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  1. Finally went through my phone and pulled a few pics and vids off. My son likes making these videos so we work on them together. Hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed the season! https://youtu.be/u67YrPixSUs
  2. Wasn’t directed at you - just making a general statement.
  3. Let's look at it from the customers point of view - you had guys on the boat the day prior handling rods, touching and leaning on everything, using your head etc. Did you sterilize your boat between groups? Probably not - not only putting yourself at a significant risk but also your clients. Charters boats are less clean than most public restrooms that I've seen.
  4. Prop isn't the only thing to consider. Everyone is always looking for the right prop - but truth be told - if you motor isn't at the right height there isn't a prop that will work. When fully trimmed out and at wide open throttle you want about 1/8" of water flowing over the anti-cavitation plate on the outboard. many times dealers set motors up with them way too deep - too much hydrodynamic drag - you will never find the right prop. If you are over propped you will have trouble hitting max RPMs - and this load can be really hard on your powerhead. Under-propped you will hit your rev limiter. Prop your boat for your load. Propgods.com used to be a great resource - not sure if they are still around. Best prop I found for a multi-species boat was a Mercury Tempest Plus prop - can get a hub kit to adapt to any brand outboard.
  5. I bought my current boat 6 years ago and share a bond with the previous owner - got to know him well as he let me stay at his place when I went out for survey and then later for sea-trial and shipping (boat was in Wisconsin). Text him a few times a year and my wife and his wife are FB friends. He knew every nook and cranny of the boat and helped me initially as I was doing some work or just getting to know the boat. They now receive a x-mas card every year and we still text about other stuff quite a bit. Ask questions and get to know the PO of your vessel if you bought it in private sale - well worth it.
  6. Absolutely - such little Return on Investment with the Atlantic’s...hate that they fund someone’s pipe dream. Put the dollars where maximum impact is seen for all users of the Lake Ontario Ecosystem.
  7. Are the Atlantic numbers the typical long term stocking numbers?
  8. They need to be running 10K cubic meters per second all day everyday.....
  9. If your boat is blocked on stands for the winter (I assume it is) - good chance the rudders are hitting the ground when you try and drop them - don't laugh. You might need to dig a hole under the boat (if possible) to get them out...I've removed rudders during storage and had to dig in order to get enough clearance to drop them completely out....
  10. Here are a few vids - as you can see there not everything is edited out - lots of stuff you can glean if you want....
  11. Understand your point - and looking at your post numbers you contribute more than most which is noble. I'm not here to lurk - I'm here to enjoy the forum. My point is not everyone shares everything and I think that's OK. Some guys don't share on a forum but contribute in real time on the water or dock. Guys who seemingly share everything in reality probably don't they just share more than the average guy which gives the perception they share everything. I'm a pretty open guy and am willing to help people for the most part - I've towed in people who are broken down and given up fishing time for that, helped rig up transients with the gear they brought to fish for the weekend to help them get on fish when it was apparent looking at their 17" fly leaders on an 11" paddle that they weren't going to enjoy much success - I walk the docks in storms to make sure everyone's boat is secure and throw extra lines on ones that aren't. Don't judge me by one sentence. Realize that if you ask I will try and answer your questions or point you in the right direction or have a conversation - but I'm not going to spoon feed anyone. I do think taking a charter is the quickest way to learn for guys who are new to the sport - I will stand by that. It's not up to me to shorten anyone else's learning curve - it's up to that individual. If they ask the right questions and show enthusiasm - then I will help them out and share some info to get them pointed in the right direction. Judging by the 1000's of posts I've read on this forum - most people contribute more or less at the same levels as I do. Again I said I edited out a hot rig and all of a sudden I'm an a$$hole and everyone takes exception to that fact which to me is really unbelievable. So many things in videos you can pick up on if you pay attention.
  12. I'm just stating the reality - very few of you guys are any different. Am I selfish? - absolutely. Am I willing to help people? - absolutely. Am I willing to publicly share everything I know on a forum - nope. Years ago I had the attitude that we are all here to help one another out. Perfect example of this is that I was on a good perch bite in the finger lakes and let people know about it on MyFishFinder.com. Detailed report and gave some newbies some tips on the thread. Had been fishing those fish for 3-4 days and not another boat out there. The day after that post - there were over 40 boats on that spot.....that was the last time I post details like that on a public forum. Are there a ton of fish in Lake Ontario - yes there are. I'm not posting pics of hot rigs because I'm afraid someone else will catch "my" fish - I'm not posting pics or showing in a video because we fish head to head with a lot of guys in tourney's for cash and bragging rights and there are some things I run that I just don't want everyone seeing. I will help someone with techniques, I will help someone who is getting started rig their boat, talk fishing, answer questions they may have. I fish a fair amount of tournaments and sometimes having just a small competitive advantage is helpful - sorry I don't want some of that info out there for the world to see...I really don't think many guys act differently than me. You will almost NEVER see the lures and rigs out for display on any of the boats out of Oswego who competitively fish - even some of the better known Oswego guys on facebook never show backgrounds in their videos or pics. It's part of the game.
  13. There are a lot of helpful people on this forum - I might not be helpful in this specific example but I help a lot of people out in a lot of different ways. whether it's taking the time to help a transient on our dock rig his stuff up to catch (right lead lengths and putting together combos that work, or talking to seasoned guys about current breaks and moving temps) I do my part. I make videos because some people just like watching them and I enjoy recording the moment and if you pick a few things out of it cool. All I'm saying is we fish a few tournaments and believe it or not sometimes one rig makes all the difference between cashing a check and finishing out of the money. multiple examples of that from personal experience. I'm more than helpful to those I know. There are a lot of people who shorten their learning curve by buddying up with someone on a forum and that's cool and I have no problems with that. Fisherman as a whole are pretty secretive from my observations - at our dock the guys coming in with the biggest coolers never have their rigs or spoons on their rods when they come to the dock - part of the competitive nature in a port and on a dock that contains arguably some of the best fisherman on the lake. I know a lot of people think the main purpose of these forums is to "help each other out" - I guess I don't look at it like that. I contribute in some ways and not in others. Everyone is different. As long as you are a net positive to the forum that's good enough. The worst guys are those who are here just to sponge stuff up and never offer anything up.....
  14. That statement above exactly describes my videos LOL! Not everyone is on these forums to help others out or to accelerate others learning curves. It's a big lake - but if I have a hot rig I'm keeping it to myself for the most part (maybe share with a select few) but certainly not showing it in videos. If you look hard you might see a few things - but most of it I will edit out. Plenty of "how-to" videos out there if you search. If you want an intimate look at the how's and why's there are several great charter captains who would be happy to have you book a trip - a good charter can shorten your learning curve immensely.
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