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  1. Fly looks upside-down....
  2. Look at it in person - boats always look cleaner in pics than they do in person...
  3. As others have said - having the right lure is probably only 15% of the game. Your best bet before you go crazy buying everything and breaking the bank is to give it a shot with some minimal equipment - once you do that, hold back some of what you planned to spend on tackle and take a charter. By trying it on your own and then taking a charter you will learn much more than if you just take a charter to start out. After that spend a few more bucks on some of the things that were being run and at that point you will probably have shortened your learning curve by a year over someone who just starts out and randomly tries to figure it all out...
  4. Buy some of the pre-made meat rigs by A-Tom-Mik, add a strip of cut herring into the meat head, attach behind a larger flasher or attractor, and hang on!
  5. How many hours/years have you used it?
  6. Forgot to mention bags attached mid-ship...As far as rudders go I had 3" wider and 2" taller and then had them offset another inch lower. That made a huge difference without putting too much stress on the hydraulics. If you go too big the force that needs to be applied increases proportional the increase in surface area of the rudders and you could end up blowing a hydraulic line.
  7. I have 454's in my 33. I always run 2 bags - one on each side. I run a 48" amish bag on the same side as the motor that is running and a smaller 28" or 36" bag on the side without the motor running. My boat would struggle with the original rudders - but it was fishable, just not ideal. You may have to tweak the gain on your autopilot as well to help. That being said I upsized my rudders this winter. A few inches wider and a couple inches taller than the stock rudders and that definitely helps as well.
  8. I was looking to get $175

  9. I'm in Baldwinsville - looking for $175. Was keeping it around for a spare but willing to part with it.
  10. No prob - had it kicking around....good luck!
  11. would need to mount it in a dash and route wires up from underneath and behind the unit....typical flush mount. The original mounting provisions were cut away to allow the flush mount.
  12. I have one - but it has been flush mounted. It comes with the flush mount bracket which has been crafted out of KIng Starboard - will no longer work with the normal mounting bracket as has been modified. If you might be interested can discuss and send pics....
  13. I agree - would be nice to have more resources especially for guys who are trailering. I don't have a choice - I'm at the boat every weekend - if it's coming over the breakwalls I stay in the slip - if not I go out, but I agree it would be nice to be able to look around. The one last year I could look at my boat from my desk and that was nice. Miss that.
  14. Can also look at the Oswego weather buoy and get a pretty good idea based on that what is going on....
  15. You can always use this camera - it's been up and operational for many years....