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  1. ELOSTA fleamarket

    Depends on the person with a table - I had a few stream things there last year and didn't sell any - most of the crowd consists of lake guys. Looking for anything specific?
  2. Track questions

    Due to the time he had invested into the parts - the easiest solution for me was to give him my traxtech tracks off the boat and he milled out the opening slightly to match the Cannon tracks - problem solved.....
  3. Track questions

    One word of caution - while all of the accessories are interchangeable amongst Traxtech, Cannon, and Berts, when having something custom machined for my tracks on my boat (Tracks are Traxtech) I gave the machinist a piece of cannon track to use to take measurements from assuming they were all the same. The opening looking from top down of the cannon tracks is about 150 thousandths wider than the traxtech or berts openings - so the piece he made for me didn't slide into the traxtech track - there are differences in the track so just make sure you don't run into the issue I had....
  4. Let me know what you have - looking for a 9.9 HP outboard, Extra Long Shaft, Tiller with pull start. New or old doesn't matter - let's see what you have - not looking for something that needs a bunch of work or doesn't currently run.... Thanks!
  5. What Leadcore For Lake Ontario?

    I use the 17 # Suffix for all my leadcore rods for BTs on lake O. Have not had any issues to date.
  6. Could All This Snow Bring High Water Again?

    That's good news Lucky13....
  7. Could All This Snow Bring High Water Again?

    I think the situation is somewhat better this year according to the data - height is right about where we were last year but that doesn't necessarily equate to the same conditions because up until now the slope of the data shows that the height has not changed much since the beginning of the year which is contrary to last year. We started the year a foot above where we were last year and now are about even. Hard to say but I look at a lot of data and this looks slightly better all things being equal. A wet spring could change that of course.
  8. Could All This Snow Bring High Water Again?

    Here's the latest...Dark Blue data set is 2018 data - Black data set is 2017 data
  9. Sea nymph help

    Marine Plywood or at the very least exterior grade - the marine will be void free which is where rot usually starts - after you cut it to fit, use fiberglass resin mixed appropriately with MEK, then thinned with acetone and it will soak right into the wood - a few coats of that letting it cure in between and you won't need to worry about water or rot for a long time. Anywhere you screw into it, you can pre-load screw with marine silicone or 3M 4200 to further seal those areas from water - cover with Vinyl.
  10. Good luck with the sale Greg - we will miss seeing her on the dock for sure
  11. (iso) probe recovery service

    Someone told me this summer - "Every single probe eventually has a date with the bottom"
  12. ELOSTA fleamarket

    Rumor has it a certain 7 year old has gathered up a bunch of his dad's gear and will be manning one of the tables LOL!