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  1. Look up Troubles on this site. He has them, they work great and very reasonably priced.
  2. Straight off the chute was good for us in 180 to 240. Don't be afraid to pick your speed up to 2.9 to 3.3 some of the time. Temp was anywhere from 70 to 90 feed down depending on location.
  3. They ran a rock bass tournament at Sodus and launched around 25 boats at the Trestle Marina by the brewery!
  4. Well Bruce, seeing is every year we in Sodus don't catch the numbers of fish as everyone else along the south shore. I got to believe we are witnessing the fallout lake wide of the diminished stocking effort from our thieving politicians. Now that everyone can see what's happening and see what we deal with on an almost yearly basis, maybe we will all wake up and call out our representatives and change some things to our favor moving forward!
  5. We have a place right near Arneys. Boats are in a boathouse built into the house. Put the docks in Saturday. Water is low but we had enough to get out wit a 23 ft. Starcraft.
  6. Had a great day at Sodus. 13 for 18 all browns that were mostly a better class of fish for this time of year. All on bayrats in 12- 16 fow. 36 degree water.
  7. There is only a little ice left on the bay and it's all at the south end. The public launch near Arney's is wide open.
  8. The coast guard ramp is closed. However the bay is 90 percent open water with a little ice on the south end. The public launch is wide open by Arney's.
  9. 4 Okuma CV20 DLX left handed line counter reels. All spooled with Ande mono 17 lb. last season. Excellent condition, they all work as should. Located in Fairport. 40.00 each. Buy all 4 shipping is $6.00. Paypal or Venmo.
  10. I would like 2 each of the following colors 34 43 51 52 64 84 92 93. Please PM me with a total including shipping and payment information. Shipping will be to Fairport, NY 14450. Thanks.
  11. I think when the water cools down a little and gets some color to it the fishing inshore will be great!
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