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  1. Looking to buy a couple of 15# shark weights as backups - chrome or black OK. NOT looking for shark extremes or shark knock-offs. Please PM and let me know what you've got. Thanks!
  2. Great Lakes Yacht Works in Sodus point used to do Urethane painting of boats as do others - rub rail to waterline for a boat that size you are looking at somewhere in the neighborhood of $175 per foot.
  3. I don't fish as many days a year as Yankee - but have had the dual axis holder on my boat for 5 seasons and not a single issue - I have 18 of them and to date have only broken a couple of the plastic breakaway parts which were replaced for less than $5. Both times they broke were due to operator error as my 8 year old decided to try and hang off of them....
  4. Finally went through my phone and pulled a few pics and vids off. My son likes making these videos so we work on them together. Hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed the season! https://youtu.be/u67YrPixSUs
  5. Wasn’t directed at you - just making a general statement.
  6. Let's look at it from the customers point of view - you had guys on the boat the day prior handling rods, touching and leaning on everything, using your head etc. Did you sterilize your boat between groups? Probably not - not only putting yourself at a significant risk but also your clients. Charters boats are less clean than most public restrooms that I've seen.
  7. Prop isn't the only thing to consider. Everyone is always looking for the right prop - but truth be told - if you motor isn't at the right height there isn't a prop that will work. When fully trimmed out and at wide open throttle you want about 1/8" of water flowing over the anti-cavitation plate on the outboard. many times dealers set motors up with them way too deep - too much hydrodynamic drag - you will never find the right prop. If you are over propped you will have trouble hitting max RPMs - and this load can be really hard on your powerhead. Under-propped you will hit your rev limiter. Prop your boat for your load. Propgods.com used to be a great resource - not sure if they are still around. Best prop I found for a multi-species boat was a Mercury Tempest Plus prop - can get a hub kit to adapt to any brand outboard.
  8. I bought my current boat 6 years ago and share a bond with the previous owner - got to know him well as he let me stay at his place when I went out for survey and then later for sea-trial and shipping (boat was in Wisconsin). Text him a few times a year and my wife and his wife are FB friends. He knew every nook and cranny of the boat and helped me initially as I was doing some work or just getting to know the boat. They now receive a x-mas card every year and we still text about other stuff quite a bit. Ask questions and get to know the PO of your vessel if you bought it in private sale - well worth it.
  9. Absolutely - such little Return on Investment with the Atlantic’s...hate that they fund someone’s pipe dream. Put the dollars where maximum impact is seen for all users of the Lake Ontario Ecosystem.
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