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  1. 1999 Baha cruiser 299 fisherman

    a sexy fish catching machine. Good luck with the sale Joe.
  2. for sale : usa 25 ft SPORT CRAFT

    That's the rig in question I do believe, happy browsing
  3. Wave heights

    I've been told the buoy only measures the crest of the wave height, not the trough on the downside waiting for the next wave. Good rule of thumb is to double it. 0.5 on the buoy = 1 footers, 1.0 = 2 footers, etc etc. It's always worked well for me and definitely saved me gas and sleepless nights to check it before venturing out in a realitvely small craft ( 22 foot). Another thing to consider is that buoy is 20+ miles offshore so sometimes the best option is to still just make the run to check yourself. Might need 2 and 3 footers out that far on a southernly wind
  4. Owasco 8/17

    I have an islander 221, definely stern heavy is a common issue in alum boats, I put 200 lbs of tube sand as far up into the nose as I could get them and it has helped tremendously getting the nose down thus helping the steering and how it tracks. May just need to adjust the weight to whatever works for you, hope this helps!
  5. Beckman Nets (2)

    Rippin line is my best friend. Just having a little fun lol
  6. Beckman Nets (2)

    Will you take $40 cash?
  7. Crazy stomach contents!

    So that's what you're feeding them! Secret bait everybody!
  8. Bullheads

    Back in my younger days canal fishing we used to put the liver in left over egg sac mesh for catfish. Stayed on the hook that way
  9. Sold / Closed bayliner trophy 2860

    Sad to see set n ready go, man the good times we've had on that rig!
  10. Honeoye Lake

    Les, I was just using my WeatherBug app, it did say gusts over 40, I'm thinking maybe it was a lull when I checked, can't ever really trust a cell phone app I guess!
  11. Honeoye Lake

    I checked the south end webcam this moring and it seems to be out of commission for the time being. Trident marine now has a webcam, it dosent face the main lake basin from what I can tell but is another tool to use. What was ice on Saturday is now wide open. When I checked the weather at about one am for honeye (night owl with my work schedule) it was 18 degrees with a wsw wind around 15 mph, almost exactly how it is right now. Looks like cold weather for the next two weeks. If the wind lays down for 2 or 3 days of highs in the teens and lows near single digits the lake should lock in to the point wind isn't really a factor. My guess is two weeks we might be on honeoye somewhere. Until then guess I will just have to ride north or go jig lakers on the big fingers. Here's the link to the webcam, tight lines and stay dry all!
  12. First flasher suggestions?

    I have a humminbird ice 35, this will be my (hopefully) third season fishing it and I love it. It's pretty bare bones as far as gadgets, just a basic flasher unit but it has great battery life and plenty of power with a big and bright display. Jigged lake trout for the past two winters in 100+ fow and it had plenty of range to get down that deep with a larger profile bait like a tube jig, I believe they retail around 290 to 300 bucks. Worth a look anyhow, best of luck!
  13. Yes for sure,islander invasion! I'll actually get to leave mine next year. Getting a new transom put in this next week. You know what they say boat stands for. Break Out Another Thousand!
  14. fish tails, pleasure fishing against tou, you seem like a great guy, sorry I didn't get a chance to congratulate you in person, after the awards eveeyone was sun fried and ready to jet for home, you and I were neck and neck all weekend it was a lot of fun. Hope to talk to you more and look forward to seeing you next year. Hells bells if you guys see this it was great slippig next to you and shooting the bull. Congrats to all the winners and place spots!