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  1. Brand new 62 lb thrust transom trolling motor 62 lb thrust Newport trolling motor. 160.00/B0 12 or 24 volt. 40" shaft. Ordered needed longer shaft. Buffalo area
  2. I know the owner this was his pride and joy took great care of it.
  3. Wouldn't let you pay with paypal
  4. for sale : usa

    I have both sets of boards I will ship if you pay please PM me
  5. Leadcore troller I wish it would have been that easy for me.
  6. Nys now only needs one bill of sale. New form. Bill of sale did not need notary. Totes had to be. Their signature had to be. I sent all paperwork back to the widow in PA she had her Signature 's notorized. If you look on the PA title the top section on back does not ask for you're signature just you're name as buyer and address. I did have bottom section notearized with my signature but NYS DMV said that wasn't needed. I just did all this so hope this helps
  7. Pair canon manual riggers with swivel bases Bought these off of this site for a friend and he never paid so. Appear to be fine counters work. Swivel pedestal bases work. I have not used another reputable member had them on his ranger. 150 bucks for the pair with bases.
  8. Planer Boards Have two sets. 2 twin super ski boards. $80 bucks. 2 invader side tracker boards $40.
  9. Just registered a boat I boat in Penn. if it has a Penn title it must be noteorized. No ?'s NYS will not register it. Same if it has a trailer.
  10. for sale : usa

    South of Buffalo