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  1. sorry I missed this didnt see this till now
  2. I went out at 1pm and fished till 630 we caught kings 15 to 25ft on riggers back 40 to 50ft on mixed veggie spoons also caught on 2,3 and 5 colors with the 5 color best for kings on mixed veggie spoons. divers set at 60ft and 160ft took a few lakers our best king was 16lbs we fished 75 to 120ft of water also caught 1 nice coho on a mixed veggie
  3. I was out yesterday about 1pm to 6pm we also got a lot of lakers a few over 20lbs in 60ft to100ft but when got out to 160ft we started catching kings. our down speed was2.4 mph at 60ft and divers at 135 and 150ft all on spoons. nice kings 14 to 18lbs
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