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  1. Not looking good for lake fishing after this blow. My suspicions are that a bunch of fish will enter the rivers. I'm sure there will be some left out there tho, just not as many. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Any input on a reputable individual to call. I plan on calling the marina where my boat is stored...mikes marina Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. I'm looking to either buy or rent a trailer to get my 28ft sport craft coastal fisherman boat home. I want to do some work to it over the off season since I just can't seem to get it done while its parked at the marina. I never moved a boat of this size before, so any input you may have will be much appreciated! Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  4. I think that's a probe
  5. I did not know that. Good to know. Thank you
  6. Anyone have a fishawk x4 transducer they want to sell? PM me...
  7. Spoonfed.... Agreed. Albeit I am very green to fishing the big lake, but I have been fishing other water in NYS for over 25 years. There aren't many fish in the bay yet, and I'm skeptical that there won't be much again this year. Beyond a shadow of a doubt , there's something going on with salmon in Lake Ontario. I don't know, and we will never know as we won't ever get the truth. Being a "new to me " boat owner, I hope I'm totally wrong. I guess time will tell. A crash like this is the last thing the area needs, the region has been through enough.
  8. I'm going to tackle making my own meat rig- teasers. I already tied up the teaser heads, just have a question or two... What is the typical distance from end of flasher to last hook? 4ft,5ft? How long is the spacing between teasers ? 1ft? How long is the teaser "rig". Just the line section of teasers 3ft? How many teasers are on your rig? 3? How long is your hook section? 2ft? What brand and size are you guys using for your hooks on meat rigs?
  9. Can I ask where you purchased your reel from?
  10. Thanks guys. I was having a hard time finding good info as to how and what build a 500ft copper rod. Appreciate it!
  11. Did you spool with 45lb copper?
  12. Rich... How much backing were you able to get on?
  13. May want to reconsider