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  1. Change it - you will immediately regret it if you break off a monster and likely blame the breakoff (whether warranted or not) on the failure to change the mono. Besides - after you add up everything invested - mono for 10 rods is essentially free when compared to all of the other expenses.
  2. Absolutely - an 8HP will push your rig no problems....
  3. LOL Andy - no you are right - ive got the itch and still have to wait another couple weeks...there are plenty of fish in Oswego.
  4. I would go another 30 miles west and hit Sodus....better numbers there for sure.
  5. What color Heartlands? The original ones were brown, then they made black ones, and the last ones they made before discontinuing were green.
  6. Wanted

    When I called Tiara and inquired about mine they asked for a copy of registration or title to establish ownership before disclosing any info about the vessel - may want to ask the previous owner to handle looking into the recalled gas tank issue prior to sale.
  7. Wanted

    I have a 33 open we brought from Wisconsin a couple of years ago....looked at a bunch. Hard to find one that wasn't really fished that was freshwater only. Ohio and Michigan/Wisconsin seem to be the best bets for finding them. Good luck in your search. Solid and quality boats.
  8. Motors literally ran like new, super smooth - fuel consumption dropped by about 5 gallons per trip over the course of the year - I keep track of every gallon that goes in and divide by the number of hours on the hour meters each year. Over the course of the year about a 15% savings on fuel - I ran almost 2000 gallons of fuel through it last summer so will pay for itself in due time. Hotter spark so was able to lean it out a bit. Wasn't the cheapest upgrade, a little over a grand in parts, but definitely worth it in my opinion.
  9. I upgraded to a set of Delco EST's last year and it was unbelievable the difference it made. The motors after the retrofit almost had a new attitude and were so much smoother. In addition, at the time we did this we also advanced the timing slightly to get smoother performance at idle because 95% of our hours on the motors are spent trolling.
  10. F11s work too. Agree with the jointed comment above. Also have had great luck on the Dave's Kabooms. which are getting a little harder to find.
  11. We got a couple out of Oswego last season - here is the best one....
  12. Out of Oswego for a brown trout trip I would suggest the following three outfits: Primetime SportFishing - Capt. Pete Lahosky 1-610-442-4572 Kingfisher Charters - Capt. Jon Wilbur 1-860-671-1462 Thunderstruck Sportfishing - Capt. Mark Bukowski 1-413-627-9081 All three of these guys run top notch professional charters with large meticulously maintained boats, are hands down some of the best brown trout fisherman on the lake, if not THE best, and use top notch equipment. If I had to choose who to fish with for brown trout it would no doubt be one of these guys.
  13. Good amount of people early - I sold about $1200 worth of stuff. Had some stuff I thought was a deal that would go immediately and no one picked it up - other stuff I thought I had a little overpriced and people might haggle and was swiped with no questions asked - overall was nice to clear some stuff out and then listen to Pete, Mark, and Brian discuss their techniques....
  14. Perchjerk Jim is taking it - sold pending pickup tomorrow....
  15. Prefer local pickup - for $125 I really don't feel like packaging and going to the post office to be honest. If it no one wants local pickup and I decide to ship you can have first dibs....