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  1. Appreciate it! Very cool video. Does the lake quiet down in early October in terms of fishermen? Or should we hold off til the middle or end of the months.
  2. Hello all. With these crazy times me and my dad canceled our trip this weekend for browns. We were going to be in the Salmon River area trolling the shorelines and the creek mouths near there. The plan is to now think about coming back in the fall. I am not all that pumped about combat fishing in September for Kings with all the other boats. I would prefer to hold off and maybe come up in early or mid October and hope to get into some browns and / or steelies. And maybe a late salmon or 2. Any suggestions on timing for a trip like this? I have heard Lake O's weather can be a little wild in the fall? Any advice would be appreciated! Stay safe!
  3. It is a different fishery but in NH they have made treble hooks with bait illegal when fishing for landlocked salmon. So many of the fish were getting hook wounds after being caught that this is how the state responded. Growth rates are slowed quite a bit if the fish have hook wounds. They also came out with the salmon pledge. https://www.wildlife.state.nh.us/fishing/salmon-pledge.html
  4. Interesting idea about bending the hooks up so they can't foul hook the fish. Any reason for not going up a hook size on the rear hook?
  5. Is it a problem to go up one size on a stick bait? On the 3 hook sticks I have been taking the front hook off and going one size up on the other two. For the two hook sticks I have been upsizing both of the hooks.
  6. Copy that. Will check them out.
  7. Any thoughts about Eagle Claw 3X strong treble hooks?
  8. I appreciate it again guys! Legacy I saw your posts on how you use the same blood run hooks on all your stuff. Thanks for the info on hook color. Orangediablo - thanks for your input on the line............finally starting to see the importance of fluro for its durability.
  9. Appreciate the info guys! Last couple of days I have been looking at all the posts on flouro vs mono and other options like maxima or flouro coated mono and I guess I may be over thinking things a bit. This leads to one more question I have for you guys............it seems like Berkley Big Game is very popular at Lake O. Last year I spooled up with 12 pound BG in the color green (for spring browns). I was then running blue label flouro leaders at about the rod length (10 #). The question I have is does the color of the BG matter? Clear or Green? My leader lengths are right around 9 feet. Thanks ahead of time for any input!
  10. Hello! In the process of getting some stick baits ready for the browns in April. I have looked at the forum and have seen that there are lots of options for what people like to do with the original hooks in terms of up-sizing, removing 1 or more hook and so on. I am curious though about if anyone likes to put trebles that have painted red on their sticks? Fishing for landlocks over in NH I found that the fish liked the red hooks. Just looking for some input about the browns and if hook color seems to be something that affects # of hook ups. This will be my second time up for browns in April. We started putting some pieces together last April and I am looking forward to trying some new techniques this spring! Thanks ahead of time guys for any input on this topic!
  11. Was just wondering what not all riggers instead of using the divers. Or the other way around.
  12. Okay. Thanks for that added detail. Can you just clarify why the riggers and divers now? Instead of one or the other? Does it just revolve around spreading the lines out behind the boat?
  13. Thanks for the information. So you were down about 8 feet then? Curious if anyone uses egg sinkers in front of the leader in order to get lures down about the same distance? Assuming the flexibility with these divers makes them a better choice though? We were using 9 foot noodle rods with spinning reels so I am thinking that those rods would not be able to take the stress from the divers.
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