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  1. Looking to fish Owasco this fall. I'd been planning on fishing the lake myself, but the repairs on my floor and transom of my Starcraft Mariner CC have taken way too long. So now I'm looking for a charter that would take 2 of us out for a two day trip. I've looked around the LOU site and elsewhere for available guides and come up empty. Seen a few for Cayuga.. Can anyone provide any possible names?
  2. Got outl late morning on Saturday and it was on fire for silvers. For at least the first 2 hours I couldn't set 3 rods. My wife finally saw how much work trolling can be. I ran a rigger and 2 coppers with cores on stand by. The wind was a good blow out of the south and the bows were active across the points. Copper colored spoons in the sun worked for me and speed was close to 2.6 as I could get it. Temp good at 50 and that's were the rigger was parked. No bass or eyes, but a few small browns and good bows. Highlight was first bow. Hit a copper and made some fantastic runs, never jumped but was one of the fattest bows I have taken, it was a football of a fish, loaded with alewife. Great day on the water. Ran out this morning for a couple, small bows, wouldn't stay glued, looked like the trollers had an event and saw some nets working, some real nice boats out there for sure, I couldn't top the Saturday bite so I called it after a couple before the weather came in. Tight lines.
  3. Got out on my fishing kayak Thursday afternoon. Trolled for rainbows with dipsy and spoon. Lost a good rainbow when he jumped a couple feet above the water! Managed 1 fat laker. First time trolling in kayak. Learned a lot.
  4. Got to the lake Saturday afternoon and got out to explore where the fish were in the column. Temp on top was 67 but around 50ft down was still good temp, wind had currents all over.After an hour in rigger fired and had a laker on.while fighting the laker both coppers start screaming.....found em.....coppers held bows.....a little hard to circle in the wind but managed to pick up, motor back and reset, small browns, smallmouth, Lakers and bows in the bait. Sunday, went out after breakfast and the shifting wind made it tough, especially direct west, but caught a break in my spot and the rods started to fire again with 2 doubles in the mix. Highlight was another big screaming laker, not as long as the 34 but just plain heavy, she went back after some pics. First fish of the day was a great colored up brown but I got over zealous with the net and lost it. Colors were hot pink and purple, speed on top was 2.3, and the 50 ft rigger outfished the coppers, and it was great to still be at it. Fish are still chewing. Tight lines.
  5. Well this weekend was a grind but the weather felt so nice. Saturday I had a friend join me and we started of with some great bites, on of which was a nice brown that cleared the water twice! But the early fish we couldn't keep glued, they just were short hitting. After the rain I made some adjustments and we had some great flurries, good bows, lakers and the walleyes and bass have shown up out deep under the bait. But just like with any front, I slowed it down a touch and extended the leads which meant more chaos on the tangles but at least we increased the bite ratio. No pattern at all but we would hit fish and stay on them until they stopped. Stayed at it from dawn till dusk. Sunday I only fished from 8-10:30......all copper and the surprise of the weekend was a large pike that hit me over 130ft of water, thought I had a big silver but was suprised when I saw the big gator. Speed slowed to 2.0, temp tight between 50-60 for riggers, spoon colors were blue and green. Cores were quiet this weekend copper was back on top. Tight lines all.
  6. Busy weekend on the lake with it so hot. Temp changed yet again this week but got her dialed in after some trial and error. Bows in good amt, with some good quality fish mixed in. Lakers still all over the column. Had a double going Saturday that ended up in disaster, got the first fish landed, a nice bow.....then went to the second.....got hit by waves from both sides from the rec waves, knocked my net into the water, dropped the rod to get the net.......didnt get it, all the sudden I hear drag screaming......looking around no rods or boards going........the rod with the fish got caught in the prop......total s#@t show. Turned motor off, pulled what seemed 100yds of floro off my prop, and re- gathered myself. And still got the fish, another nice bow. Anyways, not super fast fishing, good mixed bag minus those browns, covered water, circled when I could. Core was on fire fir me.....copper was not good or rigger, just couldn't get dialed in. Speed I dropped to 2.3, fished mainly over deep due to the rec traffic coming tight to the points. Spoon color, purple and red.water color still prime, fleas a pain but manageable.tight lines.
  7. Saturday was beautiful with hardly any wind, got on the grounds and found the temp break high at 35ft. Set the coppers and a rigger picked up speed to 2.8 and rods started to fire......lakers everywhere, couldn't shake them even on a 2 color core I put out when I was done dealing with fleas. Trolled for a bit and found a good pod of bows, mostly eaters but full of it. Shout out to camo joe again, as I passed him copper rod goes with a nice bow on. Grinded out the rest of the day, had to go to bass pro to get more copper as I had a fish break me off about 100ft, must of had a week spot. Evening got better with more bows and a nice eye. Sunday morning was short due to storms but was able to box out and get a quality bow to boot. Speed 2.8, copper was king, rigger or core did ok. Color was purple for me this weekend. Temp break tight at 35ft. Lakers everywhere. Tight lines.
  8. Got out for a short trolling trip this evening. Picked up a 19 inch rainbow with dipsy on 3 setting and 200 ft out on the counter. Lost a nice fish that bit through my leader. Might have been a walleye.
  9. So the rain and debris made it tough the last few weekends and shook up the column good. Had to put a day in of washing lures and playing with depths to find a good bite. Had my family out on a beautiful Sunday today. Set the spread and speed and just had a feeling with the light winds it was gonna be a core day......about 20 minutes in a core goes screaming back and the battle was on with a nice jumper male bow, my sons girlfriend had a ball watching it jump while doing an awesome job on the reel. Netted the fish and copper takes off rippin, a little chaos but we managed her to the net too. Quick pics and released....reset the spread and core goes ripping again, this time the fight felt familiar, was hopeful and soon greeted by a spiny dorsal fin on the surface, finally an eye....pic and release and copper was off yo the races again, another nice bow. Lots of laughs and fun this weekend for sure, column still not super tight, as these fish were in bathwater it seemed. Bows, Lakers and an eye today, no browns fir us. Speed 2.6, colors copper and red, short core and copper were king, fleas a bit of a pain on the rigger and down currents a mess as I'm sure they are still letting water out....very few bait pods, tight lines.
  10. Made a quick trip with my sons buddy for a half day troll Sat. Got on the grounds and the silvers were hitting,.......getting them to the net......that's another thing.......the bows beat us up and used every ounce of whit to wrap my copper, my core, and get those hooks unglued. 3 for 13 is humbling to say the least, we landed good eaters but lost 4 great fish that just wouldn't stop jumping. You just have those days, but we were in the right zone so we stayed true and a copper rod bent over with a screamer. Had a great fight and my sons buddy did a great job getting a great brown to the net.....this yearclass has finally gotten in the size that cayuga is producing on a consistent level. A few small lakers in the mix, with small bows and made a good morning. Sky's started to clear and I bet the afternoon bite would be epic. Shout out to camo joe as we passed each other while both fighting fish. 2.6, white spoons did the trick for us today even on short hits, core never took a rip, riggers, and copper took hits, column starting to develop well.
  11. Finally got back to the lake as arrowhead season comes to a close. Got to camp lastnight and noticed some jade green color out there on the water. Polished off the copper and cores and was at it at 6AM. Morning a bit slow made some adjustments and core board goes screaming for first bow of the day, a nice female to net and the quality just kept getting better. Short copper fires on a screamer that ended up being that quality year class of brown that has been showing itself, a nice surprise and a happy buddy to boot. Great day with friends and family, all took hits today, thise bows love going in the copper, even when on boards.....crazy smart fish, riggers took the least hits, core took the show with greens and red spoons doing the best. Shaping up to be a good summer, fleas manageable and boat traffic as expected in the fourth. Tight lines all.
  12. Lake starting to set up, still a bit all over but better fishing then last weekend. Temps good from 40-60. Ran copper, cores and a rigger. Fished off the toon again as my truck is in the shop. Saturday started slow and left my phone on shore, picked a few small lakers in the column then hit a jumper. Nice bow hit the net for a quick release. Started circling and I had a small frenzy. Picked 2 more bows and a small brown. Wind started to build out of the north and trolled to the next point, rigger fires with a good bow.......right to the copper she went, jumped and gone.......but she was nice enough to leave the spoon in my copper..........this continued throughout the day and died on me around 4. Sunday morning brought the phone and the wife, hit the water after breakfast and found some good bows concentrated, worked them till the trolling traffic got heavy then called it. 6-8 on bows, 2 small browns and a few small lakers up high. Stayed just above the temp but still couldn't get a solid program set. Rigger was king and the copper and core on boards took a couple hits, that'll change in a few weeks. Fleas not bad at all. Trolling should be good for all in the south shore tourney.....good luck to all.
  13. Hard grind in the cold rainy weather, managed a nice eye in the dark, heavy rain and light cold wind made it feel more like October than May. Surface program in 49 degree water produced pike, some browns, only the one eye and a few surprise fish like bullhead and perch. All in all good day, bright sticks in dirty water behind boards did the trick, 2.5 speed. Great spending some time with close friends. Nothing spectacular but a report none the less.
  14. Afternoon winds died down and I made my way to the lake. Greeted by a muddy south end I worked my way north in search of clear water. Found some a few miles north and hugged the west side to get out of the wind. Ran last weeks program and like always......it didnt work......trolled for about 3 hours, nada.....changed it up, slowed it down and went deeper, found some good temp and circled and circled......finally board went back.......gifted with a huge eye, quick pic and a release and all changed over, adjusted cores and planers and a short but satisfying bite began. Next came a brown, then some pike and I finished the night donating a stick to a good brown that ran on me at the boat and snapped the line..ughhhhhh. great day though, colors were blue and green sticks, white for spoon color, cores went deeper to 3, and speed dropped to 2.0.
  15. Well started the shake down looking for perch......the schools left the area I had luck in 3 weeks ago so I decided to troll. Back to the camp for my short cores and planer rods. Set up in 25 ft and as I set the first rod, the line came out if my hand before I could attach the board....a low jumping flip showed me a nice male brown was on........fight was short at the fish breached the surface again and threw the stick........next few fish were pike, one real nice fish over 10, would love to have got a good pic, but kept it in the water for an immediate release as they are out of season. Weeded through a couple lakers and a few more pike and the bite died on me......wind shifted out of the west.....decided to change it up and run short cores......good choice.....the smashing began......2 for 5 on Browns......this yearclass has finally hit the 7-8 pound range. Fun day with other species mixed in.....temp was 46 at mid day......natural smelt colors worked well. They are full of it and hard to keep glued. Although the handling of the fish was not ideal for a quick pic, I insured a long recovery in a flowing livewell prepped them for release to fight another day.
  16. Holiday weekend was, busy, windy, fun. Got some friends out chasing fish. Found my pod of fish moved north but was able to put a program together to bend some rods. Copper and riggers were the ticket as the cores only washed lures this weekend. Temp got down to 65ft in my area that if been fishing and changed a bit when I moved around, no doubt the hurricane remnants mixed the water a bit. With it came some fleas......not bad, but you had to check lines every 20 minutes to clean. Speeds the same around 2.6-3.0 at the surface, quick turns triggered strikes. A lot of quick tips, then gone this weekend. Nothing huge, a ton of good eaters and happy faces. Congratulations to camo joe and his first eye. I saw ya Monday, was up by your camp had a double with bows trying to battle in that wind when ya came over west. Had to take off after that, good way to end the weekend. Things starting to develop up north. Good luck and tight lines.
  17. Hit the lake late friday afternoon and the bite was on, couldn't get the third rod set on 3 different passes. I ran 2 copper, 1 rigger and after a quick TD drop, I set just above the temp at 60. Copper was on fire for 2 hours, then the wind out of the north shut it down. Sat morning was good, temp came up from the wind and bait was all over, most I've seen this year minus large amounts of hooks below and in. Wasnt gonna leave a fish area from friday and after a few adjustments fired a copper on a nice eye, lost a second in the back of the boat......they come right to the surface and you drag em on top, I should slowed it down but a last minute flip threw the hook. Rest of the day was made of bows, smaller browns and lakers. Lost a real screamin bow at dark......wrapped the copper, what's new.....they're smart and know were to go. Sunday was one nice brown, and small bows. Lakers came up in the column, and the hit started to fizzle. Thought the front would fire things up, but I washed lures. Great weekend, fleas not around, speeds 2.6+, and blue/silver hammers kept the rods firing. Should be a great fall.
  18. Another great weekend of fishing. Still some down time but the flurry of multiple bites makes for quite the fire drill. See some folks like Stillwater getting it done with a nice rainbow this weekend. As always found some good temp down 50 to 70 and played with the copper, core and riggers to get it right above the Cline. Speeds went up this weekend near 3mph to trigger but had some great violence in the hits, a lot of which came unglued. Colors were blue and copper this weekend. Copper rods still remain the champ, riggers in second and the core was quiet this weekend. I'm sure due to the depth they were at, even smallys and eyes down deep. Great weekend, catch per unit effort on silvers still around a fish per hour, but the acrobatics are worth the wait. Did have a rigger trigger on a beast of a laker......thought I was wrapped in the copper only to get suprised by a 30 incher!
  19. Had the chance to get my oldest son and a friend out for a day chasing silvers. Day started off slow, temps were down but kept making adjustments and found the spot. Rods started to fire, especially the copper. A lot of shorts mixed in but constant action none the less. Big fish started to fire late afternoon and an east west troll made the lure speed irresistible. Same speeds near 3.0......colors were blue and greens, all spoons, small and larger. Next couple days had a friend come up, took him out for a quick trip before he launched his boat, copper fired on a nice eye. A good bow and brown completed the trip. We launched his boat and worked together the next few days to figure things out. Great silvers came to the net before the front Sunday and the wind made it challenging for my pontoon to fish with control, might have to bring the lund back out.......I figured with our success our catch per unit effort was around one fish per hour......but with the quality we took, it was worth it.......saw a few boats running boards out there this weekend, hope all did well.
  20. I thought that some of you would be interested in this: https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/NYSDEC/bulletins/297dc01
  21. Today I got the opportunity to take a solo trip. Got to the waypoints and the temp dropped a touch, pulled out the coppers and the rigger and was all in. Started out slow as I searched and circled but turned on as the rec boats started getting active. Had a triple at one point with 2 jumping bows and a brown, lost one of the bows, got the other 2. Afternoon really turned on, and copper was king, a few walleye came up in the column to play. A couple lakers up high out of the temp, but that's no surprise. All in all a great day, was fun to reel one in for once, kept a box, and let a lot go to play again. Fleas starting to pick up, speeds 2.6 and up, weeds not bad on either side. Blue and chartreuse were the ticket today.
  22. Is there a launch on the west shore of Owasco? I'm looking to launch my 16 ft fishing boat. I once remember a launch, perhaps on Ensenore or Casowasco Roads, or somewhere around there. Does this still exist and if so is there parking? Thanks.
  23. Got another couple days with my brother, mid week storms put the low pressure on the silvers at first, but other surprises filled the upper column, pike, bass, and eyes kept the copper and core firing. Then the sun came out Thursday afternoon and the silvers wanted to play, many small ones released and some good ones with one pushing 30 inches. Fleas not bad, weeds were a pain, especially on east side, but fish are in those slicks of calm water holding debris. 2.6-3.0 speed on surface, blue and silver and copper color did best. Riggers stayed quiet until just before dark when fish rose up in the column. Many hours between pods, but once I found em, I gave it my best and rods fired. Stay true if you want silver, just when you think it's not gonna happen........the rod starts screaming.........a lot of jumping the last 2 days.
  24. Coming up to fish on Sunday and looking for the most action. I have dipsy with flasher/fly and a bunch of spoons. I’m not sure if I want to go out of long point or Emerson park. I heard the fishing slowed down on cayuga and the fleas are bad. I live almost 3 hours away and just want some steady action. I’d be happy catching lakers all day. So should I go to cayuga or owasco? Thanks and good luck out there
  25. Finally got a chance to get on the lake and look for some silver. Was honored to be accompanied by one of my brothers who is a retired blackhawk pilot. He hasn't fished much in the last few years and asked him if he wanted to take an exploratory trip for silver fish. Got up to camp Tuesday afternoon and the usual spots didnt produce much except small bows, finally copper rod fires with a good RIP and we bring an extremely skinny Male to the net.......with lack of seeing bait balls this was concerning to me. We finished with another keeper bow and had some thinking to do about today's plan. First thing this morning found my temp and took a chance at staging copper and core above and out of the temp. First spot no takers, second spot, no takers, third........game on.....and the circling began.....bows, browns and smallmouth.....and we lost count......fought weeds, minimal fleas, and red boats but put the plan together......as always....coppers and cores for me......riggers were slow but took some of the biggest. West and east were both good as you'll see by pics......just be patient, stay committed to the top.....if you catching Lakers, adjust, and dont leave em to find them. Remember to circle and adjust speed. Ran 2.5-3.0 on surface.......color didnt matter. Kept a couple, returned most, and they shot straight down to get out of the bath water. Great day over all. Hardly and jumping.....they wanted to stay down and were still full of it in the net.
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