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  1. Totally Hooked

    In line boards- necessary Modification.

    Silver Fox I modified my boards with the Sam's releases and was having the same problem in the beginning. The little screw that is used for adjustment is extremely sensitive. Just a partial turn on the screw can make the difference. I also used to use the key ring but they work perfectly fine laying on their side. OR 16 on the back, slack in the braid between release and pinch pad. Just thought I'd share, I was really over doing it with the adjustments at first. Sent from my B3-A10 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. You have a PM Sent from my B3-A10 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Totally Hooked

    Olcott 7/1

    I personally like to Target temps around 48 to 52 ish. But like I said we caught a really nice king out of 62 degree water. Sent from my B3-A10 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Totally Hooked

    Olcott 7/1

    That is us in the Starweld, love the way it handles the waves. I've had it since 2012 and knock on wood have had no issues with it at all. If we're ever at the launch at the same time stop over and check it out if you're thinking of buying one. Sent from my B3-A10 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Fished east of harbor in 230’ to 270’ feet. Caught a bunch of fish and some decent Kings but nothing over 20 lbs. We got a few in the 18 to 19.5 pound range. Most of our fish were caught 70’ to 90’ feet down but most of our gear was that deep. I just didn’t like temp on Fish Hawk until it was that deep. A bunch of stuff caught but here is what our biggest fish were caught on. 1) 42nd spoon on a dipsey set on 1 out 190’ was good, we lost two screamers on that. 2) White Holo Spin Doc with a blue fly out 190’ on a 1 caught our biggest fish, 19.5 lbs. 3) White double crush Spin Doc with a white fly on a dipsey our 259’ on 3. 4) Purple Glow Frog on a free slider on a 90’ rigger. Once we caught the fish on the slider we realized we were fishing under some fish as well. A couple pics. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. Totally Hooked

    Prayer Request

    Good luck and God bless.. I'm sure it will all work out.
  7. Totally Hooked

    Sold / Closed Spoons / Flies / Divers

    Lots #1 and #2 are gone, lot #3 is $10 now. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. Totally Hooked

    New fish hawk probe

    I really appreciate you doing that for me. If we are good to go I will plan to drop off money, I'm only 20 minutes from Olcott.
  9. Totally Hooked

    Sold / Closed Spoons / Flies / Divers

    Lot #1 is sold.
  10. Totally Hooked

    Sold / Closed Spoons / Flies / Divers

    Lot 2 is sold pending.
  11. Spoons / Flies / Divers Lot #1 - 20 spoons and 9 flies, a few are rigged. $35 plus shipping. Lot #2 - (4) 8" spin doctors, 2 pro trolls and 3 small dodgers. $35 plus shipping. Lot #3 - (2) size 0 dipsey divers, (2) 10' jets and (6) Big John diver discs. $20 plus shipping. I'm located near Olcott.
  12. Totally Hooked

    New fish hawk probe

    If for some reason it falls through I will take it. You got a good deal realdilemma and I still have a cracked probe lol.
  13. Totally Hooked


    Fished Olcott today from 1:30 to 6:30, 90+ feet down was where I finally found water 52 degrees or colder. Fleas were a PITA and biting flies were actually drawing blood. There is a lot of weed mats inside of 225' had to constantly clean lines. Finally decided to get out toward 300 and the temp was better (50 down 80) and the weeds were not as bad out there. Meat took three, NBK on a rigger down 90' took two and a frog spin doctor and green crinkle fly took two. No big guys, all between 5 and 10 pounds. Flies got so unbearable we pulled at 6:30. Back in the morning - somewhere. Anybody launched at Wilson lately? Can you walk out docks to get in boat or is it still launch with somebody in boat and drive over to floating docks?
  14. Totally Hooked

    Share your rookie stories!!

    I too have seen dipsy rigged backward. More than once I've seen people set the dipsey on 3R but not realize the "R" is not as you're looking off the stern, amazing how far a dipsey set wrong can run across the back of the boat and grab everything in its way. I failed to tell one guy that when you release the fish you don't through the boga grip back with it, it's not a parting gift. Trying to cheat two spin doctors and flies on the same rigger....not a great idea. When tilting the kicker motor up so we can run back to port on the main, its best to take it out of gear and shut it off first lol. I had a rookie on one day and he was insistent he would kill a lamprey and throw it overboard while I reset the rod. Six days later our garage stunk so bad you could hardly stand it. For the life of me I couldn't figure out where the smell was coming from, then I found it. A six day old lamprey in the splash well has quite an odor. I thought my wife was gonna make me sell the boat...and tear down the garage. Lost a kings ransome in gear but had a lot of fun.....glad those days are over and we NEVER do anything stupid anymore...lol.