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  1. I have the following for sale. Will ship if buyer pays shipping cost. Located in Niagara County. Thanks for looking. Penn 320 spooled with 10 colors of LC and 800’ of 30 LB Power Pro backing. Clicker is a little quiet. - $30
  2. I have them in my 196 Fishmaster. Only regret I have is that I didn’t get them in my previous boat. They are an absolute game changer to be honest. When I bought my boat from Krenzer in Sodus, Rick Hajecki had them already installed in the front seats as part of the boat package. I loved them so much that after one season we added another to a back seat. Amazing! Give Rick a call and he can certainly talk more details than I know.
  3. Thanks for the report. That area off Van Buren has been producing some eyes. I can’t wait until they get up to the Catt.
  4. Fished Buffalo last weekend and got 9 on sticks and worm burners. I think the daily pressure from the Southtown’s tourney really slowed things down. Went to Dunkirk on Sunday and got 7 and lost a few at boat. Slow pick but there are fish around. I needed to stay west of Van Buren point to keep a decent screen and get the few we did. Not hot and heavy yet. Dipseys out 140 on a three setting with worm burners were our best but we did get fish on five and seven colors with sticks as well.
  5. Just updated - if it is still listed, still available.
  6. I have the following items for sale. I will ship if buyer pays shipping. I can also meet up in a reasonable location. I live in Niagara County and work in East Aurora. Venmo or Pay Pal. (4) Dipsey Divers, (1) #4 Chinook Diver, (4) Jets and a Deep Six diver - $40 shipped
  7. Worth the cost. They are a game changer. I replied to you over on LEU also. I have them on my Fishmaster and they are awesome.
  8. Assuming Gator is incorrect about it being free to a good home 🤪, how much are you asking. If he is not interested then I might know somebody that wants it. Thanks.
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