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  1. What requirement drove you specifically to a walk-around? You definitely give up some overhead cuddy space and in general your cockpit will be narrower on a walk-around.
  2. See post right below yours….doubt you will find just the probe.
  3. I'm not sure I would be too worried about the small list that ensues from a kicker being mounted. There are a lot of ways you could move ballast around to account for the small offset if that's an issue. Between gear, fish coolers, 100 pounds of kings in the cooler at the end of the day. The only time you would probably notice it is in extremely flat seas without wind...ideally you want to mount the kicker as close to center line as you can anyways which minimizes the effective lever arm to reduce the torque about the central axis. The farther out from center its mounted the more of a list you will have.
  4. Balance the boat with your batteries opposite side the kicker is rigged on. If you plan to troll on a kicker its also a good idea to get one with charging capability.
  5. Tow service subscription AND a marine VHF in case your situation turns dire and you need to involve other boats or coast guard. Sometimes depending on your insurance you can add a towing service for a very reasonable cost.
  6. Most boats are always for sale for the right price....If you see something you like go talk to the owner.
  7. Most guys text info to each other rather than broadcasting on VHF anymore...not sure how much help listening to a VHF channel is if you are looking to zone in on some bites...at least based on the conversations I hear while on the water....
  8. Another plug for John Mann who did my canvas when I replaced it a couple years ago - great craftsmanship - impeccable fit and did exactly what I asked. I'm pretty particular about things and he didn't disappoint.
  9. Depends on the access below - I would tackle it from below - as you can cut the old core out, and then recore from below without causing the need for major cosmetic re-work on top - especially if it is a patterned non-skid floor. It's not that hard and you can use resin thickened with cab-o-sil or some other filler to get the core in place. You can then reinforce it from below using overlapping pieces of glass until you get the thickness you need. If done right the repair will be as strong or stronger than the original floor.
  10. Jon's boat is absolutely bullet proof and one of the cleanest boats you will see. Absolute steal here for someone looking for a great boat. Awesome fishability and ready to charter.
  11. Agree with Rick - We have 50/200 KHz thru-hull on the boat as well as have a Garmin Panoptix Transducer on the transom mounted 4" from the FIshHawk - all work as they should. Resistor plugs, and RFI Plug wires certainly help. Also make sure that your extra Fish Hawk Transducer cable isn't just coiled up and sitting next to a bunch of other wires/cables as when the bundle is coiled you can get inductive interference - better to coil the excess then give the bundle a half twist so you have a figure 8 loop - this will minimize any inductive interference that might be present.
  12. Should also be on your registration
  13. From what I have been told they are 100% full...I don't think transient slips are available at this time but call the booth/welcome center for specifics. I just repeating what I was told but you never know.
  14. Every day is different - some days they want the meat rigs - other days they want it clean. Tom Allen (Atommik) will ship if he has it in stock but last I saw he was sold out for the season.
  15. You say any kind of chop more than 1' coming from the side - what kind of boat are you running? If it's a light boat I guess I could see that happening if you are really sliding.
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