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  1. Worth the cost. They are a game changer. I replied to you over on LEU also. I have them on my Fishmaster and they are awesome.
  2. Assuming Gator is incorrect about it being free to a good home 🤪, how much are you asking. If he is not interested then I might know somebody that wants it. Thanks.
  3. iTroll is awesome, you will love it. I did not upgrade to the Hunt mode option so I can’t speak to that. I do love the speed control being so precise. I had the Troll Master on my last boat and liked that but not as much as I like the iTroll. If you are located on the west end of Ontario, PM me and I can get you contact info for local rep.
  4. I am in need of a kicker motor. Please let me know if you have one like or close to what is described below. 9.9 HP Mercury 25” shaft Power Trim Electric start Alternator 2012 or newer Thanks.
  5. I needed to do some clean out and have the following items for sale. Some Of it is better than others but never know who might need something. Bass Pro dry bag - good condition. $35 Older aluminum prop. Pretty sure it is 13” 21 pitch. It was a spare for an older I/O I had. $20 250’ of copper (pay no attention to spool it is on) pretty sure it is Bloodrun. I am switching to weighted steel and didn’t want to just throw the copper out. Pair of pliers and a leader holder. $30 for all. Will ship if buyer pays shipping.
  6. 8’6” or 9’ inside deep dipsy 10’ White Diamond outside We have also ran pairs of Okuma Classic Pro GLT 9’ rods in that setup and have had very few problems. Like others have said, current can make it difficult but most days it is fine. I would say 90% of the time we run doubles. One thing is for sure, when things go wrong and you get a couple Spin Doctors together, you will be asking yourself how the hell they get tied in knots like they do. Boatswains Mates can’t tie knots like that. It’s a mess.
  7. We run double dipseys most days unless current is challenging. Here are a couple pics of which holders we put them in. The holders circled In red are where we put rods. You can also see them deployed in the one pic. Excuse the pic of my wife, just happens to be the only pic I have of rods out. Like others said, set on 1 and 3. I also tip the inside rod up one click on the holder, not sure if that’s right or not but works for us.
  8. I returned PM Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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