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  1. I will take them.....
  2. If you are going to run a snubber on your diver they go between the diver and flasher, not between the diver and the rod - it will be much easier to trip your dipsey with the snubber behind the diver versus in front of it. Nice vid!
  3. We have a couple RTIC coolers on our boat - rotomolded cooler like the Yeti's They have periodic sales on their website and it used to be that shipping was free.
  4. 2020 found us scrambling for a slip after Wright's Landing in Oswego decided not to open - we ended up in Sodus and had a great summer learning some new water and making some new friends! Slideshow from some pics I had kicking around on the phone - Enjoy! https://youtu.be/JizA9nzIKB0
  5. Not sure what you mean about being able to change out flies on the Salmon Candy flashers. Tie an overhand knot in fly leader at end and you can pass loop through attachment point on any brand flasher, then pass hooks and fly through that loop after it is through swivel and pull tight. Easy to reverse that to change out. Note the second pic is out of sequence and is really 3rd in the steps to attach a fly with an overhand knot to a spin doc.
  6. 12 BT sticks here. I don’t think any of them have seen water - certainly the ones in the packaging have not. Couple BayRats, three Renosky Crystallinas, couple challengers, couple Kabooms, smithwick etc. $20 local pickup in Baldwinsville for everything. Will ship to your door for $28.
  7. Free - what you see is what you get. Local pickup in Baldwinsville NY today or going in the trash. Not interested in shipping.
  8. Sick of tripping over this. All used and nothing wrong with it. local pickup in Baldwinsville NY today or it’s going in the trash. No interest in spending time to take it to the post office to ship. 200’ of Atommik Copper Two spools of 7 strand Torpedo wire - one spool 900’ the other 800’ - no kinks. 200’ of coated downrigger cable - new and never used. 30# spool of flea flicker 20# spool of flea flicker - still 200 yards left 350# test planer board tow line - used. My guess is two pieces on the spool maybe 100 yards each piece but not sure. spool of 50# backing - unknown brand.
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