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  1. We were all inexperienced at one time. It’s a dose of reality to hear it happening over the radio
  2. Guys It’s rough out there these next few days. I heard on the radio the whole situation about the boat capsizing this morn. All were rescued thank god. It’s scary, don’t clog the radio with the unnecessary, that seems to be what saved these unfortunate boaters
  3. I’ll take 16 black. Can I meet you somewhere. I’ll be at Mexico bay Monday night or Tuesday morning?
  4. catmandu


    Any size to the fish out there?
  5. catmandu


    Lots of fish in 80-110 Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  6. That is awesome. Congrats. They do it elsewhere, I just don’t see it in Lake Ontario. You are well on your way to figuring out how to do it consistently, I’m jealous
  7. Salmon are scattered. You can get them anywhere from 80 ft on out. I heard it was more consistent out 350+. We stayed within 100 ft and got browns and salmon. No great numbers
  8. The trench is loaded
  9. The trench is loaded
  10. 20-50 ft is chilly. Brown and Kings mixed in shallow
  11. catmandu

    Next weeks forcast

    Yee haw! I can’t wait!
  12. catmandu

    Best Forecast?

    Try the FishWeather app. Works for me
  13. Looks like you had mostly rigger bites?