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  1. Thanks everyone I did speak with Tom he won’t be able to get to it until spring, I don’t mind driving. Its a boat I don’t know inboards so finding the right person is important. Thanks
  2. I have only owned outboards. My buddy recently purchased a boat with twin IO’s. We have always gone to Fran at Brobeil in Buffalo. He is closing we need a reliable mechanic. Any recommendations in Western NY. Thanks
  3. Brand new Okuma Convector 30 left hand wire reel. I ordered this thinking it was right handed. I think I bought it last March, never used. I’m not sure if it was a 500’ or 1000’ wire? 90$ plus shipping, I’m in Buffalo area. I usually order from cap. Chucks or fish USA.
  4. Where are you located, I’m interested
  5. There was a good screen in 120 just East if the Harbor. Fished 4 hours came back still in that area. 3 for 3 one good one. One medium one small. All on same rid and same spoon on rigger 67’ 2.3.
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