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  1. Should also be on your registration
  2. From what I have been told they are 100% full...I don't think transient slips are available at this time but call the booth/welcome center for specifics. I just repeating what I was told but you never know.
  3. Every day is different - some days they want the meat rigs - other days they want it clean. Tom Allen (Atommik) will ship if he has it in stock but last I saw he was sold out for the season.
  4. You say any kind of chop more than 1' coming from the side - what kind of boat are you running? If it's a light boat I guess I could see that happening if you are really sliding.
  5. It's open - still construction going on but open and operational.
  6. You are crabbed out - it's not the boards. Double Keel Otters will do the same.
  7. We found a fair number of smaller BTs yesterday too that we were able to quickly unhook in the net and they swam away strong - not sure where those fish were in April but it was good to see them.
  8. Going to get about 5 different answers LOL! Most popular brands in 30# 7 strand stainless wire are Torpedo, Blood Run, AFW, Malin, and Mason. A few other brands as well. They all do what they are supposed to do.
  9. Stinger now is making their own blades as they were acquired by Gibbs Delta. The older one were painted on Protroll echip blades. The newer stinger blades are identical to the protrolls with the exception that they don't have an e-chip.
  10. Team Angling Addict is looking for an observer for Atommik Invitational - need to be available for the captain's meeting evening of August 6th (Friday) as well as be available to observe on August 7th (Saturday) with the blow off day slated for August 8th (if needed). We fish a 33' Tiara so you will be observing on another large boat - Tom does observer swap based on boat size nominally. Paid position - we pay $100 for the day of the event and also invite you to fish with us on Friday as we pre-fish. (You will get exposure to our program as well as the boat you observe on over the course of 2 days). Please respond by PM if interested. The only thing you need to be is 100% reliable.
  11. Any time you try and optimize for multiple species, across multiple depths, with multiple presentations - you end up marginalizing pretty much everything. My advice is to pick something and fish it - Kings may be deeper and steelhead up high but you can have current moving in two different directions above and below the break and so how do you deal with that? Well you don't. You end up favoring one presentation over the other and some of your rods will likely go dead in the process. Most boats run one temp probe so unless they are moving it up and down a lot - they won't have awareness throughout the entire column. My advice is to pick one species to target and go all in. Its far easier to dial a spread for one species than it is to haphazardly toss a bunch of stuff out and hope for the best. When we fish - we fish a single species - not saying there aren't incidental catches but when we fish Browns or Kings - that's what we are fishing for and expect to catch.
  12. Nice job in the challenge - always some tough teams in these east end events! Fishing is a grind right now for sure! We fished browns exclusively for the challenge on Saturday - definitely some banger browns around. Glad you guys got a nice one out there on Sunday!
  13. Should but you never know - did the previous owner change oil at recommended intervals - proper weight oil. Did they run it hard right to the pins when running or were they easier on it - in general as long as you keep oil pressure up in those motors trolling you should be fine - running too low on the RPMs is worse than running the motor hard all the time in my opinion.
  14. Don't know of much available - with the removal of the International Marina - most of those boats have been moved to Wrights and there is (last I heard) a wait list to get into Wrights. There are some transient spaces available on the wall behind the restaurants on the east side of the river - that's probably your only shot at securing a place to leave a boat in the water. Another option is you could lock through the first lock and you can leave your boat on the wall there - probably wouldn't leave your boat unattended there but all the canal goers tend to park there for the night as they move through.
  15. Agree - if it stays as dry as it has been across the Erie and Ontario watersheds - I would expect it to drop somewhat over that time period - sort of in unchartered territory as far as being in a low water situation AND under the IJCs Plan 2014. Have to see how they manage it.
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