otisco Walleye Event

    Who won and what did dec have to say ?
  13. fishinfreak

    Otisco 7-6 walleyes n browns

    When is the derby ? I am on call this weekend so can't fish again . Work sucks in the summer . I wish I could spend some time on that lake to get better.
  14. fishinfreak

    Otisco 7/3 morning troll

    Very nice what side of the lake where you on . I can't fish for two more weekends . Overtime and on call have to make the extra money when I can . Hope to see you on the lake .Thanks again for the night fishing trip . Also have you had much luck with sr-9 shadraps . I just bought a bunch . Also bought some tdd 11 and 9.
  15. fishinfreak

    morning or evening trolling

    What do you guy's like best . I am a morning guy but have not done much evening trolling . I have only done it at night in the dark once not to easy .