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  1. I have a freind that went out of braddocks today. he got 1 salmon about 6lbs in 225ft and that was it
  2. .257 nice. are you mounting him that would be a great mount
  3. I cleaned my 9mm in the dish washer once it came out great . I never cleaned spoons I would think the smell from the detergent might not be a great idea
  4. dan is that a nilgai. I hear they are tough to kill what did you shoot it with. nice hunt
  5. As some of you know I live on Braddock Bay. I was at my neighbors, at a Fire in the yard when the fire department showed up, around 10 ish, the boat came in on plane and drove straight into the cattails . All the people were rescued by the Fire Department. They are in to shallow of water for a larger boat to go in and pull them out. The boat is still in the cattails as of tonight.
  6. Old, spoons in fair condition. Some can use new hooks. Sizes include 44, 5, 6, 31, 61, 88, 38, 23, 32, and some west river.$ 35.00 + shipping. Ships in US only.
  7. Used trolling spoons NK, Stingers, Dreamweaver. In good to very good condition some used. $ 35.00 +shipping, Ships in US only. (LOT 2 SOLD)
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