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  1. Get something you can network with your electronics package if possible.
  2. Good luck man - hard to come by. Check out centerpintalk.com forums - try posting an ad there.
  3. Bottom paint isn't going to keep blisters from coming back - need to barrier coat it with an epoxy barrier coat and then bottom paint in my opinion....
  4. Sick of looking at them Greg LOL! Someone bought them - sold in a few minutes.
  5. Did an electronics upgrade this year - these units work as they should. Two 740s units and one 740 unit. GPS, Radar, and the 740s units have sonar capability. Specs contained in links below - great units. I don't have the bail mounts for them but could be found online if needed. Selling units with cables, electronics covers, and flush mount panel (panel could be cut up to re-orient or make new - flush mount templates available on Garmin's website). Take everything for $350. Local pickup in Baldwinsville only or can meet between Pulaski, Oswego, Sodus. Will not ship. https://www.gpscentral.ca/products/garmin/gpsmap-740.html
  6. Why don't you broaden your search a little? Sometimes it takes a while to find the exact boat in the condition you want.
  7. I don't think the net pen loss will change things much at all - only at the end of the season when the fish start to set up on their natal waters. Most of the season those fish are all mixed up and all over the place - my guess a very low percentage of your July and August fish you caught were Sodus pen fish.
  8. LMK how you like the optimums Jay - thinking about grabbing 3 for my boat.
  9. Saw a couple of kings porpoise in sodus bay on the way out to fish yesterday - guy on our dock also saw one near the docks - based on the number of fish up out of temp I would say there should be a few around the piers. Most of our kings this weekend were caught in 71 degree water.
  10. Already secured a slip for next year elsewhere because based on what I've seen it won't open next season....
  11. Two sets of exhaust manifolds, risers, elbows taken off 454 Crusaders. These were only ever used in fresh water and motors were set up as fresh water cooled versus raw water so only automotive antifreeze ran through manifolds up to blocking plate. Could also be used in raw water cooled applications by removing blocking plate and adding a plug. Lots of life left as they virtually last forever in freshwater applications. Need gaskets and mounting hardware (can provide part numbers and vendor info if needed). $700 for both sets or $350 for single set. Local pickup in Baldwinsville only (could deliver to Sodus or Oswego). Can still see excess material in elbows resulting from casting process.
  12. Greg - if you have any white protrolls I can make you one. Trade you for the newspaper article.
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