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  1. AnglingAddict

    How Much 50Lb Backing

    Sounds good - we are there usually Friday night through Sunday afternoon and I'm also up during the week.
  2. AnglingAddict

    How Much 50Lb Backing

    I see you list Oswego as your home port - if you are in Oswego this weekend feel free to PM me and you can stop by my boat - can explain a few things to you and get you pointed in the right direction...
  3. AnglingAddict

    Sodus or Canandaigua for prop repair

    Propeller Works in Canandaigua. Mike Yorks. 585-394-1860
  4. AnglingAddict

    Otter boat problems

    One thing you can do to gently pursued releases to slide down the line is to gently turn away from the board - that will accelerate the outside board and help releases to slide down - also helps to generate bites....also can bounce the tow line a little to help a release move down it if it is stubborn....
  5. Hey Joe - just texted you - might be interested.
  6. Items have been picked up - sold.
  7. sale pending - individual and I are going to meet this coming Wednesday - if it falls through will offer in order based on PMs received.
  8. Bunch of stuff that I don't use. Don't want to ship - local pickup. Can meet in Baldwinsville any day, North Syracuse weekdays , or Sodus area on Weekends until mid-April. $150 $125 takes it all. A total of 26 Attractors, 24 spoons, over 20 A-Tom-Mik Fly bodies, and some other misc. stuff. -Mix of fourteen 8" Spin Doctors, 8" ProTrolls, 10" Spin Doctors and a Shark Flasher shown front and back -Mix of twelve 10" meat paddles shown front and back -mixed lot of 24 spoons - Michigan Stingray and Regular size, a few Sutton 35's, Some DW SuperSlims, some assorted Mags (DW, Evil Eye, and NK) - Four J-Plugs (no harnesses) - lot of 20+ A-Tom-Mik Fly bodies (various colors, some used, some I think are new) - four rigged meat heads - Spool of 920' of 7 strand wire, 600' of 32# Blood Run copper (both used), assorted Dipsey Divers. -
  9. AnglingAddict

    ELOSTA fleamarket

    Depends on the person with a table - I had a few stream things there last year and didn't sell any - most of the crowd consists of lake guys. Looking for anything specific?
  10. AnglingAddict

    Track questions

    Due to the time he had invested into the parts - the easiest solution for me was to give him my traxtech tracks off the boat and he milled out the opening slightly to match the Cannon tracks - problem solved.....
  11. AnglingAddict

    Track questions

    One word of caution - while all of the accessories are interchangeable amongst Traxtech, Cannon, and Berts, when having something custom machined for my tracks on my boat (Tracks are Traxtech) I gave the machinist a piece of cannon track to use to take measurements from assuming they were all the same. The opening looking from top down of the cannon tracks is about 150 thousandths wider than the traxtech or berts openings - so the piece he made for me didn't slide into the traxtech track - there are differences in the track so just make sure you don't run into the issue I had....