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  1. Not just about what could happen to you but based on the Marina you are in if your boat has lines break in a storm and damages someone else’s boat or you hit someone coming into the slip you will want to be protected there too - not hard to do several thousand dollars in damage to someone else’s boat and then have to pay the entire amount out of pocket...
  2. The IJC really should listen to all of us on the water every day - we know more than they do! They should raise lake levels up so we can all get to our docks - don't they know how much revenue we bring in??? When it's high they need to lower it - we have trips to run!!!! This is how 90% of the people on this forum respond. I'm obviously being sarcastic here. The tribs barely had any flow all fall and winter - we are in a mild drought and they ran water this winter - deviated from the plan to lower the possibility of flooding this spring (who knew what mother nature held in her cards 6 months ago?). The IJC headed the call about concerns over high water - and lowered the lake. Unfortunately - mother nature is one of the critical inputs here on the overall supply side - if you don't have runoff the levels will decrease when your supply is less that your outflows - simple flux problem. Runoff, evaporation rates, min/max outflows all contribute. They can only control the lake levels with one parameter - let out more or let out less - no levers to pull on the input side. Is the plan flawed? In my opinion it is - it only looks at the overall level of the lake when determining what the outflows should be across 90% of the expected lake levels - it needs to also consider the overall supply as an input variable or you have a system that doesn't take the rate of change in the levels into consideration which is critical to controlling any watershed - especially so with smaller systems where the timescale of events is more rapid but even at that - the IJC should have known by looking at the rate of change of supply that they were headed for an issue in the high water years. They have some smart people on the board and I'm positive they look at those parameters but when looking at how to distribute the pain across the stakeholders - the riparian stakholders and lake users tend to take the brunt because a slow flood or slow reduction in levels is easier to manage then catastrophically and dangerously flooding out inhabitants downstream. So I think unfortunately that's why we see what we see - we are the stakeholders that minimize the time element of the disaster - as in it happens slow and we can react accordingly. The priorities are shipping and downstream safety.
  3. Could probably buy a pedestal seat base and make one easy enough if you get desperate.
  4. They are 100% coming - it's just a matter of when and to what scale...
  5. It only takes one wave over the transom to ruin your day.....
  6. Mike Yorks at Propeller Works in Canandaigua is your guy!
  7. Not a fan of doing it that way - I know a lot of guys do but for me the overhand knot is the way to go. Once I marry a fly to a flasher they stay together until they stop producing - sometimes they are good for a week, and sometimes all season - depends on the combo.
  8. We only run Atommik flies on our boat...
  9. Never find them - better off going to a guy who can make them if you need them fast. My 2 cents.
  10. Mike Yorks at Propeller Works in Canandaigua https://thepropellerworks.com/
  11. Well Brian - you convinced me I needed a second probe
  12. Definitely will need a well coordinated effort between users of the lakes, towns, municipalities, and lakeshore residents...have a feeling a fight is on the horizon.
  13. Don’t care - silver backs - he needs me to paint up a few for him
  14. Looking for some 3" Evil Eyes - PM me pics of what you have that you would be willing to part with. Any condition...
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