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  1. They send the seller a private message.
  2. I think when the water cools down a little and gets some color to it the fishing inshore will be great!
  3. We can meet today. And as far as being negotiable, these riggers are worth every penny of what i'm asking. But yes, we can talk. They are located at Hawk Frame and Axle, 77 O'Connor Road, Fairport.
  4. 7 size 001 (4 1/4") dipsey divers. All in good shape and good working order. The 2 solid color divers have white bottoms all the rest are chrome. $42.00 for all. cash/located in Fairport.
  5. They can be shipped out with the downriggers you want.
  6. Tried Sodus for Browns inside 10 40 fow. That was unproductive. Slid out and found alot of fish and bait 90 to 115 fow. We could only get 1 really nice steelie.
  7. I will ship these items to you if you want to cover the cost. Sorry for the late response I couldn't access my accout over the weeked.
  8. 6 10" rod holders and 4 8" rod holders. good condition work as should. $22 each for the 10" and $20 each for the 8". Cash p/u in Fairport.
  9. 4 riggers, 2 with 24" booms and 2 with 40" booms. Included 2 rod holders, 2 double rod holders, 4 mounting bases, 4 swivel bases, 4 Cannon releases and wiring harnesses. All 4 have Klincher terminal ball clips. All 4 work as should and are in good condition. $800 cash/pick up in Fairport.
  10. Going to try to give it hell for this weekend. After that the boat gets put away and we start chasing deer!
  11. Thank you for the report. It's really nice to hear from experienced captains who have their finger on the pulse daily. I wish that more captains would reach out to us weekend warriors. But like i said, it is a wish.
  12. Wind from the east, fish bite the least. Wind from the west, fish bite the best!
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