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  1. Thanks for your replay Shakesmam. I'm going with the Garmin Ultra 106. See you on the waters.
  2. I've been following this site for over a year now, while I very slowly rebuild my old 18' Starcraft Mariner. Enjoyed all of you. I've absorbed a lot of info and written much of it down, but my head at times explodes with all the info. But now, I can't spend all my spare time fixing floors and electrical problems, much less depending on the rebuilds of my older motors. I'm done for now. Gotta get on the water! So, I'm purchasing a new Starweld 18" Pro Fusion next week, equipped with a Helix 5 mounted in the dash. I'd like to add a larger unit to mount either near the dash or in the rear above the transom box. Have researched the Hummingbird and Garmin lines and the variations and options keep me spinning. Can only fit a 9" near console, but could purchase a 12" for the rear. I'm considering the Helix 9 or the Garmin Echomap 93SV. Fish Hawk is also on the list. In the past I've fished browns in the spring and the salmon in the fall, occasionally going offshore if the weather permits. Looking to fish more of the Finger Lakes and even some walleye in Erie. I enjoyed listening to Rich from Yankee troller at the Niagara show, and learned quite a lot from him and everyone else in the seminars. Would stick with 54 transducer if going Garmin. Any thoughts from you highly experienced readers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Big Tom.
  3. I'LL take 'em off your hands. I don't have a epay account set up from any site yet. Kinda new at this type of method. Tell me how you wish to get paid and I will do so. Include shipping. Thanks, Tom Stevens
  4. Thanks Justtracy... I have spoken with Kevin and a trip with him looks promising.
  5. Thanks for the input on potential guide help on Owasco.
  6. Looking to fish Owasco this fall. I'd been planning on fishing the lake myself, but the repairs on my floor and transom of my Starcraft Mariner CC have taken way too long. So now I'm looking for a charter that would take 2 of us out for a two day trip. I've looked around the LOU site and elsewhere for available guides and come up empty. Seen a few for Cayuga.. Can anyone provide any possible names?
  7. thanks for the reply on the availability. I'd offer $450.00 for all the rods and reels as shown. pick up next week. My best to your future fishing efforts, regardless of the sale.
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