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  1. Canandaigua Lake has some of the biggest pickeral around - north or south ends
  2. Couple good ones in there Jay....
  3. Turns with 2 divers on a side - more gradual than you think you need to turn...those inside divers will get wadded up if you turn too tight - otherwise nothing to add to the conversation that hasn't already been brought up...
  4. Some baits we tune, some we run them right out of the box. I don't run a ton of stickbaits for browns except early in the season for the first few weeks (my boat goes is usually 2nd or 3rd week in April). Usually by 3rd week in May my stickbaits go away but if you get cold water moving back in I will bring them back out. Smithwicks we remove the front hook - I also replace the stock hooks and split rings because the ones of the box are prone to failure. 3 hooks on a stickbait will turn your brown trout into a giant spinner more times than not. Rapalas as mentioned I don't touch, also love running Dave's Kabooms but they sometimes need to be tuned a little. Again hooks get replaced on these - rings are ok. Stingers, DW superslims, and NK Dimple-lites (if you can still find any) will all take piles of BTs right out of the box. Flutter spoons often need to be tuned for speeds you are running.
  5. Hop on someone's boat who uses it - it's really not that hard and I guarantee you will catch 5x the kings on wire as you will on mono.....you just need to be consistent with it and purposeful in your handling of it.
  6. Agree - got Tarnoski written all over it!
  7. It might be there but in the past there have been various channels of communication which all lead to "getting the word out" - between work and personal e-mails I am probably anywhere from 300-600 e-mails per day on average - almost impossible to keep up some days and I do miss things - just nice to have other forms of communication to ensure no one falls through the cracks who is interested in attending.
  8. I always attended the in-person. Usually I feel fairly connected but definitely missed out on this one and would have liked to see it. Do you know if it was recorded and available for re-play?
  9. Can easily replace the with a new guide. Anyone who does rod repair can do this - it's not very difficult. Sometimes finding the exact guide if its a lower end rod can be hard but I imagine on the Telora's they are using something pretty standard. Feel free to message me if you want more details...
  10. What requirement drove you specifically to a walk-around? You definitely give up some overhead cuddy space and in general your cockpit will be narrower on a walk-around.
  11. See post right below yours….doubt you will find just the probe.
  12. I'm not sure I would be too worried about the small list that ensues from a kicker being mounted. There are a lot of ways you could move ballast around to account for the small offset if that's an issue. Between gear, fish coolers, 100 pounds of kings in the cooler at the end of the day. The only time you would probably notice it is in extremely flat seas without wind...ideally you want to mount the kicker as close to center line as you can anyways which minimizes the effective lever arm to reduce the torque about the central axis. The farther out from center its mounted the more of a list you will have.
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