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  1. he was a good man and will be missed
  2. got some on gunbroker last night. thanks bill the chipmonks around my yard are going to have bad day
  3. My season in review. I hunted 8A with 2 friends, on opening day of gun. I had high hope's all 3 of us would get a deer. On an all day sit didn't hear many shots, and didn't see any deer. Sunday wasn't any better. Monday went to 8H, my favorite spot where I've got my biggest bucks. Started the day covered in spike horns and does. They all left, and 1 hour later a doe came off the hill followed by this buck. About the farthest shot I could take from my tree stand, with my 30-.06. Fortunately it stopped in the only opening I had. Walked over to where I shot him, there was no blood...I thought I missed. Standing there sad, looking around, there he was 15 yards away...dead. Biggest bodied deer I've got. 184 lbs. Dressed. The rest of my season I was hoping for a doe it never happened. Only deer for the season but if I'm only going to get 1 I'm glad it was this one. Congrats to everyone who got a deer this year. But also congrats to those of you who got off your ass and tried. Sent from my SM-A102U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. they are still for sale
  5. a lot of shooting on braddock bay today
  6. anybody see 458wm ammo for sale
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