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  1. AnglingAddict

    New Bill introduced in ny assembly

    You never know - it's being reported through a media outlet...I've actually been quoted in some publications and the quoted verbiage was absolutely not what was said - so I place little value on how things are said...but maybe the bill was killed once and for all which I think is the end result most were hoping for regardless of "what" was actually said...
  2. AnglingAddict

    New Bill introduced in ny assembly

  3. AnglingAddict

    State of the Lake Announcement

    Again - no disrespect and understand your position - see a lot of people making day trips on reports of a good bite - all I was trying to point out. Would be nice to see more attendance and show support - especially following the epic year we had. Certainly some things being done right by the agencies that manage the lake.
  4. AnglingAddict

    State of the Lake Announcement

    Funny - because if the salmon bite is on no one thinks twice about blowing off of work or making a long drive from out of state to fish for a day....not singling you out Fat Trout - just making the statement that so many will get up at 3am to drive up to lake O to fish for a day or whatever - but far fewer show the same enthusiasm for getting involved and making their voices heard.
  5. AnglingAddict

    Eastern Basin State of the Lake

    Will be on travel I think :/ - will make it to one of the other ones if that's the case.
  6. How would you rate these reels? Do they make your forearms cramp? Does the copper have any weak spots or kinks? Are you sure they are 500 foot coppers - if I measure them and they are like 490 feet will you pro-rate the cost? If the other guy backs out will you consider best offer? Original grease? If I remove the labels do you think there will be any sticker residue?
  7. AnglingAddict

    Fake teak

    This is what you want - Seadeck won't hold up.... https://www.plasteak.com/
  8. AnglingAddict

    how to firm up weak cured eggs?

    Dissolve non-iodized salt in well water or spring water until it is a saturated solution - rinse remaining powder cure from eggs and put eggs in jar and pour salt solution over them until covered. Put in fridge - leave for a couple days - should be good to go - although depending on state of eggs sometimes this won't work...
  9. AnglingAddict

    2018 Oswego Brown Trout Season Re-Cap

    Thanks Stanley!
  10. Season re-cap of some family brown trout fishing out of Oswego NY. Enjoy!!!
  11. AnglingAddict

    Do Traxstech Rod Holders fit into Bert's Tracks?

    Not totally interchangeable - all of the accessories will fit one another but the tracks themselves are not the same - I made this assumption rigging the current boat and in the end had a machinist friend mill out the opening of Traxtech track for me to accommodate something. In general - they are all interchangeable but there are a few differences.
  12. AnglingAddict

    hauling over size boat ?

    You can always roll the dice and most of the time get away with it. Would you drive around without insurance though? If you get in an accident while overwidth and kill someone - good chance your insurance won't cover you. That might be a bigger concern than a $200 ticket if you value your standard of living...
  13. AnglingAddict

    Looking for Observer for A-Tom-Mik Invitational

    Hahaha - yeah dates are wrong - we are set. Thanks Nick
  14. AnglingAddict

    Sold / Closed Daiwa Heartland Rods

    I will take them if available. PM sent
  15. Hi - we are looking for an observer to join us for the A-Tom-MIk invitational out of Oswego Saturday August 10th (blow off day August 11th). You must also be available for the captains meeting Friday evening (8/9). This is a paid position. We also invite you to pre-fish with us on Friday morning 8/9 and will take you out to lunch Friday between fishing and the captains meeting. Effectively you will get to fish with two tournament teams over two days - some great teams to learn from as well. PM me if interested.